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Reate Knives, Inc. is listed as one of the most trusted names in the knife and tool-making industry, which has carved a niche in the international market with the introduction of high-performance knives. Knife enthusiast and the founder of Reate Knives, David Deng with a background in mechanical design along with manufacturing, has made it possible to establish the brand with his dedication and commitment over the years. His skills and perseverance and the time he has invested to build the brand have brought some of his finest work. Reate Knives, Inc. grew by leaps and bounds with the manufacturing of exceptionally great products, adhering to high-quality standards. With sheer dedication and hard work, Reate knives strive to innovate immensely and bring forth tactical knives that exude quality. Reate Knives is indeed a one-stop shop for all your production, along with the customized knife manufacturing needs.


Factors The Makes Reate Knives Stand Out From Others!

Reate Knives, Inc. is Original Equipment Manufacturing Company and efficiently offers research and development services as well. Reate Knives has a deep understanding of professional knives to deliver optimum quality every time. The founder of the brand, David Deng strives for fineness and detailed perfection in all knife series produced at the company. Use of best professional production equipment including custom hand finishing work, wire EDM precision cutting, laser engraving, milling operations, CNC high-speed engraving machines, CNC grinding, low-temperature tempering furnaces, and many more, contribute to the production of exceptional knives. The high-quality blade steel and materials are purchased from the U.S.A, Germany, and Japan. This makes the knives completely reliable and durable. The material used for the production includes Bohler M390, S30V, S35VN, VG10, S90V, RWL34, and Damascus, while the handle material includes Carbon Fiber, Titanium 6AL4V, G10, Copper, Wood, Aluminum, and other natural materials.



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Reate Folding Pocket Knives: The knives in this series are manufactured using premium-grade materials that are specifically for professional knife users and collectors across the world. The use of sturdy material induces commendable strength to the knives to penetrate exceptionally well. The blades are born tough and glide perfectly through most surfaces. The handles are wide enough to offer a commendable and secure grip in demanding situations.


Exploring The Wide Range of Reate Knives by Their Product Series

Reate Baby Machine Knife SeriesBaby Machine Knives are the finest=quality pocket knives with great ergonomic design. These knives are perfectly designed and feature a stonewash finished Titanium handle to offer commendable grip in most demanding situations. The blades are born tough and have ultra-sharp edges made with the highest quality Damascus stainless steel. These knives have a lanyard hole at the bottom of the handle that offers convenience to the user.

Reate T2500 Knife Series: The knives in this series boasts robust construction and features sturdy blades that are made with Bohler M390 stainless material. The use of this material ensures optimum performance and survives the toughest strokes too. It also features a bead blast finish titanium handle, carbon fiber inlay, satin and stonewash finish, and pocket clip too.

Reate T3000 Knife Series: The T3000 series includes the finest range of knives that are manufactured using Bohler M390 stainless blade, which makes the blades survive the toughest strokes and extreme pressure too. These knives have a satin finish that makes the blades safe from unwanted scratches. Not only this, these knives have a bead blast finish titanium handle that is wide enough to fit in the palms easily and have micarta inlay as well.

Reate Epoch Knife Series: The foldable pocket knives in this series are well-designed and constructed using satin-finished stainless steel. The use of flawless quality raw material boosts durability and enhances performance. The handles are made of stonewash finished titanium material, while the hidden lanyard hole, multi-row ceramic ball bearing system are a few of the added features that make these knives perfect to be used in tactical situations. Reate eliminates spring action on the blade for the smooth operation of the knives. The drop point sharp blades are suitable to be used in most demanding tasks. It is suitable for camping, hunting, and traveling.

Reate Fallout Knife Series: Designed and constructed using stonewash finished stainless steel; the knives in this series have standard blade edges that are compressed with handles along with the stainless-steel rivets. The ergonomic shape of the knives is constructed from titanium that boosts durability and helps to perform exceptionally well in most demanding situations. The handles are perfectly designed and offer a comfortable, strong grip.

Reate T4000 Knife Series: These are the finest quality and functional knives that are designed and manufactured using satin finish Bohler M390 stainless blade, which adds to the strength and overall structural stability as well. T4000 knives boast a titanium handle that is complemented by the micarta inlay, and pocket clip too. A synthetic zippered storage case is also provided along to carry safely anywhere.

Reate Wave Knife Series: Another range of knives that are included in the Wave Knife Series, is Wave Flipper knives that are specifically manufactured using stonewashed blade and titanium handles along with the milled titanium inlays. These are folder knives from Reate Knives that are also built along with the Horizon and Torrent models but include few of the improved techniques and manufacturing methods. These wave knives have point blades that are made with Bohler M390 super steel and have a sharpening choil boasting a stonewashed finish too. The sturdy and beautifully 3D machined 6AL4V titanium handles adds to the functionality and makes them look unique too.

Reate Horizon Knife Series: These are everyday carry tactical knives designed and manufactured with a multi-ball bearing system for an easy and smooth operation. The blades are born tough and can withstand high compression and distortion. These are anodizing patterned knives manufactured using Damascus steel blades for exceptional performance in most situations.

Reate Augustus Knife Series: In addition to the already existing range of knives, these are the Augustus Framelock knives that are manufactured using satin finish Bohler M390 stainless material with a modified tanto blade. These knives are designed with bead blast to finish titanium handles complemented by the micarta inlay.

Reate Coyote Knife Series: This series includes knives that are specifically made to withstand commendable force and extreme pressure in most challenging situations. These are the Coyote Framelock knives that are made with Bohler M390 stainless clip point blade and have a satin finish too. These knives have a bead blast finish titanium handle along with the wave carbon fiber inlay too.

Reate K1 Knife Series: The K1 knives are inspired by the Steelcraft collection of Todd Begg. The corrosion-resistant Bohler M390 and Damascus stainless blade construction offer commendable strength and the ability to penetrate flawlessly through most of the surfaces. These knives have a pointed tip along with the deep hollow grind that gives maximum sharpness.

Reate K2 Knife Series: The K2 knife series have Japanese-style tanto blades that are specifically manufactured using polished satin-finished stainless steel for optimum performance and durability. These are lightweight knives that offer a comfortable grip in most demanding situations. One of the defining features includes the tip to butt straight bend knives with replaceable lock bars.

Reate K3 Knife SeriesThese are tactical flipper knives made with rust-proof Damascus steel for optimum performance and durability. The handles are specifically manufactured and designed using titanium material, while some of them have mokuti inlay that enhances the ergonomic feature of these knives. The provision of the pocket clip, replaceable lock bar, and lanyard holes are a few of the defining features of these knives. 

Reate K4 Knife Series: This knife series features the drop-pointed tip blade with buffed satin finish and is suitable to be used in tactical situations. The Bohler or Damascus steel construction in many of the knives is suitable for tactical situations. While some of the knives have stainless-steel construction as per the requirement. The lightweight and smooth handles provide a comfortable grip every time.

Reate Crossroads Knife Series: This series includes the finest grade and durable range of Crossroads knives that are specifically made using Bohler M390 steel blade that adds to the functionality and makes the knives survive through most of the toughest strokes and pressures too. These knives are a perfect example of elegance and heavy-duty EDC performance in challenging situations. These knives boast titanium handles and offer optimum grip too. 

Reate New Torrent Knife Series: The knives in this series are manufactured using Damascus steel RWL-34 stainless steel with a satin finish. These are the knives with great flipping actions, while the handlebars are made up of bead blast finished titanium. Many knives from the series have an extended tang with a pocket clip; this makes the knives user-friendly and highly durable as well.

Reate Valhalla Knife Series: The frame lock knives in this series feature a flipper action that gives ease of functionality and super-smooth functions. The knives have hollow grind handles with the stonewash finished made of titanium, which offers a comfortable grip in most demanding situations. These knives are perfect for hunting professionals, campers, fishermen, and collectors.

Reate Future Knife Series: With a sharp plain edge, the Future knives series offer excellent performance with its ergonomic features that are inspired by the Tashi Bharucha knife collection. The flipper knives in this series have blades that are made with different materials including partial marbled carbon fiber, DLC coated, partial carbon fiber, and Damascus steel too. The knives have titanium and have mokuti inlay handles, adding to the aesthetics and functionality too. The outdoor folding pocket knives have textured handles, stainless pocket clips, lanyard slots, dual thumb studs, framelock or pledge locking mechanisms.

Reate Jack Knife Series: The knives in the Jack series are specifically manufactured and designed to survive extreme pressure and distortion. The blades are made using Bohler M390 stainless blade that has the ability to withstand commendable force and distortion too, perfect for different difficult tasks. These knives have a hand-rubbed satin finish titanium handle complemented by the carbon fiber inlay, thumb stud, and pocket clip. These knives are provided with a synthetic zippered storage case for easy carrying anywhere.


Reate Knives Product Warranty Information

Reate Knives offer a complete warranty on the products. Though all the products are warranted to be free of manufacturing and designing defects; but in case, any kind of defect is found in the material or an assembly line, then that product will be replaced or repaired with the same item or equivalent. Repair and replacement will be done after complete inspection by the quality members of the team and then the further procedure will be done.


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