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Giesen & Forsthoff

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Established in 1920, Giesen & Forsthoff presents the high-quality product range from Solingen, Germany. The roots of the company lie in the production of professional tools for barbers and hairdressers. The professional craftsmen at create fine straight razors, handmade and selective. Working together as a team, the professionals are educated in the company about the tradition and knowledge about creating these razors. The brand manufactures world-renowned blades like straight razor at its own facility in Solingen. G&F specialists have been innovating constantly for the best grooming experience.


Learning What the Brand Offers

HOUSEWARE: The brand is known to offer a wide collection of fine-quality household scissors, meat and cheese sampling knives, small kitchen knives and a wide selection of fishbone tweezers and BBQ and cooking tweezers.

TIMOR: The Timor is the new range of shaving brush SILBERSPITZ for the perfect shave every day. The brush features the finest imitation badger hair that helps to work the lather into the skin easily. The quality hair dries quickly, which makes it easier to maintain the brush.

Swap’ N Shave: This is a new replaceable blade straight razor with stainless-steel, satin-finish handles. The razor comes with two plastic inserts for DEB blades as well as 62 mm long blades. This razor is suitable for professional barber and hairstylists, or for daily use at home.

Gentle (men) Line: Giesen & Forsthoff offers latest safety razor line that is ideal for customers looking for an uncomplicated access to the world of wet shaving. The razors have a variety of shaving heads and a wide choice of handles, made of stainless-steel or colored resin elements.

Straight Razor: This is the handcrafted razor by the professional craftsmen in Solingen. The razor is available in high-class carbon steel or easy-to-maintain stainless-steel and various blade shapes and sizes. The handles are made of titanium, wood, celluloid, and stainless-steel.

Manicure Set: The quality manicure set by G&F has gained worldwide reputation. The brand offers four different quality lines of implements, from high-quality in stainless-steel with a glass nail file to an Economy Line in stainless-steel.


TIMOR the Trending Range by G&F

Timor is the registered trademark of Giesen & Forsthoff. Under this range, the brand markets a complete range of Manicure and Pedicure sets, DEB razorblades, which stand for quality and long tradition of the company. TIMOR is popular among the drugstores, individual dealers, and supermarkets.


Following are some products that encompass this range:


Cosmetic Instruments: These instruments are mainly used by professionals in beauty salons. The company offers a wide range of different items for many purposes. Made using high-quality material, these products can be easily sterilized.


Wet Shaving Accessories: TIMOR also offers a selective range of wet shaving accessories – strop, paste for strop, shaving stands, and soap bowls. You will also find a variety of leather pouches for your safety razors and straight razors.


BBQ and Fishbone Tweezers: These are high-grade stainless-steel kitchen tweezers that can be used for several purposes. Whether you barbecue, remove fish bones, or prepare any dish, these tweezers help in managing the job.


Timor also includes a wide range of traditional paring knives that have modern shaped wooden handles made of Olive Wood, plum wood or horn beam. These knives are available in two different shapes- straight blade for cutting vegetables or fruits and beak-shape blade which is ideal for peeling. These are traditional small kitchen knives which are essential in any kitchen drawer.


Diving Deeper into the Product Series by Giesen & Forsthoff


Giesen & Forsthoff Kitchen Cutlery: The Kitchen Cutlery Series includes an unparalleled range of kitchen knives with distinctive handles. Expect the knife models to sport stainless-steel paring blades. The stainless-steel blade boasts exceptional edge retention properties, making the knives ideal for versatile use like peeling and chopping fruits and vegetables. These paring knives feature ergonomic handles that are made using premium grade materials like Olive Wood, Plum Wood, and Beech Wood. These well-balanced and structured knives indicate the dedication and craftsmanship of the team at Giesen & Forsthoff.


Giesen & Forsthoff Straight Razors: The Straight Razor series features an exclusive range of shaving supplies and accessories that are in demand by barbers and hairdressers. The product series encompasses straight razors featuring handles made from unique, quality materials. The razor blades are constructed from stainless-steel with an ice-tempered finish. The series is recognized for Hemo-Stop Styptic Pencil that comes in plastic tube for storage and is perfect for handling small shaving wounds. Explore the series for gentle shaving safety razors that harbor knurled handles. These safety razors are made of stainless-steel and come with replaceable blade.



Giesen & Forsthoff knives are covered against any manufacturer defect associated with material or workmanship. In case of any manufacturing defects, the manufacturer will replace or repair the knives. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of the parts. In such a situation, G&F will provide you with the currently manufactured item that closely matched the item sent for repair. However, the manufacturer does not guarantee against misuse and normal wear and tear. It is to note that these knives are not meant to be used as pry bars, hammers, chisels, or screwdrivers. In case of any misuse, the manufacturer shall charge reasonable fees for repairment.


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