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Mount Kilimanjaro Inspired Knives!

The massive mountain overlooking the plains of East Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro is the source of inspiration behind the renowned brand ‘Kilimanjaro Knives’. Kilimanjaro lures the intrepid adventurers and hikers across the globe to climb and win the summit. It is more than 500 sq. miles of rock forged from the magma of three volcanic cones "Kibo", "Mawenzi", and "Shira.


Kilimanjaro Knives was established in 1979 with a vision to bring forth tactical knives that perform intensely, regardless of any situation. The brand takes inspiration from the highest mountain in Africa, while the undaunted spirit of the adventure enthusiasts and globetrotters has been very well ingrained in the design and workmanship of all Kilimanjaro products.


Conquer Tactical Situations With Kilimanjaro Knives

Manufactured to cater the ever-evolving demands of knife enthusiasts, Kilimanjaro Knives has spent years in the research and designing the best in class knives that are suitable to be used in most of the tactical and demanding situations. Over the years, the brand has grown immensely under the leadership of experienced knife makers. The growth rate elevated rapidly with the introduction of folders to fixed blade, machetes, field tested knives, folding pocket, fishing, outdoor and hunting knives. These knives are designed to perform in most of the most demanding climates and conditions. The exceptional knife materials, quality construction, superior functionality and the durability makes Kilimanjaro Knives one of the most reliable names in the knife making industry. Endure and conquer any challenge; these knives are indeed a perfect companion for your next exploration.


Exploring the Wide Range of Knives through Product Series

Kilimanjaro Axes: The axes are specifically designed to be used in most demanding situations. The blades of the axes are manufactured using premium-grade material that is field tested by the experts. The axes are known for the ergonomic design, extreme sharpness and high strength. The high grip handles accompanied by the finger grooves ensure complete safety and a comfortable hold as well.


Kilimanjaro Fixed Blade Knives: These knives are manufactured using premium-grade material that boosts the durability and offers commendable strength to perform heavy-duty tasks. The stainless drop point blade and the stainless clip point blade of the knives are meant to be used in tactical situations. The full tang construction, oversized finger ring, grooved black rubberized inlays are some of the defining features of the knives.


Kilimanjaro Folding Pocket Knives: These are the folding pocket knives with the ability to perform flawlessly in tactical situations. The knives are built using premium-grade material that boosts the durability and survives multiple roughest uses. These folding pocket knives are compact and lightweight, while the handles offer commendable support to the hands and offer secure grip.

  • Kilimanjaro Linerlock Pocket Knives:The knives feature a perfectly designed and sharpened blade with the ability to pierce through hardest surfaces. The perfect balanced and compactly designed Teflon coated blade is an example of correct size and functionality. This series has knives with thumb studs and thumb ridges for easy opening and closing. The G10 handles offer secure grip and perfectly fits in the palm of the user.
  • Kilimanjaro Lockback Pocket Knives: These knives are designed specifically for performing heavy-duty tasks. These knives work on the locking mechanism that helps to lock the blade. The blades are born extremely tough and can cut through demanding situations. The knives are compact, lightweight and resist corrosion. The perfectly designed aluminum handles offer secure grip every time.


Kilimanjaro Machetes: These knives are meant for the tactile environments and hostile situations. The blades are born tough and can perform flawlessly in demanding situations that require immense strength to cut through the hardest surfaces. The rugged stainless-steel construction induces commendable strength to the whole knife and thus, makes it suitable to be used for heavy-duty tasks. The rubberized shaped handle offers secure and perfect grip.


Kilimanjaro Multi-Tools: The knives are manufactured using premium grade material that can withstand extreme compression and distortion. This series features partially serrated knife blade with thumb stud, flathead screwdriver tip, bottle opener and is suitable to be used in most of the demanding scenarios. The rubberized stainless handles perfectly fit in the palm of the user. The nylon belt sheath or pouch is another defining feature of the series.


Kilimanjaro Saws: This series features perfectly designed saws that are specifically designed to be used for heavy duty tasks. The blades are tough and are designed to cut through hardest surfaces without getting stuck. The ergonomic design, lightweight and compact saws are sturdy enough to survive the compression and extreme pressure.


Kilimanjaro Allatro Knife Series: These knives are specifically designed for heavy-duty and multiple roughest uses. The knives in this series are manufactured with a perfect balance of strength, heft, and functionality, with no compromise on the design. Use of stainless drop point blades and tanto blades helps to resist corrosion and thus, boosts durability. These knives are compactly designed and are completely lightweight. G-10 handle offers perfect and secure grip.


Kilimanjaro Annex Knife Series: These knives are manufactured using premium-grade blade material with the ability to undergo high compression and distortion. These are the tactical knives with non-reflective surface and perfectly fit in the palm of the user. The blade proportion and weight are suitable to be used in demanding situations, while serrated drop point blade is perfect for heavy-duty uses and offers exceptional cutting and stabbing through most of the surfaces. The textured G10 handles with integrated thumb traction ridge is another defining feature of these knives.


Kilimanjaro Firma Knife Series: The knives in this series are manufactured using premium-grade drop point blades with superior strength to survive under high compression. The ergonomic tapered, grooved G10 handles are sturdy enough to be used in most of the demanding situations. The provision of dual thumb studs offers utmost convenience to the users and allows to be used the knife with one hand. The closed lock back mechanism works perfectly with no compromise on functionality and sharpness.


Kilimanjaro Kibo Knife Series: The knives are manufactured using premium quality blade material that helps to survive the multiple roughest usages. The assortment of knives is ideal for outdoors and survival conditions. The knives are manufactured using injected molded polymer handle and the textured base offers complete and secure grip in most of the demanding tasks. These knives feature thumb studs for smooth operations.


Kilimanjaro Morsa Knife Series: This is an assortment of high-performance knives that are manufactured for carrying out heavy-duty tasks along with simple cutting and slicing tasks as well. The knives are born tough and feature a titanium-coated blade that can cut through most demanding tasks. The knives are manufactured using 8Cr13MoV blade steel, G10 handles and stainless-steel frame that adds to the overall strength. The extended tang construction with thumb ridges makes it convenient for the user. These knives have lanyard slots that add to the utility.


Kilimanjaro Talbot Knife Series: These knives are perfect field companion and are specifically designed to withstand high compression and distortion. The blades are born tough and can cut through most surfaces without splitting into halves. The sharpened edges are suitable to carry out most of the demanding tasks. The rubberized handle offers comfortable and prolonged usage and causes no hand fatigue to the user. The knives are provided with paracord lanyard that makes it convenient for the user to grab the knife immediately. Provision of reinforced nylon sheath with belt loop is an added feature.


Kilimanjaro Victus Knife Series: This series includes the finest array of gut hook knives, hunter knives, liner lock knives and lock back knives that are manufactured to be used in tactical situations and are designed using drop point blades with extreme sharpness and strength to withstand high compression and multiple roughest uses. These knives are meant for heavy-duty tasks including the precise slicing and skinning activities as well. The rubberized handles offer incredible grip even in wet and slimy conditions along with the integrated thumb add to the functionality of the knives.



Kilimanjaro Knives are warranted to be free from any kind of manufacturing or designing defects. The knives and saws are designed with greatest precision and are guaranteed to be perfectly designed by the professional makers. In case if any of the products are found to be genuinely defected, then repair and replacement will be done after complete inspection by the company member. The inspection will be carried out by the concerned authority at the company. The defected product will be sent to quality department and after approval, it will be sent for repair or replacement. It depends on the availability of the products at the company. The products are not intended to be used as pry bars, chisels, hammers, or screwdrivers; this can hamper the product quality and degrade the performance as well.


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