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Bark River Knives is a leading cutting tools manufacturing company located in Escanaba, Michigan. This family-owned business was started in 2001 by Mike Steward and Lesley Steward. Bark River Knives ensures that the customer gets maximum satisfaction by delivering the finest-quality knives and cutting tools, Bark River has a specialization in designing and supplying kitchen knives, field knives and survival knives. Bark River Knives offers a brief product catalogue that effectively works in different fields and tasks. The company uses a combination of traditional and modern manufacturing techniques along with state-of-the-art technology to create one-of-a-kind cutting tools. Bark River believes in creating the best custom and semi-custom knives.


Know More About the Bark River Knives Family: Mike and Lesley Stewarts had years-long experience and knowledge about knife making and the different varieties available in the domain. Their son, Jim, and daughter Jacquelyn play a very important part in the company and its growth. Jim excels in the knowledge of edge geometry and steel types which helped the makers get a better outlook of the material and the design. Jacquelyn works effectively to market and distributes the products worldwide.


Get to Know Bark River and Get the Answers to your Questions

Bark River Knives offers a range of survival knives, everyday carry knives, cutting tools, and tactical knives for hikers, hunters, campers, collectors, collectors, and professionals. The most recommended survival knives and self-defense knives by Bark River are Aurora Knives, Fox River Knives. Bark River provides a vast range of material choices when it comes to blades and handles. From stainless steel knives that respond better to corrosive factors to tool steel knives that ensure high edge retention and resists deformation to CPM knives (Crucible Particle Metallurgy) that boast excellent resilience, Bark River knives are built to last long. The knife handles are available in a range of material choices such as stag bones, canvas micarta, antlers, and cocobolo wood, which is the major highlight of the Bark River Knives. Most of the Bark River knives include lanyard holes which can be used for attaching a tether (essentially based on choice, not mandatory) for purely decorative or functional reasons. When it comes to the edge of the knives, there are many options such as convex grind knives which can be sharpened from time to time for enhanced performance.


Bark River Knives Product Categories

Bark River Fixed Blade Knife: Most of the Bark River fixed blades knives feature natural canvas micarta handles that offer a fool-proof grip. They are designed with lanyard holes for added safety and convenience. The category includes a satin finish fixed steel blade knives that boast outstanding resistance against corrosive factors and are ideal for slicing and cutting thick materials. Most of these steel blades come with a leather belt sheath for safe and hassle-free storage.


Bark River Knives by Handle Material: From superior-grade natural wood, burl wood, canvas micarta to ivory, stag bone, antlers, and G-10, Bark River Knives are available in a plethora of material options to serve varied needs. For wet and damp work conditions, you can choose micarta handles featuring laminated phenolic resin composition for a slip-proof and comfortable grip. The category Antique Natural Knife, Blaze Orange G-10, Mil-Spec Camo-10, and Stacked Leather Knifes are high on aesthetics as well as functionality.


Bark River Machetes: Ideal for light chopping tasks, the Bark River Machetes knives can be used for cutting off branches as you make your way through the jungle or for removing dense foliage in your gardens. These blades combine a tough and lightweight design, making them suitable for cold and wet circumstances as well. The ergonomic handle with lanyard holes helps in achieving a foolproof and safe grip.


Bark River Bark River Adventurer Knife: This category consists of all-rounder knives suitable for hunting, camping chores as well as low-profile tasks. Most of these feature satin finish steel or Elmax steel blade which is great for commercial use including fishing and hiking chores. Depending upon the models, you will find knives with canvas micarta handles that provide a comfortable grip.


Bark River Gameskeeper Knife: Exclusively designed for large game quartering and dressing, Bark River Gamerkeeper knives give optimum control for finer work. These knives are a wonderful choice for camping chores and kets you effortlessly cut and carve wood. Boasting a space-conscious design, the Gamekeeper knives are easy to store and carry on a belt, ideal for campers, hikers, and hunters.



All you need to know about Bark River Knife Series


Bark River Ansgar Knife Series: Consists of Scandinavian-Nordic style knives which are suitable for outdoor jobs such as general wood tasks, camping or hiking activities. A concoction of classical Puuko Style blade and a contemporary belt knife design, Bark River Ansgar series knives are designed to complete varied cutting jobs. The series includes satin finish blades that are capable of resisting general wear, excelling in a range of outdoor tasks.


Bark River Aurora Knife Series: Comprises of truly versatile knives for a comfortable grip, no matter how you hold them. The reverse grip knives are popular among bushcraft enthusiasts, suitable for advanced cutting techniques as well as general use. The knife series includes all-rounder blades with lanyard holes and touch handles, which can be used for a range of stashing, slicing and cutting jobs.


Bark River Bowie Knife Series: The Bowie knives feature shorter handles, and longer blades with a satin finish that makes them suitable for a range of activities such as bush crafting, fishing and hiking activities. Most of them have full tang construction, aluminum pommel and nickel silver bolster that ensures prolonged performance and high rigidity.


Bark River Bravo Knife Series: From everyday carry knives, mini daggers to machetes and kitchen knives, Bark River Bravo Knife Series is very popular among hunters, survival enthusiasts, soldiers as well as bushcraft enthusiasts. Depending on the series, you will find different types of steel blades and handles. You can choose from a range of handle materials such as antique ivory, canvas wood as per the requirement.


Bark River Brokk Knife Series: The knives of this series are reputed for outstanding edge retention and high resilience. Most of the knives feature canvas micarta handle that feels comfortable in hand, providing a secure grip. Depending on the model, blades are paired with brass bolster for functional as well as aesthetic reasons.


Bark River City Knife Series: It includes satin finish Elmax steel blade knifes with micarta handles which are ideal for completing various stabbing and cutting jobs. Most of the knives in this series feature slightly long handles when compared with the blade, which lets you achieve a positive and secure grip. Depending on the model, many of these knives include lanyard holes that can assist in added flexibility of use.


Bark River Classic Knife Series: It features extremely sharp drop point knives that offer a precise cut every time. The knife in this series is highly preferred by hunters for pursuing various field jobs. Ideal for piercing and cutting, the Bark River Classic knife series is all about the timeless classic flair and precision cuts. Most of the knives in this series are ergonomically shaped to fit most handles, providing a positive grip.


Bark River Drop Point Hunter Knife Series: Some of the most stylish classic drop-point knives by Bark River are included in this series. They are an improved version of full convex blades, a fantastic choice for general cutting tasks, field dressing, and outdoor jobs. Most of the knives in this series are made with super steel that exhibits exceptional resilience against normal abrasive factors, ensuring lasting use.


Bark River Fingerling Knife Series: Comprises of small fixed blade knives featuring trailing point blade and sweeping curved edge that offers most of the benefits of the skinning knife. Most of the knives in the Bark River Fingerling series features micarta handles that provide a sure grip even in wet conditions, enhancing operator comfort. Depending on the model, these knives are supplied with a fine leather sheath for worry-free transportation.


Bark River Fox River Knife Series: Most of the knives in this series are designed to facilitate easy field dressing. An amazing companion for hunters, this full-size field knife is also suitable for various general-purpose tasks. Depending on the model, the knives in this series feature a slightly tilted handle and optimum blade length that enables fast handling of various tasks like bushcraft and more.


Bark River Gunny Knife Series: The knives in this series are a scaled-down version of Bravo I, engineered to be equally resilient, rugged and useful in general-purpose tasks, survival cases and outdoor chores. Bark River Gunny knives are popular among special forces as well as civilians, suitable for hiking, hunting as well as camping.


Bark River Kalahari Camp Knife Series: Designed to meet the requirements of hunting tasks, outdoor chores, the Bark River Kalahari Knife series is known for its exceptional strength and sharpness. Most of the knives of this series can be other for survival adventures or camping as well. These large outdoor knives with extended blades feature a convex grind and canvas micarta handles, that feels comfortable in hand.


Bark River Necker Knife Series: Most of the knives in this series are ideal for general fieldwork and everyday carry. Based on the models, you will find durable stainless steel blades combines with ivory canvas micarta handles. Some of the Bark River Necker Series knives come with a premium leather sheath with magnetic retention for safe and worry-free neck carry.


Bark River Ringtail Knife Series: The knives in this series are like modern versions of trout knives boasting a slim design, which makes them perfect for everyday carry around your neck or belt as well as an amazing addition to your kit. Equipped with full tang stainless steel, the Bark River ringtail knives can undertake any general hunting or camping chore. These knives with micarta scales feel secure in hand whilst the ringtail offers a choice of various grip positions, making them suitable for woodcarving or use as a trout knife.


Bark River Skelton Occipital Knife Series: The knives in this series are designed to fit well in most situations. Bark River Skelton Occipital Series consists of fixed blade knives with a deep belly which is great for skinning. Depending on the model, these knives are made up of CPM-154 steel which is capable of longer edge retention. The compact design, and included leather sheath, makes these fixed blade knives suitable for everyday carry.


Bark River STS 7.5 Knife Series: These robust, large, all-rounder knives are counted among the most versatile, which can be used in hunting, survival situations and bushcraft. Many of the models in the series include a finger groove that makes them suitable for detailed tasks as well. These knives are razor-sharp, featuring a convex grind. The knives in this series are made up of the finest stainless steel which is reputed for edge holding..


Warranted Against Defects

Bark River Knives believes in providing the best quality products to the customers. The products are free of any manufacturing defect in terms of material and workmanship. The Bark River Knives will replace or repair the new item in case of a defect. However, the Bark River Knives is not responsible to replace the tools in case of normal wear and misuse. This is to be noted that Bark River Knives products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars or screwdrivers. The repair department will analyze the damage in such a situation and charge reasonable fees for the repairs.


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