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Designed to keep the knives sharp for a longer time, Flexx Strops are popular among avid outdoor explorers and knife collectors. Flexx Strops were created by Paul, an outdoor enthusiast and knife lover. He spent years to find the perfect way of sharpening knives. After using different tools like stones, ceramic, and sandpaper to sharpen knives, he found that sharpening tools using leather is the most efficient way. All the positive remarks and suggestions guided him to create this impeccable Stopping tool. With the discovery of Flexx Strops, the brand has been excelling with the promise to give you edges which are perfect, pristine, polished, and sharp.


Every outdoor lover, adventure enthusiast, and knife aficionado needs a knife with perfect sharp edge. From trailing, camping, fishing, and hunting to survival and training to cutting, peeling, chopping, skinning or scraping, knives and tools are a must have! Knife lovers and outdoor enthusiasts do not like to leave their knife blades dull and blunt, no matter what. A tool with a blunt blade is of no use, and only an avid user knows the true value of a fine-piercing blade. Each flex strop is designed to deliver a razor-sharp blade edge for years to come.


Leather Strops – The Best Tool to Sharpen your Blades

The Flexx Leather Strops are the best way to sharpen an outdoor tool or knife. These are made using unique technology which helps to hold the compounds, making the stropping surface more consistent. With smooth sides on all strops, an even layout, and leather that feels like a fine suede. Each strop is made to deliver the perfect, pristine, polished, and piercing edge with least efforts. Premium leather strops efficiently remove the burrs and polish both sides of the bevel for maximum effect, helping blades keep their edges honed and in perfect shape.


Leather Flexx Strops feature a wooden platform with lanyard, lined on both side with fine leather. They come pre-loaded with 6,000 grit green honing compound on one side and 3,000 grit black compound on the other side. It allows the user to choose the apt side that matches the blade material and toughness. Commonly used to put a final edge on your blades, knives, and woodworking tools, this compact sharpening strop easily fits into pockets, backpacks, tackle boxes, and tool boxes.


A Tour into the Flexx Strop Inventory


The Flexx Strops are available in different sizes to cater to everyone’s need.  


Flexx Strops LX01: This Signature Field Strop comes with wooden base and a lanyard. This double-sided strop features 8-10 oz. leather stropping surface with black grit on one side and green grit on the other. The stropping surface measures 7.5 inches long and 1.75 inches wide.


Flexx Strops LX02: This Pro Field II Strop with wood base and lanyard is designed to offer the perfect blade finish. The 8.5 inches long and 2.125 inches wide stropping surface allows quick sharpening and finishing of woodworking tools. It provides perfect edge for gouge cuts, carving miniatures, cleaning up the ridges, and other fine detailing work.


Flexx Strops LX03: Outlaw Paddle Strop is designed to strop any size blade with its 8.5 inches long and 1.75 inches wide stropping surface. The wooden strop features a lanyard and a handle that adds a distinctive look and provides a good hold on the tool while sharpening the blades. High-quality strop with double-sided strop allows smooth honing of blades.


Flexx Strops LX04: Rudis Paddle Strop with 12 oz. leather stropping surface offers stropping of any size blade. From EDC knives, cutlery, fixed blades, pocket tools, and carving knives to large size machetes, the two stropping surfaces have everything you need. The wood base with a handle provides a firm hold and the lanyard makes it easy to carry. 15.5 inches long and 3.125 inches wide leather stropping surface makes the stropping process easier.


Flexx Strops LX05: Tyrant Strop is a combo of two strops, a green surfaced with 6000 grit and a black surfaced with 3000 grit. The 7.25 inches and 1.5 inches leather stropping surface with wooden base allows high-quality sharpening and honing of blades. Lightweight construction of these strops makes them easy to carry along on camping, hiking, hunting, and other outdoor adventures.


Flex Strops LX06: Flex-Slim Strop with wooden base and premium leather construction is available in a compact size to fit-in easily in small backpacks and tool boxes. This slim leather strop has green compound on one side helps in sharpening most types of knives with flat or curved blades. It is 7.25 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.


Flexx Strops Warranty

All Flexx Strops offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing and workmanship defects of the product. Any product which fails to meet the performance benchmarks due to production fault will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the company. However, this warranty does not cover the damage or low-performance standards arising from mishandling, tampering, or exploitation of the product or its parts. Further, damages caused by improper care, accidents, and normal wear & tear can be repaired with due charges. The products are not warranted against any natural breakdown of colors and material over extended time and use.


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