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CSSD/SC Bram Frank Knives

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CSSD/SC Bram Frank Knives


The Common Sense Self-Defense/ Street Combat (CSSD/SC) organization was founded by Grandmaster Bram Frank to design and provide the highest quality protection knives. The incredible CSSD/SC designs offer maximized weapon retention and tactical maneuverability. This organization also teaches frank’s systems of a modular knife, CRMIPT, bolo, and combat arnis. GM Bram holds 4 patents in knife design and operation. The patent of the world’s first kinetic opening full force continuum tool and knife is under his name, which has now been evolved by the SPYDERCO knives and named the Gunting. For years, the brand worked with other knife manufacturers, but now the Bram knives are made by his shop. All of the Bram Frank knives are made and hand-ground in China.


Brahm leading from the front has more patents for his newest fixed blade fighting knife designed for military and anti-terror units. This USA-based knife manufacturing company through CSSD-SC takes conceptual patterns of motion and establishes a framework to allow one to see the conceptual usage of those patterns. The brand designs knives not to harm others but to protect oneself. The satin and matte-finished stainless blades further ensure exceptional performance and durability. The founder is a Grandmaster himself, allows Bram Frank Knives as a brand to provide the finest quality knives required for self-defense and street combat.


Know More About CSSD/SC Bram Frank Knives

The CSSD/SC Brank Frank Knives are ideally designed for protection purposes only and thus are low maintenance. You can clean your stainless blade with mild soap and water. However, do not just leave it to air dry and instead must dry it with a cotton rag. Most of these knives are for daily use and thus really compact. You can easily carry Bram Frank knives in a shirt or jeans pocket. The founder Bram Frank in the beginning got his designs manufactured by others, but now the company has its knife manufacturing workshop in China. All the tactical blades from the brand are made with premium quality stainless steel that ensures their long life, strength, and optimal performance.


Brahm’s Knives & Tools Categories

Bram Frank LLC Bowie Standard Trainer Knives: This series includes Trainer Lockback Pocket Knives in different color handles. These 5’’ closed knives feature a 3’’ matte finish 8Cr13MoV stainless round end trainer blade. For allowing the user to open them one-handed, the thumb hole and kinetic thumb opening ramp are provided. The biomechanical G-10 handles ensure a firearm grip retention with a locked 3 finger hand grip. These trainer knives also feature puzzle-lock blade locking mechanisms, which provide a safe and secure blade lockup that is perfect for tactical situations. The lanyard slot is provided on the knives so that you can easily tie them with a string and carry it with ease. With the reversible matte finish stainless pocket clip, the knives allow for left or right-side tip-up carry.


Bram Frank Design Myso Comp Lock Pocket Knives: Explore this series for myso comp knives that are 4.25’’ closed. These are made with a 2.88’’ black finish 8Cr13MoV stainless blade. The knives are available in different colors with a G10 handle. The Bram Frank knife design is highly appreciated as it features a modified kopis blade with reverse S Persian grind. The extended tang construction enhances the toughness. The pocket clip allows left or right-side tip-up carry. Further, the knife becomes easier to open without any accidents with the thumb pull.


Bram Frank Design Desangut Sangut Pocket Knives: The desangut sangut bowie knives by Bram Frank knives were first designed for Master Edessa Ramos as a tactical folder. These knives measure 5.25’’ closed and 7.75’’ open. The traditional desanguts further have a 2.5’’ blade. These knives also feature a 1’’ thumb hole and a 0.5’’ extender made of high-grade solid steel for thumb rest/breaker to ensure the user can use the knife comfortably.


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