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The Legacy Continued with T-Reign

The parent company, KEY-BAK was established with a view to present exceptional grade retractable outdoor products that included the much-adorned Self-Retracting Key Reel. The foundation stone was laid by the professionals, who worked diligently towards presenting durable outdoor products to meet the ever-evolving demands of the adventure enthusiasts, hikers, mountaineers, and fishermen. KEY-BAK used state-of-the-art manufacturing machines and the latest technology to make sure that the products are dependable and offer optimum performance every time. The technology used for the products initially is used for the manufacturing of numerous other products. 


T-Reign is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and is listed as one of the most trusted brands offering premium grade retractable outdoor products. The company is established in Ontario, California; T-Reign takes inspiration from the real-life experiences of their own employees. Staffed by diligent team members; the products are completely inspired by the real-life experiences of team members who are joggers, hikers, campers, fishermen, and bikers. T-Reign meticulously combines their experience to build high-performance products with the use of latest technology. The product range includes the ProCase Electronics Protective Case, ProHolster Electronics Protective Holster, Fishing Tools, and Accessories Retractable Gear Tethers, Hunting Tools and Accessories, and many more.


Wide Range of High-Performance Retractable Outdoor Products


T-Reign Extra Large Heavy-Duty Retractable Gear Teather: Manufactured using the high-grade foliage polycarbonate case for extreme durability; the innovative locking system is designed to take the tension off the line with the desired length of the gear tethered. These are often used to keep the small things near and within reach that makes them ready to use instantly. Use of stainless 360-degree utility clip can be used with range finder, flashlights, multi-tools, binoculars, tools and other optics. Gear Teathers are often used to keep the tools secure while on duty.


T-Reign Fishing Zinger Multi-Tools:These are multi-tools with extremely high retraction force; the manufacturing includes the use of premium quality stainless material for overall durability and strength. The products are suitable to be used under high compression and distortion. Stainless nipper, eye hook cleaner, knot-tying tool, and double-sided file are few of the defining feature of these tools. Belt clip attachment offers excellent grip and the products are offered in hang packed for easy usage.


T-Reign Gear Tethers:These products are manufactured using the high-grade polycarbonate case that makes them survive under high compression. The outer housing of the Gear Tethers is impact and weather resistant and works best in any environmental condition. These tethers with high retraction force and smooth operation are to be used with the rangefinders or other electronic devices. Disconnect-gear attachment clip of the tethers works quickly in all situations. These are useful for the security of electronics, tools, and a variety of other items.


T-Reign Integrated Carabiners: Integrated Carabiners are primarily designed for the adventure enthusiast, military personnel and globetrotters. The Integrated Carabiner with ABS Construction and excellent retraction force survive under high distortion and compression. The products are rust and weatherproof and have a rapid disconnecting attachment for easy use. Use of certified material offers outstanding performance in most of the demanding situations.


T-Reign Large Heavy-Duty Retractable Gear Teather: The Retractable Gear has an optimum foliage polycarbonate case that boosts durability and performance. The locking system takes off the tension from the line with the desired length. The stainless 360-degree utility clip is suitable for hunting. The heavy-duty Retractable Gear Teather is meant to be used with range finder, flashlights, binoculars, tools, other optics, multi-tools, and keeps them safe within reach.


T-Reign Medium Heavy-Duty Retractable Gear Teather: These Gear Tethers have exceptional retractable force that works best in demanding situation. It is widely used as an innovative locking system, which is constructed using the robust foliage polycarbonate case, offers quick and smooth extension with excellent breaking strength. Many of the gear tethers have spring loaded attachment clip that keeps the tools, electronics, and gear protected, safe and secure in one place. The internal mechanism keeps the tension off the line, this helps to keep your gear tethered to desired length. The nylon loop strap allows FOR easy attachment. These Gear Tethers are specifically designed to be used with multi-tools, range finder, binoculars, and flashlights.


T-Reign Small Heavy-Duty Retractable Gear Teather: Catering to the demands of professional hunters, globetrotters and adventure enthusiasts, across the world; the small heavy-duty retractable gear tether is designed using premium quality polycarbonate case that offers extreme safety and security in any of the rugged environment. High retraction force, spring loaded attachment clip, excellent cord length with smooth extension and breaking strength are some of the defining features. The retractable gear teather is broadly used with the range finder, flashlights, binoculars, and other optics.


Warranty Information

T-Reign products are warranted to be completely free from any kind of manufacturing or designing defects. The retractable outdoor products are manufactured and designed with the utmost precision. If in a rare case, any of the products are found to be defected then complete inspection will be done by the quality analyst. The inspection will be carried out by the concerned team member at the company to ensure the exact cause. The product will be sent to the quality department and after approval, it will be sent for repair or replacement. The products are not intended to be used as chisels, hammers, pry bars, or screwdrivers; this can hamper the quality and degrade the performance of the product.


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