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JJ's Knife Kit

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Sold with the label of “Made in America”, JJ Knife Kits crafts one of the its kind of wooden knives. It all began when Gene Jameson crafted one of these with his son JJ after who he named the brand. The brand stands apart from its contemporaries for its wooden toys and pocket knives. The primary aim of the manufacturing company, Jameson Woodworks, is to make the best wooden knives and toys available anywhere. The bona fide business has been offering best quality products, customer satisfaction and value to achieve its goal.


The story of JJ Knife Kits began in 2009 after the founder of the brand, Gene Jameson, was terminated from his job due to recession. Being a craftsman, he decided to hit the streets and sell his JJ Knife Kits to the store owners. The approval and success of the store owners motivated him to craft more wooden knives. Several knifemakers, inspired by the appeal of JJ’s Knife kit created their own imitations. The JJ Knife Kit inspired knives were then manufactured in Asia.


The Array of Wooden Knife Options

The first knife that Gene Jameson made was a wooden pocket knife for his son JJ in 2008. It was made from Chestnut and Holly. The first knife currently is sold by the name JJ’s Original Knife Kit- JJ1 and is a canoe style knife with a single blade. Yet another popular knife kit manufactured is the Trapper knife kit. The Trapper has double blades, its side pieces are made from walnut wood and its blades and springs get made from maple wood.


JJ’s Tactical Knife Kit is another popular knife kit known for its military or tactical features. The blade of this knife resembles that of a tanto (a traditional Japanese sword). The tanto along with the sides and springs is made from maple wood. The knife has cherry wood overlays for the handle. The Lock Back Knife kit is becoming popular for its distinctive features including maple sides, spring, blade, lock bar, and shield. The maple sides have walnut wood inlays to give the knife an authentic look.


The other knives manufactured and sold are JJ’s Canoe Knife Kit, Over & Under Knife Kit, Ocarina Kit, and Wildlife Kit. These knife kits can be used by individuals of 7 years and up. However, parental supervision is always recommended. The kit usually has small components and a complete illustrated instruction to help in hassle-free assembly.  


More than Knives

JJ Knife Kit holds expertise beyond wooden folding knives. The brand also manufactures wooden signage, laser engraved plaques, and awards. It is even into engraving gun stocks, hand gun grips, and knife handles. JJ Knife Kit is distinctly known for manufacturing vacuum jigs. It offers an array of products from jig assemblies to gaskets, to the vacuum pump.



The products manufactured by Jameson Woodworks are tested in a third-party laboratory ensuring to meet and exceed the guidelines laid down by Consumer Product Safety Administration. Jameson Woodworks strives to make highest quality wooden knives. It also offers replacements for broken or missing parts.


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