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The Camillus Cutlery Company is one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the United States as its roots date back to 1876. Camillus Knives has been serving different knife enthusiasts with its huge inventory of knives and tools that can be used for purposes like cutting, slicing, piercing. The knives are constructed using materials that are superior in nature and add durability and toughness to the knives. One can explore all kind of tactical knives through Camillus Cutlery.


Camillus Knives feature multi-purpose tools that are widely loved by trekkers, hikers, and campers around the world. The multi-purpose tools from this series provide a huge range of products which can be used for a wide range of applications ranging from cutting, tearing, storing, extracting and more. The series features an assortment of different products such as scissors, knife sheaths, wire cutters, sharpeners, jaw spreader, pliers, camera adapter, first aid kits and more. The tools from this series are constructed with materials like stainless steel which provides durability and provide excellent resistance to corrosion. Most of the tools from Camillus have complementary features added. The sharpeners from this series have a multi-angle sharpener, ceramic sharpener, and carbide sharpener. The knife pliers from this assortment have stainless tang construction with the integrated crimper, titanium wire, and mono cutter making it serve different tactical purposes. The multi-purpose tools from Camillus are blue in composition. One can explore a huge range of multi-purpose tools from Camillus. These tools serve more than one purpose and can be one of the best companions for your outdoor excursions.


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