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US Gladius Knives

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US Gladius manufactures sturdy, distinctive looking knives based on the designs of the Roman Gladius (short sword), the gladiatorial spectacles and the standard arm of the Roman Legions Armies. These knives, swords and other tools are proven on the battlefields as they provide excellent balance, functionality and ergonomic feels. US Gladius caters to the needs of military forces, security personnel, hunters, fishermen, campers, hikers, knife collectors and professional by manufacturing and designing hard-handled knives and swords. The company offers a brief range of knives including The Desert Legion XII, War Gallery Knives and Legion XIV Elite, with removable handle scales. The US Gladius knives can be used without scales to reduce weight, for easy throwing, cleaning, survival applications or to use with a lanyard.


Expect Quality Knives Built for Rugged Use

US Gladius Knives are inspired from arenas of 400 years old Roman gladiatorial spectacles. The knives are designed and manufactured in China and they display great workmanship. US Gladius Knives have unique designs curated using hard-handled material to withstand everyday handling and environmental abuse. Great functionality with the ergonomic design is uncommon and hard to find in tactical knives, but US Gladius with its detailed and precisely designed knives made this possible. Legion XIV Elite is the series of knives offered by US Gladius which is currently the largest knife delivered by the company. The Legion XIV Elite knives feature a logo with eagle wings that represents power and strength, and the Thunderbolt was the weapon of the Roman god, Jupiter.


Delivering Credible Products with Long Performance Life

US Gladius offers knives that have two cutting surfaces with serrations for ripping, sawing and cutting. These knives are highly recommended and preferred by hunters, fishermen, campers, hikers, knife collectors and professionals as they have hard material construction curated using high-grade titanium and stainless steel. The knives feature full handles or extended tangs manufactured using micarta, rubberized polymer and brown wood. The handles prevent slippage with integrated hand guard and finger grooved inlays. The digital impressions on the handle scales offers tight grip making these comfortable to the user. 


Delivering Best Knives with Warranty

US Gladius Knives products are designed with perfection considering the needs of the customers and are warranted to be free of any defects in material and workmanship. In case of any defect, US Gladius Knives will repair or replace with a new item that is same or similar (whichever is available). US Gladius products are not meant to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars or screwdrivers. If any knife has been damaged because of its misuse detected by the repair department, then the customer will be charged a reasonable fee for its repair. 


Knife Country-An Online Store Providing Best of Outdoor Tools and Products

Delivering quality products and best value services, Knife Country started as a small family business based in Holly, Michigan which has gradually gained a reputation in the knife and tool industry. Knife Country is transformed into an established web-store with a huge selection of knives survival/outdoor gear, camping knives, tactical pens and more. The inventory includes more than 30,000 models of knives from 500+ manufacturers across the world. US Gladius is manufacturing sturdy, distinctive looking knives based on the designs of the Roman Gladius (short sword), the gladiatorial spectacles and the standard arm of the Roman Legions Armies. When buying at Knife Country, you can be assured about the quality of products as we endeavor to provide the finest.

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