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Timor Straight Razor Knives

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More and more young people are discovering the original art of shaving. One must remember, practice makes perfect; but all the practice in the world is no use without a quality tool in your hand.  Giesen & Forsthoff of Solingen Germany are one of very few manufacturers, supplying open razors made by hand, with fine materials for their grips – for daily use, as collector’s pieces or for gifts.


Timor Straight Razor Knives: A Little More About the Brand

Timor Straight Razor has been among the most influential names for revolutionizing the art of blade making since 1920.  The company is referred for handcrafting various masterpieces in the term of blades as well as handles. A Timor Knife can be availed with carbon steel or stainless steel blades and various handle variations such as wood, metal, horn or acryl. Because of their eye-catching appearance and razor-sharp performance, Timor Knives are widely used in salons and by professionals.


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