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Recognized for its reliable and durable knives, Combative Edge Knives manufactures highly functional knives that are tested and are widely used to offer training to law enforcement personnel, military and civilian alike. The manufacturer continuously works to learn, innovate and improve the products for a better COMBATIVE EDGE. The brand is the one-stop for those looking for tactical-grade products and training solutions. These products are tested in empty-hand combative training sessions. These knives are widely preferred by law enforcement personnel, military personnel, trekkers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. The manufacturer provides maximum customer satisfaction through its innovative products.


Purpose-Driven Knives by Combative Edge


Combative Edge designs and manufactures purpose-driven tactical products. The brand is dedicated to offer meaningful and value-driven pocket knives. The company believes in creating compelling and realistic designs for the functional knives they offer. Discussed below are some of the best-sellers by the brand:


Salus: Salus is one of the most sought-after knives. Manufactured by Combative Edge, the knife stands apart from other knives for its unique design. Crafted by Fox Knives for Combative Edge, the knife is beautifully designed and are value-driven. They feature stainless-steel blade with full tang construction. Lightweight, the knives are practical and can be used for tactical and survival applications.


The Rebel: The rebel is the second fixed blade knife design by the manufacturer. The knife has a moderately slim built and light weight and can be used for long duration. The handles boast lightly raised diamond pattern texture and exposed breaker pommel with lanyard hole.


M1 Serrated: This is a folding pocket knife that caters to all your cutting needs. The knife features stainless-steel clip point blade and titanium-finish handle.


Karambit: The Karambit is designed by Rob Walker and Colin Despins. The knife by Combative Edge is more functional and boast a universal blade design. The ergonomic design offers both forward and reverse grip.


 S11 Serrated: The folding pocket knife by Combative Edge features a partially serrated blades constructed from Cobalt Vanadium Steel. The blades have thumb studs and thumb ridge. The black textured G-10 handle in the front and Titanium frame on the back makes it easy to hold the knife.


Diving into the Knife Series by Combative Edge


The following series offer a better glimpse of the knives by the manufacturer. Explore the series for their designs and the level of functionality:


Combative Edge Fixed Blade Knives: The fixed blade knives inventory includes well-designed knives that are ideal for hunting, trekking, camping, and rock-climbing. These knives are strong and do not break easily. They can serve typical applications like digging, cutting, hammering, and splitting. The knives are available in edge dragger blades, replicator fixed blades, titanium coated blades, and skinner blades. These fixed blade knives feature a thumb ridge, finger guard and lanyard hole with a pommel.


Combative Edge Framelock PocketThe Framelock knives are appreciated for their strength and thickness. They use their handles to create the frame and the lock. The clip blades are constructed using stainless steel. The knives feature an extended tang and smooth titanium handle. The blade is in the inner liner and can be released using pressure on the frame. These knives are easy to carry in the pocket and ideal for everyday use.


Combative Edge Linerlock Pocket: This series was originated in 1980’s by Michael Walker. The knives feature a unique locking mechanism that is specially designed for outdoorsmen. These knives include side-spring lock that can be easily opened and closed using one hand. They feature stainless-steel clips and dual thumb studs for precise cutting. These knives are ideal for everyday use and outdoor activities like hunting, trekking, camping, and rock-climbing.


Combative Edge Folding Pocket Knives: The series includes knives with unique locking mechanisms— framelock and linerlock. The knives have stainless-steel clip blades that offer precise cutting. The handles are made using titanium.


Combative Edge Knives M1 Series: The series features an array of framelock knives constructed from stainless steel and have opening standard edge drop point blades with dual thumb studs, thumb ridge, and an extended tang. The knives have titanium finished handles with a lanyard hole. The knives are strong, durable, and versatile. These knives are widely used for hunting, trekking, camping, hiking, and rock-climbing.


Combative Edge Knives X9 Series: The series includes EDC tactical knives. These knives have dual thumb studs and bronze anodized finish titanium handles. The knives boast framelock mechanism that are strong, durable and versatile. The blades are crafted using corrosion resistant stainless-steel and feature standard edge. The knives are ideal for hunting, trekking, camping, and rock-climbing.



The knives by Combative Edge are free from manufacturing defects. In case of any manufacturing defects, the manufacturer will replace or repair the knives. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of the parts. In such a situation, Combative Edge Knives will provide you with the currently manufactured item that closely matches the item sent for repair. However, the manufacturer does not warrant against normal wear or misuse. It is to note that these knives are not meant to be used as pry bars, hammers, chisels, or screwdrivers. In case of damage or misuse, the manufacturer shall charge reasonable fees for repair services.


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