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Resqme has decades of industry experience in saving lives owing to their utter dedication and commitment towards the personal and car safety. A leader in quality safety business, Resqme aims to set benchmarks for the safety suppliers with the provision of finest and user-friendly safety quality products. The idea to produce personal and automotive safety tools and focus on bringing drivers and their passenger’s peace of mind was given a brand name, Resqme, in 1998 by Laurent Colasse. The company has never failed to manufacture and distribute innovative safety products.


Quality Safe Products

Resqme is backed by passionate and knowledgeable professionals committed to deliver life-saving solutions and are dedicated towards making simple and useful hacks that can save someone’s life in seconds. The best-selling products include the defend me, Resqme, Resqme Quick Car Escape tool, Resqhammer, Alertme, Protectme, Prepareme, Resqme and many more to select from. One of the best and original keychain car escape tool is manufactured in USA that was initially introduced to first responders before stepping into the corporate and consumer world. The products are carried by more than 4 million people in over 45 countries, saving an average a life every two weeks.


An Attitude in Life to Care with the Award Winning Brand

Resqme has been globally recognized for the excellent quality safety products. The company has been recognized with multiple awards and has received widespread media recognition on Good Morning America, ABC News, USA Today, The Doctors, Popular Mechanics, Consumer Reports and more. Resqme Inc focuses not only on the manufacturing but is also proud to be part of a caring community of first responders, firefighters and every day’s heroes. The company has expanded its base with sister company, Resqme Europe, which is headquartered in Nantes, Fr. Resqme, Europe that is the center of Research & Development for upcoming digital safety solutions.


Resqme Warranty Information

Resqme products are warranted to be free of defects in terms of material and quality, owing to the stern inspection that is done before delivery. Resqme will repair or replace with a new item any Resqme product only after consulting the repairing department of the company. The replacement depends on the availability of the original part.  


Knives, Gear & Cutlery from Renowned Manufacturers on Single Platform

Knife Country is listed amidst the most trusted virtual shops in the international market. A small business that has now turned into a familiar name, efficiently delivers knives, cutlery and survival tools. More than 30,000 models on a single platform that are sourced from 500+ manufacturers form the backbone of Knife Country. Resqme in collaboration with Knife Country efficiently delivers the protection and survival products, fabricated using latest and traditional methods. Rest assured for the quality and the performance off the survival products; complete inspection is done before delivery and is only obtained from the genuine manufacturers. Shop and pick from a wide range of camping gear, backpacks, knives, flashlights, cutlery and other survival equipment.

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