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Silky Saws

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Silky Saws



Manufactured in Ono Japan, Silky Saws homes the finest cutlery made using steel. Designing and engineering fine wood cutting saws since early 1900’s, the brand continues to raise bar for quality, endurance, and cutting efficiency that none can match. The brand has been leading in the industry in terms of both design and innovation. The saws by the brand are distributed in the USA and Central America by Sherrill, Inc.


The History

When saws were first invented, mankind took a great stride forward. However, not many changes were made in the design, not until 1919. Mr. Katsuji Miyawaki utilized his artisan spirit to create and produce the “TAMAKITSUNE” the original brand of Silky. He put his heart and soul in developing superior design saws. In 1970, the invention of the automatic saw setting machine brought in a significant revolution in the development of saws.


Using the machine, Silky created and patented a proprietary saw setting process in 1980. The “4-RESTUME” and the “MIRAIME2” saws were developed using this technology. In 1985, both “GOMATRO” and the “GOMBOY” were introduced and featured the first rubber clad handle. The design was awarded the coveted Japanese Good-Design prize and created an uproar in the industry. The “GOMBOY” has become the industry standard for building folding saws.


Even today, Silky Saws continues to dominate the market with its epoch-making designs. The company is currently headed by Uichi Miyawaki who inherited the company because of his mind, wisdom and entrepreneurial spirit and the passion to continue creating the best saws possible.


Silky Saws – The Result of Advanced Technology

The saws are designed and manufactured to the highest-quality standards currently available. The SILKY Saws boast laser-cut, impulse hardened blades for exceptional performance and longevity. Designed using the unique alloy steel, the saws exhibit harder and long-lasting edge, exceptional tensile strength and offers ideal combination of hardness and flexibility.


The process uses a special high frequency heating technique to heat and instantly harden the saws’ teeth. This localized heating process only hardens the teeth of the blade while the remaining blade remains unchanged and flexible. The hardened teeth are harder than the ordinary file and remain sharp for three times longer than non-hardened teeth.


Expect the saws to have rubber compound elastomer handles that are either inserted or vulcanized to ABS plastic or steel are comfortable to hold, reduce vibration, and other superior grip when the hands are wet or cold and when wearing gloves. These handles reduce fatigue and provide additional safety factor.


The Product Series

Silky Saws Axes: Silky Saws is recognized for plethora of axes, machetes, or hatchets that are suitable for cutting and chopping tasks. These axes boast stainless-steel blade that is corrosion-resistant and works well while chopping wood and handling any survival situation. The rubber grip handles ensure secure grip with absorbing impact of the strike and reducing the stress to the user. These axes are perfect for chopping wood, filleting, hunting and many other purposes.


Silky Saws Fixed Blade Knives: The series is recognized for an array of fixed blade knives that can be used for different applications- filleting, combating and hunting. These knives are marketed for their strength and durability. Expect the knives to have tooth-edge which allows smoother, easier and faster cutting performance. The non-slip handles ensure secure grip and reduce the stress on the hand while pruning woods, trimming the tree branches.


Silky Saws Axes & Hatchets: Explore the series for axes and hatchets options. The gear is advertised for rubber handles that ensure non-slip grip for extreme outdoor tasks. They have sharp-edge blades that ensure effective cuts.


Silky Saws Big Boy Series: The series includes folding saws that have large cutting capacity, extended reach, and longer strokes, enabling faster cutting. These saws are suitable for cutting trunks and can be used for construction projects as well. The saws flaunt thick and strong aluminum handles and longer blades which make them perfect for cutting larger trunks to down to size. The taper ground, chrome plated, and curved Japanese blade is rust-resistant. 


Silky Saws F-180 Folding Saw Series: Silky Saws F-180 Folding Saw Series include saws perfect for pruning task and outdoor projects. The lightweight yet strong saw features large teeth on a 7in. blade. The saws lock in two different angle positions allow you to cut through green wood branches and small firewood. Constructed from a lightweight, fiberglass polypropylene with a rubber insert, the saws have comfortable and secure grip. The tool is handy and can be easily kept in pockets, glove compartment, or tool box.


Silky Saws Gomboy Series: The series includes products that are made using refined Japanese technology that fits in a myriad of applications. The saws in the series boast blades that are precisely ground, have impulse-hardened teeth and non-slip handle that offers ultimate performance. These saws suitable to be used for construction, woodwork, camping, and performing regular yard work.


Silky Saws GOMTARO Pistol Grip Series: Silky Saws GOMTARO Pistol Grip series include modern, lightweight, pistol-grip, straight blade saws. These saws are ideal for pruning the trees, or for commercial arborist, pruning, orchardist or ranger. The blades are rust-resistant, hard chrome-plated, taper-ground, with razor sharp teeth that feature four cutting angles. These saws have non-slip cushioned comfortable rubber handle. The saws come complete with black polypropylene sheaths that also feature detachable belt clip. The knob on the sheaths keeps the saws from falling.


Silky Saws Katanaboy Series: The Katanaboy Series includes two-handed folding saws that are constructed from superior quality steel. These saws can be used for a range of activities – mincing meat, cutting firewood, trimming, pruning and more. Preferred by hikers, backpackers, and hunters, the saws have taper-ground blades and non-slip rubberized or aluminum grip.


Silky Saws Machetes: Explore the series for Machetes with black Genki rubber grip handle for secure grip. The machetes boast double beveled SKS-51 stainless steel blade that makes it easy to perform heavy-duty tasks.


Silky Saws NATAl Series: These saws are a cross between knife and axe. Constructed from SKS-51 steel and special Genki rubber grip, the saws absorb the shock very well. These saws are available in two versions- single ground, for chopping off small branches, debarking trees, and layering hedges; double ground for splitting wood. They come complete with black hard ABS plastic sheath with gold aluminum trim and detachable belt holder.


Silky Saws Ono Professional Series: includes small and compact tools that help you clear trails and cut small timber for evening fire. These pieces of Japanese craftsmanship work as great outdoor tools specifically for activities like camping, hiking, and trekking. The ONO quality tools can be part of your regular camping tools for a long time. They come complete with custom-fitted carrying cases with a matching hole-hanger.


Silky Saws Pocketboy Series: The series comprises of compact and lightweight folding saws. The pocket-fit saws offer extraordinary cutting capacity and require less space in pockets and backpacks. These sleek saws exhibit rust-resistant, hard chrome-plated, taper-ground blade with a non-set tooth design for efficient cutting. The blade locks securely into one of two open positions and helps in smooth cutting.


Silky Saws SUGOI Pistol Grip Series: offers the best-selling, artistic, professional handsaws with razor sharp blade and ultra-fast cutting, mono-constructed blades. The curved blade enhances the cutting speed with less effort. The saws feature large and comfortable sure-grip handle that gives strength and flexibility to the saws. The aggressive tooth pattern makes the saws of this category ideal for pruning large limbs. They feature hard chrome-plated, taper-ground curved blade with non-set tooth design. The saws have custom, high-visibility, yellow-plastic scabbard that can be attached to the belt or lower leg. The exceptional designs, strength, balance, and superior finish quality makes them the ideal choice to prune trees.  


Silky Saws SUPER ACCEL 21 Series: includes a varied range of folding saws that are particularly designed for aggressive cutting needs. Crafted from Silky MIRAI-ME (Smooth Cutting) technology, these saws have precise ground and razor-sharp blade with four cutting angles along its length. The saws feature comfortable, rubberized aluminum, pistol-grip handle for easy grasp especially on the pull-stroke where greater cutting force is required. One of the finest saws in the market, SUPER ACCEL series is extremely popular amongst arborists and gardeners around the world.


Silky Saws Ultra Accel Folding Saw Series: includes saws built with sturdy yet lightweight aluminum chassis. The saws have curved blades that feature easy-grip rubberized handle ensuring comfortable grip. The cutting efficiency of the saws is smooth. These handsaws are popular amongst the arborists and gardeners.


Silky Saws Zubat Series: The series includes a wide range of professional saws that are used specifically for pruning services. Preferred by gardeners and tree companies, these heavy-duty saws boast mono-constructed blade which provides great cutting speed with less effort and a pistol grip that helps in making precise cuts. The saws ensure that cutting and pruning is not a strenuous task. The saws flaunt a unique dual roller system on scabbard and have unmatched locking mechanism.



Silky Saws products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship. The brand offers genuine quality knives that can be replaced or repaired in case of any defect. Though the products are abrasion-resistant, it is advised to not use these knives as hammers, chisels, pry bars or screwdrivers. These knives are not warranted against misuse and wear and tear. It is also advised to proceed with submitting the warranty claim to the manufacturer.


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