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Based in Maine, Snow and Nealley was founded in 1864 with a vision to provide premium quality hand-crafted tools. Till date, the company stands tall in the market and takes immense pride in its craftsmanship that is clearly flaunted in its hand tools. Charles Snow and Edward Bowdoin Nealley, the founders of the company managed the operations for over 33 years. Snow & Nealley has introduced an array of axes and mauls that have eventually become the cornerstone of the brand.


The family-run business, Snow & Nealley is recognized to create some of the best splitting mauls and wood splitting axes for domestic use. The axes boast finest American hickory handles that ensure secure grip while the axe heads have high striking capability. The hand tools ensure superior cutting of woods and clearing of foliage to create a shelter.




Edward and Nealley: A Family-Run Business


William Pepe Nealley succeeded his father Edward Nealley as president in 1897. Opportunist by nature, he recognized the scope of logging industry in Bangor. The company prospered under William’s guidance. With the emergence of middle class after World War I, there was a rise in demand for tools that could be used around the farm and at home. It was then that Snow and Nealley introduced new axe models for domestic use.




In 1920, William discussed the possibility of marketing Snow and Nealley’s products through a catalog owned by a Mariner named Leon L. Bean. The collaboration between the company and L.L. Beam endured for decades. After William’s death, his son Edward Bowdoin Nealley II ran the company for 23 years and managed it successfully through the Great Depression, World War II and Korea. In 1956, William “Bill” Bowdoin Nealley managed the company through various challenges including fire that levelled the factory in the 1950’s.




After Bill’s death in 1985, his wife Lois Nealley became the president and encouraged the development of a new line of garden tools. As an avid gardener, Lois used her knowledge to influence the design of Snow and Nealley’s gardening tools. Today, the garden tools comprise 70% of the company’s business into the turn of the 21st century. The hand tools have ergonomically designed handles and special long handles for old gardeners or those who may be confined to wheelchairs were among some of the successful concepts Lois introduced.




Brand Driven by Technology and Innovation


The hand axes by Snow and Nealley are forged in brick furnaces and hand sharpened on stone grinding wheels. These innovations coupled with transitions in Maine’s economy in the 1980’s, marked the shift to garden tools, making it the company’s primary product line. However, in 2004, the garden tool line was discontinued. The company now emphasizes on the production of axes. The manufacturer is known to create axe handles, Hudson Bay Camping axes, Best Single Bit Axes, Outdoorsman’s Belt Axes, and Penobscot Bay Kindling Handles.




Diving Deep into the Product Series by Snow & Nealley




Snow & Nealley Axe Handles: The series includes an array of axe handles that are fabricated using American hickory wood and cutting-edge technology. These handles are made tough with utmost precision to carry out strenuous tasks like cutting branches ad clearing the foliage for making a shelter in wilderness. The handles assure comfortable grip.




Snow & Nealley Hudson Bay Camping Axes: These axes are fabricated using the finest American hickory wood handle and boast cutting-edge technology. The axe head is constructed carbon steel that allows excellent penetration capability and easily drives through anything. The handles are tough and ensure precise use while chopping woods or clearing the foliage to make shelter. The handle has perfect texture that offers superior grip.




Snow & Nealley Our Best Single Bit Axes: Snow and Nealley is recognized for axes that are manufactured with an assurance to provide the users a great experience while cutting woods or foliage. These axes have fire tempered hand ground steel axe head and sharp cutting edge. The handles are made using American Hickory and can withstand roughest use. The axes are designed to offer maximum comfort to hands during long hours of work.




Snow & Nealley Outdoorsman's Belt:  The Outdoorsman’s Belt Axes are recognized for lightweight construction and versatile usage. The axes have fire tempered hand-ground steel axe head that ensures excellent penetrating capability and easily drives through. The handles are made using American hickory wood and ensure secure grip for cutting branches, wood and foliage to create a shelter. Suitable for everyday tasks, the axes come complete with leather blade guard for security.




Snow & Nealley Penobscot Bay: Snow & Nealley offers axes that are manufactured using the finest carbon steel blade and American hickory wood handle. The axes are fabricated using cutting-edge technology and other axe-making methods. The Penobscot Bay Kindling Axes have fire tempered, hand ground steel axe head and cutting edge for great striking through capability. The handles have perfectly finished texture that ensures superior grip.






The axes by Snow and Nealley Axes are free from manufacturing defects. In case of any manufacturing defects, the manufacturer will replace or repair the knives. However, the manufacturer does not warrant against normal wear or misuse. It is to note that these axes are not meant to be used as pry bars, hammers, chisels, or screwdrivers. In case of damage or misuse, the manufacturer shall charge reasonable fees for repair services.




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