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Simba Tec Razolution Straight Razors

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Active in the market for over decades, the parent of Razolution– Simbatec has its roots in cutlery-production sector since 1911. The company builds its products from the scratch to ensure maximum satisfaction. The manufacturer aims to establish a good mix of experience and innovation to offer new and exceptional products. Hence, the company presents a line of premium products- Bulltec, Lensolux, Razolution, Simbatec, and Stahlkrone.


Simbatec is recognized for its single-action Simbatec Revolver. The cutlery section of this company is widely appreciated by the knife enthusiasts. The manufacturer created its first button-lock in early 80s. This folding knife ensures easy opening and closure of tools.


Mapping the Most Popular Brands by Simbatec


Simbatec has managed to evolve its own line of brands. These brands are as follows

Simbatec: The brand Simbatec the company offers Body Safes, Card Cutlery, Automatic feeders, and many other innovative products.


Lensolux: The brand was found in 2005 and since then it stands for high-quality range of optics. Be it hunting, sports, or leisure, you will find right products that will meet your expectations. The brand is continuously improving the quality of the products for maximum satisfaction. The brand aims to help you reach the unreached.

Razolution:Razolution is a brand that stands for innovative products that are widely used by barbers and hairdressers. The product portfolio includes razors, shaving brush, strop and innovative safety razors.


Stahlkrone: The brand stands for high-quality cutlery that is made in Solingen. The brand offers scissors with special sided coating. With this coating the scissors are sharpened and has a longer life. The brand offers precision for lifetime.


Bulltec: This brand is the trademark of Simbatec under which the manufacturer offers security products like safety gloves, pepper spray and stun gun. Through its products, the brand aims to ensure self-protection, safety, and protection.


Understanding the Products of Razolution


Razolution 4 Edge Safety Razor Series: The series includes double-bladed razor with flex handle made of silicone. These razors are designed for an unparallel shaving experience. The razor features 3-piece metal razor head with matte/chrome finish, 2 or 1 inexpensive standard blades. The razor ensures smooth and clean shave by ideal initial and final cut, good foam and cut hair removal.


Razolution Exchangeable Blade: The series includes razors for changeable blades with characteristics of both straight razor and safety razor at the same time. In application, the razors can be handled like a straight razor, while re-sharpening is as easy as a safety razor. This one-way blade razor has hygienic advantages which is why these razors are used by hairdressers and barbers. These razors come complete with two plastic holders in red and black for 45 mm and 65 mm razor blades.


Razolution Shaving Blades-Brushes-Bowls: The series include shaving set that includes shaving brush, 10 pieces of blades, and one shaving bowl. The shaving brush has fine silver tip with odorless synthetic fiber without animal hair. The razor blades are ice-hardened and made of stainless steel. Expect the blades to be packed in a practical dispenser. The shaving bowl is made using stainless steel and is brush finished.


Razolution Shaving Systems: Razolution Shaving System includes state-of-art technology razors with replaceable Gillette Mach3 – blade holder with 3 blades and distinctive handles- Zebra wood, Stainless, Black Chrome finish stainless, and chrome finish stainless. Expect razors with unique designs like twin-top butterfly.


Razolution Straight Razors: The series includes razors made of high-grade carbon steel in the traditional way. Razolution offers traditional shaving with newly designed razors. The carbon steel is forged and tempered, ensuring a long-lasting optimal service. These straight razors are sharpened to a certain level after cleaning and oiling. These razors are right for the modern men.




Razolution by Simba Tec are free from any defects in terms of material and workmanship. In case of any manufacturing defects, the manufacturer will replace or repair the knives. However, the manufacturer does not warrant against normal wear or misuse. It is to note that these razors are meant to be used for shaving purpose only and are not meant to be used as pry bars, hammers, chisels, or screwdrivers. In case of damage or misuse, the manufacturer shall charge reasonable fees for repair services.


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