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Wander Tactical provides a one-stop platform to outdoorsmen, travelers, hikers, survivalists, knife collectors/users, and preppers by delivering heavy-duty, high-grade material constructed products. The company offers tried and tested products curated by an expert and professional research team, ensuring the finest quality. The brand offers a brief product line including tactical and survival tools, knives and axes. All Wander Tactical Knives are manufactured using cryogenic heat treatment to provide the best reliability and long performance life. the Wander Tactical offers a wide variety of cutting tools including some of the bestsellers like the Godfather, Hurricane, Barracuda, Freedom, URO knife series. Most of the knives and other cutting tools are designed and manufactured in Italy, showcasing great craftsmanship.


Provides Made-in Italy Tools with Great Functionality 

Wander Tactical tools are professionally and practically designed and manufactured in Italy. The company offers tools that are built to last a lifetime and still be as sharp and edgy as the new one. The simple and plain knives have a thick blade and sharp edges that help operators/users to survive any life-threatening situation. Most of the knives have fixed blades that provide additional strength to the knives and complete any critical task easily and quickly. The textured handles or extended tangs provide an exceptional grip to the users while remaining comfortable throughout prolonged use. Wander Tactical also offers pocketable folding knives with the liner lock mechanism and lock back system. The everyday carry knives offer great ease to draw and preferred as the best self-defense tool.


Expect Fully Tested Tools Curated with High-Grade Materials

Wander Tactical provides hard-handles, tough tools that can withstand everyday abuse and environmental damage. As the tools are highly preferred by outdoorsmen, survivalists, hikers, military personnel and soldiers, they are designed using the supreme quality material which offers longevity and strength to the product. Most of the knives and axes are manufactured from cryogenic heat treatment using D2 Tool Steel. The handles are curated using brown wood or micarta fiber depending upon the model. These tactical tools have finger choil and thumb studs to offer tight and prolonged grip- a reason why they are highly preferred by hunters and bush crafters. To provide safe storage and transportation, Wander Tactical offers sheath mainly made from Thermo- polymer to the users.


Warranty: Policies and Terms

Wander Tactical aims to provide utmost customer satisfaction with its products. The products manufactured by the brand are free from defect in terms of material and workmanship. The products come with a lifetime warranty from the date of purchase during which the product can be exchanged due to a manufacturing defect. However, the clause stands null in case the product is damaged due to misuse or abuse. The manufacturer is not responsible for extended wear and tear.


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Knife Country USA is an online knife and outdoor gear retailer that delivers best quality products. The portal offers a wide range of knives and outdoor essentials of a different brand. Knife Country has got your outdoor gear requirements for hunting, camping, fishing, outdoor cooking, or any other outdoor activities. Whether you are backpacking, hiking, camping or snowboarding, Red Wander Tactical is always there to help you enjoy the great outdoors. The robust construction products cater to soldiers, military personnel, bush crafters, hikers by offering tested and researched tools. Explore the site for wide range of backpacks, rifles, fire starters, and more. The portal even is recognized for its knives like folding pocket knives, fixed blade knives, and related accessories. Explore the web platform for endless options.

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