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SlimCut Cutlery

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SlimCut cutlery has a collections of knives and kitchen accessories. SlimCut is a pro utility knife which is hand packaged and comes with one blade. It is a small knife that folds easily and can be carried in a purse or pocket. SlimCut Cutlery aims at delivering greater customer service, and quality products. There are various kinds of products manufactured by SlimCut Cutlery.


Understanding the Niche of SlimCut Cutlery

SlimCut Cutlery contains different types of products like 1950 Utility Knife LED which includes black polycarbonate, plastic body with keyring. They are manufactured for a long-lasting use. The niche also comprises 1948 Pro Utility Knife, which features rust resistant stainless-steel construction, Frost Cutlery and Knives, Sawmill Cutlery, Cattleman’s Cutlery, Kizer Cutlery and Yamahida Cutlery. SlimCut Cutlery offers finest quality products and most of them are produced in China. Equipped with latest feature like LED light, these knives-cum-keyring are versatile in use, allowing you to store various keys at one place and showing you path in dark. They can also be used if you stuck in life-threatening situations. If you are planning to go on hunting, camping or hiking, the products of SlimCut Cutleries will ensure safety and ease your journey.


High Quality Products at Knife Country!

Knife Country is a US based online retailer which offers great quality knives, outdoor accessories like camping gear, folding pocket knives, security equipment, fixed blade knives and survival gear. We manufacture knives for bikers, campers, hunters, trekkers and display collectors. Our products are durable and help you in danger situation. Our mission is to deliver best product according to the needs of the customers. At Knife Country, you can expect durable products at competitive prices.

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