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UJ Ramelson Woodcarving Tools

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Found in 1937 by Donato Ramella, UJ Ramelson Co. manufactures tools ideal for carving woods, jewelry, and more. The family-run business has established itself as the leader in manufacturing hand-made tools. Curated using a blend of old traditions and advanced technologies, the tools are made of finest carbon steel, and are hand forged, heat treated, and tempered to perfection. The UJ Ramelson tools are favorites among woodcarvers, jewelers, artists, students and knife enthusiasts.


High Quality Detailing Tools

The carving tools are carefully designed and come in tool sets that include a variety of chisels and gouges for inletting stocks or cleaning up the corners after bedding. Each kit usually consists of six varied size tools that are perfect for amateur as well as professionals. The tools are polished, sharpened, and brushed to ensure high performance when in use.


Carving Tool Sets for Beginners and Professionals

UJ Ramelson wood carving tool sets are ergonomically designed to meet the needs of different niches. Each set consists of six tools constructed using different materials and serve multiple purposes like carving the wood, engraving the jewelry and sculpting master pieces. Following are the unique sets and tools offered by the manufacturer:


  • Palm Handle- The shanks and chisels are perfect for intricate work like. They have wide, comfortable half-round handle that features a flat spot to index that offers non-slip grip.
  • Straight Handle chisels- These chisels feature traditional cylindrical handle that you can wrap your entire hand around.
  • Mini Set- This set includes 6 pieces of palm handle tools ideal for detailed or simple carving. The chisels are constructed using the best quality steel and are polished, buffed, and sharpened for use.
  • Subminiature Set- The tool set contains differently sized palm handle chisels–ergonomically designed for intricate work like sculptural ornamentation, detailing the wooden craft and more.
  • Linoleum Cutting Set- The set is one of its kinds and contains block cutters which are traditionally used for cutting designs into wooden blocks for fabric printing. The tools have mushroom shaped hardwood handles with lower portion of the handle cut away for low-angle work.


The 6-piece palm tool sets are perfect for both beginners and professional carvers who like to carve smaller sized projects. These 6 different chisels can perform a variety of tasks and carve moderate details.






UJ Ramelson offers limited lifetime warranty on its products. The chisels manufactured are free of any manufacturing defect in terms of material and workmanship. However, if the tool set turns out to be defected, it can be replaced and repaired within the warranty period. However, the clause of replacement and repair stands void in case the product is damaged due to normal wear and misuse. In such a situation, the product will be analyzed for the cause of damage and reasonable fees will be charged for the repair.


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