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My Parang Fixed Blade Machetes

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Parang is the classic definition of traditional tools and weapons that continue to engage the curiosity of self-defense gear users and combat enthusiasts across the world. The parang is essentially the Malaysian name for curved blade that has largely, machete-like dynamics. Some call it a large knife but it does a lot more than the average pocket knife or a dagger. Often spotted among the wilderness survivalists, hobbyists, and outdoorsmen, the parang continues to be used in many ways, also making it to many collections. MY Parang is considered the global standard for true parangs, of different types, made with genuine detailing and designs that have been conserved over the years.


Machete-like Parangs are Must-have Gear Options for Adventure Explorers


Somewhat like a hatchet, as reliable as a machete, and having a wide range of applications across all types of DIY scenarios, parangs remain ultra-useful. Many explorers have promoted the cause of the parang, detailing its effectiveness in many combat-like situations and in places where small blades cannot get the job done. For forest voyagers and game chasers, the need to navigate across dense growth makes parangs very useful. Easy to grip and lightweight, they can be used for heavy-duty cutting and slicing without worrying about the durability of the edges. The same range of application is confirmed by indigenous people in many parts of Southeast Asia who have been using it for generations. The modern outdoorsmen is also concerned about the compactness and carry of a tool and this is why, the modern parang is made with an emphasis on ensuring delightful ergonomics. A true survival blade, it provides the immediate answer in many situations, and is a smart option for nearly any type of surroundings where a sturdy blade is needed!


MY Parang for Real Parangs – Chandong & Golok


There is a lot of confusion about how to identify the real Malaysian Parang—for most, the task seems impossible with so many remakes and similarly-made products that are actually not the real thing. You need the assurance of a parang-maker who is rooted to the region that gave birth to the tool. This is the type of assurance you get with MY Parang. This brand is not like another manufacturer where assembly-line systems create tools. Here, it is about personalized, hand-finished approach that takes a great deal of effort. Expect these to be locally-made parangs of all shapes and sizes, crafted by people who actually use the weapon. The materials too are sourced indigenously. Each unit is expected to benefit from the wisdom that comes with centuries of usage associated with goloks of all shapes—this type of heritage is not easy to find among modern parang makers.


Genuine-only Promise at MY Parang


MY Parang understands the parang culture and what makes goloks useful for the camping experts. MY Parang is actually based in Penang Malaysia and still uses some of the most traditional, time-honored practices to create the best tools for the business. The buyers of MY Parang range of products are truly universal. Most love the Chandong series for its diversity and the Golok series for its craftsmanship-enriched making processes. Expect real forging and not machine stamping approach. MY Parang comes with the promise of each blade being made slightly differently to ensure there are no absolute lookalikes. Watch out for the true Bidor stamp that underlines the authenticity unlike other parangs that only stamp to influence buyers.


What to expect?

MY Parang makes two, primary type of parangs—Duku Chandong and Golok.


Duku Chandong is made in many forms, but three variations rule the line-up. This includes 12 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch Chandong and each of these is sold in big numbers across Asia and Europe. Golok too has some interesting options—125 and 135 being the most favored versions. No matter which product you choose, the blade at MY Parang will be made from the toughest, 5160 high carbon steel. This is also referred to as leaf spring steel. The real forge marks underline the production being the result of genuine workmanship rather than advanced machines. MY Parang handles are usually made with Croatian wood. This wood is not easy to find and procure. However, MY Parang parang-makers understand that the renewable nature of this wood makes it the better choice. This type of farmed Beechwood does everything expected from a traditionally designed MY Parang handle. The additional length of MY Parang handle ensures easy usage for folks with longer hands. This means the ease of executing all types of cutting tasks. These are not modern parangs that have handles with coils. This is the traditional handle that provides more ease of movement and better grip without using guards.


The My Parang Warranty

MY Parang products are made tough. Whether it is the distal taper of the blades that improve balance or the unsharpened blade sections after the handle, every bit is checked for quality. But issues can arise. Every MY Parang product has the warranty for any defects found in the material or the quality of workmanship. This applies to the entire lifetime of the product. MY Parang provides appreciable assistance to repair/replace defective products. However, there is a remote chance of the repairs being slow due to limited availability of certain parts. MY Parang might use the option of replacing the defective item with a more recently manufactured item that is the closest match. Expect prompt communication for this.


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MY Parang is one of the bestselling but not the only brand at Knife Country that sells gear meant for the outdoorsmen and the seasoned wilderness survivor. This online platform continues to grow, thanks to the expanding collaboration with genuine makers who like their inventory sold to the global audience with transparent pricing policies and unbiased product categorization parameters. You will find everything that the adventure gear demands, from paracord to camping gear and self-defense tools. Some of the equipment found at Knife Country is used by international law enforcement agencies—underlining how the buyer demographic is constantly evolving here, expanding beyond our initial thoughts when Knife Country was started as a humble, family-owned business venture. Please feel comfortable to call us for any query. Toll Free Number 800 342-9118

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