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Established in 1982, Master Cutlery is recognized for its broad portfolio of edged tools and related products that are designed for work, outdoor recreation and domestic use. Master Cutlery’s product portfolio includes more than 5,000 active SKU’s across 100 and more product segments. One of the most sought-after brands is Dark Side Blades. This line of products primarily includes spring assisted folding knives. The brand includes knives that have edgy designs with rapid deployment.


The Dark Side Blades offers minimalistic and practical knives. The knives of this brand flaunt a forged texture on the sides and the grip. Crafted using laminated and Damascus Steel, the knives offer precision cutting, thanks to the razor-sharp blade. The brand offers a plethora of knives that feature unique locking mechanism and assisted opening. Designs and sharp blades make these knives so popular among the sportsmen, hunting, camping, and survival.


Knives with Unique Opening Mechanism

Dark Side Blades is recognized for its spring assisted folding knives. The knives usually feature distinctive locking mechanism that keep the knives open and prevent accidental closures. The knives are easy to carry and can open double as wells as single-handedly. These folding pocket knives are handy tools in case of an emergency and tactical situation.


Looking into the Dark Side Knives Product Series 



Dark Side Framelock Pocket Knives: The Framelock Pocket Knives are crafted with perfection and are inspired by dragons and knights. These knives feature durable construction with serrated assisted opening mechanism. The ergonomic handles flaunt intricate dragon artwork, thumb ridge, lanyard holes, extended tangs, and pocket clips. Widely used as Every Day Carry Knives, these knives come handy during traveling, camping, hiking, or trekking.                   


Dark Side Linerlock Pocket Knives: The Linerlock series features folding pocket knives that ergonomically designed using serrated aluminum and Damascus steel blades and titanium coated handles. The handles also feature thumb studs and pocket clips. The Linerlock folding knives have side spring lock which makes it easy to open and close them single-handedly. These knives are ideal for campers, trekkers, and hikers.


Dark Side Assisted Opening Pocket Knives: The series features a collection of assisted opening pocket knives, linerlock and framelock knives. The knives are available in an array of colors and have ergonomically designed handles and ultra-sharp blades. The knives use an internal mechanism for opening the blade using a thumb stud or flipper attached to the blade. The knives can be easily closed by using torsion spring and an additional blade lock.


Dark Side Folding Pocket Knives: The folding pocket knives includes a series of every day carry knives that feature unique locking mechanism. The knives either feature spring assisted opening, linerlock mechanism or framelock mechanism. They feature blades made of Damascus steel and aluminum. The knives are available in varied handle designs and finishes.


Dark Side Karambit Knives: The series includes a variety of pocket folding knives with assisted opening Karambit style blade. The blades flaunt distinctive artworks and have standard edge. The knives feature aluminum handles with black-finish. The handles have pocket clip and extended tangs for maximum functionality.


Dark Side Knives Celtic Series: The series includes an assortment of assisted opening liner lock knives. The product range features a colorful collection of knives- Grey, Blue, Silver and Gold. These knives can be used as theatre prop as well as every day carry knives. These assisted opening knives use internal opening mechanism and prevent accidental closures. The pocket knives are lightweight and travel-friendly, perfect for tactical situations.


Dark Side Knives Cobra Series: The Cobra Knife series includes a variety of assisted opening linerlock pocket knives. Inspired by cobras, the knives flaunt cobra and skull designs on the handles. The blades open using an internal locking mechanism and feature stainless-steel construction. The handles feature pocket clips and lanyard holes, making the knives easy-to-carry.


Dark Side Knives Dragon Series: Explore the series for a unique range of linerlock pocket knives and framelock pocket knives. The linerlock folding pocket knives use linerlock locking mechanism with a side spring lock that helps in single-handed opening. The knives feature assisted opening, mirror polished finish and an extended tang. The Framelock Knives are stronger and are crafted with precision. The knives feature partially serrated blade, thumb studs, thumb ridge.


Dark Side Knives Dual Blade Series: The dual blade series includes linerlock folding pocket knives. Mostly used for self-defense. These knives have side-spring lock system which allows opening and closing of knives single-handedly. The knives are widely used by amateurs, knife enthusiasts, and seasoned collectors. The knives feature distinctive artwork on the aluminum handles.


Dark Side Knives Eagle Series: One of the most popular knifes series, the Eagle Knife series includes a wide collection of linerlock pocket knives that are highly functional and uniquely designed. The knives feature a side-spring lock that helps in opening the knife one-handedly. The knives have standard edge, acid etched blades and feature extended tang and pocket clips on the titanium coated handles.


Dark Side Knives Flame Series: The knives with flame artwork handles are linerlock folding pocket knives. The knives are made using premium-grade stainless-steel and aluminum for lasting use. They are particularly used for self-defense and tactical situations.


Dark Side Knives Full Moon Series: The inventory includes partially serrated linerlock knives. Featuring assisted opening, the knives are made using high-quality stainless-steel and aluminum that provides resistance from corrosion and abrasions. Made in China, the knives include die-cast handles with titanium coated stainless bolster. 


Dark Side Knives Ghost Motorcycle: The Ghost Motorcycle Knife Series includes linerlock knives which help you to escape the tactical situation whilst driving or trekking. The folding pocket knives feature standard edge, aluminum handles, and extended tang, thumb studs, pocket clips and blade artwork.


Dark Side Knives Glow Series: The Glow Knife Series includes an assortment of partially serrated linerlock folding pocket knives that are widely used by campers, hikers, and trekkers. Constructed using stainless-steel, the folding pocket knives are corrosion and abrasion resistant. These are ideal every day carry pocket knives which can be used for fishing, hunting, or hiking.


Dark Side Knives Grim Reaper Series: Grim Reaper is one of the most popular knife series that features a standard edge, extended tang, pocket clip, thumb studs, and grim reaper blade. The knives have integrated belt cutter and glass breaker that ensures better performance. Crafted using stainless-steel and aluminum, the knives are built durable.


Dark Side Knives Keyhole Series: The Keyhole Series includes linerlock knives with side-spring locking system which ensures easy opening and closing of knives. The locking mechanism adds extra safety to the EDC blades, allowing better functionality for tougher tasks. These knives are perfect for tactical situations.


Dark Side Knives Knight Series: The Knight Knife Series includes a unique range of framelock pocket knives. Framelock is an assisted knife opening mechanism that ensures easy deployment of blade when required. These folding pocket knives are perfect outdoor tools for hunting, fishing, camping, and rock-climbing.


Dark Side Knives Raven Series: The Raven Knife Series includes a wide range of linerlock folding knives- knives that ensure single-handed deployment of blade, thanks to its side-spring lock. The knives have standard edge, extended tang, pocket clips and handle with raven artwork.


Dark Side Knives Scorpion Series: The Scorpion Knife Series includes an array of linerlock pocket knives that feature a unique locking mechanism. Linerlock is the most common form of lock in the modern-day folding knives. The knives feature a standard edge, extended tang, pocket clips, thumb ridge and a lanyard hole.


Dark Side Knives Skull Series: The series includes an array of Linerlock Folding Pocket knives - knives that ensure single-handed deployment of blade, thanks to its side-spring lock. The knives have standard edge, extended tang, pocket clips. The aluminum handles feature a stonewash-finishing. These knives are ideal for self-defense purposes.


Dark Side Knives Snake Series: Includes linerlock folding pocket knives with unique locking mechanism. The side-spring lock ensures easy deployment of blades and prevents accidental closures. Made in China, the pocket knives have corrosion-resistant steel blades, partially serrated edge, black finishing, aluminum handles and thumb ridge.


Dark Side Knives Spider Series: The series includes one of its kind knives that feature linerlock mechanism. The knives are ideal for tactical situations and are perfect every day carry tools. The folding pocket knives feature side-spring lock that ensures easy deployment of blade during emergency situations. The knives have a standard edge, aluminum handles with spider artwork and a lanyard with spider bead.



The knives and tools by Dark Side Blades are free from manufacturing defects. The manufacturer replaces or repairs the product with a new item in case of any such defect. However, the manufacturer does not warrant against the products subjected to misuse or normal wear. It is to be noted that the knives and tools need to be used for the intended purpose only. In case of damage due to misuse, the repair department will analyze the damage and charge a reasonable repair fee.


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