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Silky Saws

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Silky Saws is a reputed name for making the finest cutlery steels in Ono, Japan. Silky has been the foremost choice for steel saws since the early 1900s. Using the most innovative technology, Silky Saws have created newer benchmarks of high quality and impressive endurance at the most genuine rates.


Know Your Brand: Silky Saws

Silky Saws feature impulse-hardened steel blades, which enable am impressive performance throughout the service life. They have harder and more long-lasting edges as compared to other contemporary saw blades. With an ideal tensile strength, this Silky Saw stands out as the perfect blend of flexibility and hardness.  


Impulse Hardening: Making Silky Saws Exclusive

Here is a little brief about the impulse hardening process of steel blades. The teeth are hardened using high-frequency heating technique. The teeth of the blade are constantly heated and then, hardened immediately. Rest of the blade remains untouched as well as flexible. This whole process makes the Silky blades three times harder than an ordinary blade.

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