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Eickhorn Solingen has a history of manufacturing hard-handled, practically-designed and military-centric knives and other tactical tools. The company was incorporated in the year 1865 in Solingen, Germany. The brand was founded by Carl Eickhorn with a vision to provide supreme quality knives and tools for military forces, government buyers, law enforcement and security personnel. Eickhorn Solingen performs rigorous testing and research to meet the operational demands of the customers.


The company offers a wide range of high-quality products manufactured using advanced robotic engineering techniques paired with traditional German production techniques. Eickhorn Solingen product catalog includes a variety of robust and durable small-arms and tools such as fixed blade knives, every day carry knives, folding knives, body cutter, and tech oil pen. Every Eickhorn knife is manufactured using Damascus steel that caters to both militaries as well as non-military use.


Products That Meet German Quality Standards 



The company uses staff training programs, advanced assembly procedures, and CNC processing equipment to manufacture the products and to ensure no compromises over the quality.  Other than military forces, the Eickhorn Solingen products are supplied to NATO- countries (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) also with a NATO stock number (NSN) that ensures full traceability of the products. Some of the products are official self-defense and combat knives of the world’s leading armed forces such as German armed force.


Expect Knives and Tools with Quality Construction



Solingen is known as the “City of Blades’ and home to Eickhorn Solingen. Standing true to the name, every Eickhorn product features a sturdy construction made from the finest quality material like Damascus steel, aluminum, stainless steel, reinforced nylon, and titanium. The knives are designed by famous and experienced knife designers such as Dietmar Pohl and Markus Balbach. Eickhorn Solingen products represent the genius of designs and a perfect blend of modernity and authenticity that makes these knives a reliable investment.


Well-Researched and Tested Product Catalogue

The brand manufactures a brief range of product series that caters to police, security, military, and rescue units.


Eickhorn Solingen Fixed Blade Knives: The series offers a wide range of fixed blade knives, mini daggers, field knives, and machetes. These heavy-duty knives are crafted using the finest quality Damascus steel. Most of these knives feature G-10 / reinforced nylon handles with integrated finger guard and thumb ridge. Some of these knives are also available in a bead blast to finish single piece construction.


Eickhorn Solingen Linerlock Pocket:The liner lock knife collection features distinctive and robust looking knives. The series offers a wide range of knives with different blade design such as a drop-point blade, spear point blade, tanto blade, and Pohl-one. The knives feature pocket clip, belt cutter, integrated glass breaker, and thumb ridge.


Eickhorn Bellator Series Knives: Bellator Knives are hard-handled knives with a fixed blade made from gray finish Bohler N695 steel. These knives are available with extended, textured G-10 handle, integrated finger guard and thumb ridge to give comfortable and tight grip to the user. The knives are available with Tek- Lok black Kydex sheath.


Eickhorn EPK-III Series Knives: It offers a wide collection of liner lock folding knives with satin finish, tanto point blades made from stainless steel. These everyday carry knives are available in the sturdy aluminum handle with lanyard hole and thumb lug to provide ease of draw to the user. The major highlight of these knives is the side spring located on the sharp edge of the blade.


Eickhorn GEK Series Knives: This extensive range of fixed blade knives feature black finish 55Si7 spring steel blades with grooved G-10 handles. The knives are available with integrated finger guard, lanyard hole and thumb ridge for easy transportation/ carrier of the sharp-edged knives. Most of these knives have a drop- point blade that can be used for different outdoor tasks.


Eickhorn GTK Series Knives: The cutting-edge knives are highly innovative and feature a robust construction. These ergonomically designed knives have Bohler N695 stainless steel with skeletonized G-10 handles that provide a slip-proof grip to the users.     


Eickhorn Knife Cleaning, Oiling, and Polishing Accessories: This knife oiling, cleaning, and polishing accessories include different multi-tools. The kit contains diamond polishing stone, medic wash, satin polishing pads, and oil pen. The tools protect knives and other products from corrosion and stains. Most of these polishing stone contains a monocrystalline diamond powder that helps to remove stains effectively.


Eickhorn Para 2 Series KnivesThe standard edged knives feature bead blast finish drop-point blades made from the finest quality stainless steel. Some of these neck knives have distinctive looking one-piece construction with no difference between blades and handles. Fixed blade knives are perfect for cutting, piercing and chopping jobs.


Eickhorn Rescue Series Knives: The collection includes both folding and fixed blade knives that are perfect to perform a variety of tasks. The pocket folding knives feature a loner lock mechanism that offers a single-hand operation to the user. Most of the fixed blade knives have partially serrated blades with seat belt cutter, windshield saw, and glass breaker.


Eickhorn Secutor Series Knives: These ergonomically designed knives feature Bohler N695 steel blade along with gray finished G-10 aluminum handles. These pocket folding knives feature liner lock mechanism that offers a single-hand operation to the user.


Eickhorn Solingen Eagle Knife Series: The Eagle Knife series offers both folding as well as fixed blade knives. Most of these fixed blade knives have wharncliffe blade made from anti-reflective stainless steel. The ergonomically designed knives feature the finest quality slip resistant eaglewood that offers a sturdy and tight handle grip to the user.


Eickhorn Solingen EDC Every Day Carry Knife Series: The series offers a range of fixed and folding blade knives with Bohler N695 steel blade. The knives are exclusively designed with aluminum handles along with thumb studs and pocket clip. Some of the liner lock folding knives are available in foam line metal storage tin that offers great ergonomic feels.


Eickhorn Solingen Expedition Knife Series: The Expedition knife seriesoffer fixed blade knives for low-profile work. Most of these black fixed blade knives feature drop -point blades ideal for cutting, piercing and slicing jobs. The handle construction is done using high-quality skeletonized G-10 material.


Eickhorn Solingen Knife Sharpeners: This series features a collection of diamond polishing pads to sharp knives and to remove stains and lime residues. The sharpening tools provide easy and hassle-free tool sharpening that lasts for a longer time. Some of the polishing stones are used to recondition dental, surgical and medical instruments.


Eickhorn Solingen Pohl Knife Series: The range is designed by famous knife designer Dietmar Pohl. The assortment offers liner lock folding knives and fixed blade knives manufactured from the high-grade blade and handles material. The blade construction is done using N695 stainless steel that performs a variety of tasks with ease and comfort. 


Eickhorn Solingen Provocator Knife Series: The series offers a wide assortment of liner lock knives with drop point blade made from high-quality stainless steel. Most of these knives feature black anodized blade along with black texturized handles. The knives feature thumb ridge and push spring bar for easy and comfortable use. 


Eickhorn Solingen Saws: The heavy-duty Solingen Saws are precisely designed to perfection in Germany. The Solingen Saws work effectively on any object as they are manufactured by experienced craftsmen using tough and durable material.


Eickhorn Wolverine Series Knives: It offers fixed blade knives made from the premium quality K110 tool steel. These mini dagger style knives feature a black finished standard edge and ABS material handles that offers a slip-proof, comfortable and tight grip to the user. 


Eickhorn Folding Pocket Knives: These pocket, folding knives are great for everyday carry purpose. These multipurpose pocket knives are available with a different locking mechanism to assist the operators. Most of this everyday carry knives feature liner lock mechanism that offers a single-hand operation to the user. 


Warranty Policy

Eickhorn Solingen has a policy of return and replacement of the ordered product if it is found defective. The company provides a limited lifetime warranty to products against any manufacturing and workmanship defect. Due to unavailability or limited availability of parts some products cannot be repaired by the company, in such cases that product is replaced with the similar or best possible alternative. As per instructions, Eickhorn Solingen products should not be used as or with a hammer, screwdrivers, pry bars and chisels.


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