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Fremont Knives is an American company that manufactures heavy-duty knives, axes, and hatchets. The company was named after Fremont County a U.S. state of Wyoming with an aim to provide robust and hard-handled products to the customers. The brand caters to outdoor professionals, survivalists, bush crafters, travelers and campers and the designing team makes sure to develop products which are well-researched and are practically designed.


The Fremont Knives products are developed in different manufacturing units established in the United States and China. Some of the tools and accessories by Fremont Knives are designed by famous custom knife designer, Mike Draper to provide high-performance quality tools to the customers at unparalleled prices. The company has employed expert and experienced craftsmen/knife makers to manufacture knives and other tools without compromising on the quality and functionality.


Offers Practically Designed Product Range

The company offers multi-functional tools and accessories that can perform a variety of tasks associated with camping, hunting, traveling, and outdoor expedition. The Fremont Blade Hatchets can perform various tasks easily such as bush crafting, cutting heavy-duty woods, and field dressing. Most of the fixed blade knives offer by the company have single-piece construction along with integrated pommel and finger choil for maximum comfort and tight grip. Fremont Knives have picked experienced suppliers in China to manufacture and sell the best designed Farson line of Axes.


Expect Sturdy Construction with High-Grade Material

The company provides affordable yet long performing knives to people who are looking for functional and hard-handled knives. The brand manufactures knives, hatchets, and axes that can easily withstand extreme weather conditions and everyday handling abuse. The axes feature heavy-duty titanium nitride coated high quality 1095 carbon steel blade that adds to strength and durability of the axe. The fixed blade knives feature premium quality stainless high carbon steel along with G-10 handle and nylon sheath.


Offers A Visually Distinctive Product Catalogue 

Fremont Blades offers a distinctive looking inventory that caters to survivalists, hikers, campers, travelers and outdoor professionals. The company provides lightweight and easy to use axes, knives, mini daggers and machetes that perform exceedingly well in extreme outdoor conditions.


Fremont Blades Axes: The series offers heavy-duty and hard-handled Farson axes that are highly functional and durable. Most of these skeletonized head Farson axes feature single-piece titanium nitride coated high quality 1095 carbon steel blade. These hatches are available in paracord wrapped handles and thumb ridge to offer maximum comfort and convenience to the user. These sharp, cutting-edge axes are available with a nylon sheath for easy and safe storage and transportation.


Fremont Blades Fixed Blade Knives: Fixed blade knife series offers a wide range of tactical knives that can perform a variety of tasks associated with the outdoor expedition, camping, hiking, and hunting. Most of these every day carry knives have the finest quality stainless steel, extra sharp drop point blade ideal for piercing, cutting and slicing jobs. Some of these knives are available in single-piece construction done using 4Cr15 stainless steel. These knives also feature lanyard holes, thumb ridge, nylon sheath, integrated pommel, and finger guards. 

Fremont Blades Linerlock Pocket 
: The Fremont Blades Linerlock pocket knife series provides a wide range of compact yet highly functional pocket knives. These everyday carry knives feature a liner lock mechanism that offers a single-hand operation to the operator. Most of these knives have the finest quality 4CR15 stainless steel blade construction.


Fremont Blades Axes & Hatchets:It is one of the best-selling series of Fremont Blades as the hatchets offered in this collection is designed with sturdy material with great precision using advanced technology. These hatches feature a fixed blade made from the premium quality high carbon steel. The tools can be used as a knife and axe to perform a variety of tasks like skinning bones, building shelter, and cutting woods.


Warranty Information

Fremont Knives provides a limited lifetime warranty against any defects in the material and manufacturing of the product. The company is taking the responsibility to repair any defected product or to replace it with the new item. Fremont Knives cannot repair some of the products due to limited availability or unavailability of the parts and other related items of the defected product. In such situations, the company will replace the product with the closest matched product or alternative. As per the company’s rules, if the item is misused or mishandled by the user it will not be replaced or repaired. The hand-tools and knives should not be used as or with hammers, pry bars, screwdrivers or chisels.


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