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JJ's Knife Kit

When it Started!


The story of JJ Knife Kits began in 2009 after the founder of the brand, Gene Jameson, was terminated from his job due to the recession. Being a craftsman, Gene decided to hit the streets and sell knife kits to the store owners. The approval and success of the store owners motivated him to craft more wooden knives. Several knifemakers inspired by the appeal of JJ Knife Kit created their own imitations. The JJ Knife Kits-inspired tools were then manufactured in Asia.


The Originator of Wooden Knife Kits


Jameson Woodworks has been in the industry for years and the experience has helped to establish as a reliable company in the international market. Until 2008, the knife kits made of wood did not exist and then, Jameson Woodworks crafted the wooden knife kit. The company is known as the originator of the same and since then, there has been no turning back.  The very first kit was manufactured and designed by Gene Jameson was for his son JJ. He realized that there are no wooden pocket knife kits in the market and soon he approached a few store owners to bring the kit to the market. Soon, other manufacturers started to imitate the kits. The kits were sold with "Made in the USA" label.   


Diving Deep into the Inventory of JJ Knife Kits


Gene Jameson’s first knife made was a wooden pocket knife that he specifically designed for his for son JJ in 2008. Designed using Chestnut and Holly, the first knife kit till date is sold by the name JJ’s Original Knife Kit- JJ1, which is a canoe style knife with a single blade. Adding another brilliant and high-performance knife kit to the inventory was the Trapper knife kit Jameson. The Trapper has double blades, while the side pieces are made from walnut wood; the blades and springs get made from maple wood. Jameson Woodworks achieved another milestone with the introduction of JJ’s Tactical Knife Kit that is known for the commendable military or tactical features. The blades are born tough and can pierce through hard surfaces without getting split. The blades of the knives resemble a tanto (a traditional Japanese sword); the tanto along with the sides and springs is designed using maple wood that withstands extreme distortion and compression. Another defining feature of the knives was the cherry wood overlays for the handle, apart from this, the knife was popular for the spring, blade, maple sides with walnut wood inlays for an authentic look, lock bar, and shield. Not just this, there is a broad range of knives that are manufactured and designed, including Over & Under Knife Kit, Ocarina Kit, JJ’s Canoe Knife Kit, and Wildlife Kit. The performance of these knives is impeccable, and one can use knife kits for 7 years and up. The kits are easy to assemble, though it requires parental supervision because of the small components. Apart from the wooden folding knives, JJ Knife Kit has experience in engraving gun stocks, hand gun grips, and knife handles that are manufactured with utmost precision, and the company is known for manufacturing vacuum jigs as well and offers a broad range of products from jig assemblies, gaskets, to vacuum pump.


JJ Knife Kits Warranty


JJ Knife Kitsoffers exceptional quality and high-performance knives and wooden knives kit that are quality tested and designed by the experienced craftsmen. The huge inventory manufactured by Jameson Woodworks is quality tested in a third-party laboratory ensuring to meet the guidelines that are laid down by the Consumer Product Safety Administration. The company strives to make the highest quality wooden knives and kits and offers replacements for broken or missing parts as well.


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