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Giesen & Forsthoff

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Giesen and Forsthoff from Solingen, Germany is a big name in the best quality grooming products. The brand has been providing one of the best razors and blades since 1920. As far as, Giesen and Forsthoff is concerned, quality does make the difference. Formerly, Giesen and Forsthoff exclusively manufactured professional equipment for professional hairdressers, but in today’s day and age, Giesen and Forsthoff grooming products are available as home comforts to many privileged.


Giesen and Forsthoff manufactures their world-renowned blades, like their world-class straight razor at their own facility in Germany. Its great quality straight from Solingen. The Giesen and Forsthoff specialists have produced classics like the G&F razor. The specialists at Solingen endeavor to innovate constantly for the best grooming experience. Handpicked keeping the best quality in mind, Giesen and Forsthoff products are sold worldwide under their personal insignia.


Even today, G&H Company is being trained in this art and the knowledge about the craft of developing a great knife from generation to generation. This is one of the reasons why the traditions of old are preserved at Giesen and Forsthoff.


Giesen and Forsthoff Kitchen Cutlery

None know the subtle art of making a fine knife as Giesen and Forsthoff of Solingen. Makers of one of the best knives available in the market, their parring knives are what can only be called bestsellers. The range of stainless-steel parring blades available come in a multitude of varieties of different wooden handles.


Giesen and Forsthoff Razors

Made exclusively at the G&H facility in Solingen, Germany, these razors — both safety and straight edge are truly world class. The safety razors are available in many varieties, with razor blades available. What sets them apart are their classic straight razors.


The Giesen and Forsthoff Limited Lifetime Warranty

All G&H products are warranted to be defect free in terms of material workmanship for life of the owner. Giesen and Forsthoff shall repair or replace with a new item and G&H product that is defective. Products that may not be repaired due to limited availability of parts will be replaced with a currently manufactured item that will most closely match the item sent in for repair.


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