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Al Mar Knives: Precision Craftsmanship and Timeless Design


Al Mar Knives is a Japanese-American knife-making company known for its precision craftsmanship and innovative design. Founded in 1979 by Al Mar, a veteran of the U.S. Special Forces, the brand has become synonymous with top-quality knives that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


What sets Al Mar Knives apart is their attention to detail. Each knife is crafted using the finest materials, such as VG-10 stainless steel, titanium, and G10 fiberglass, and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure durability and reliability. The brand's signature Falcon™ and Ultralight™ models, in particular, have gained a reputation for being some of the best folding knives on the market.


Al Mar Knives' commitment to excellence has earned them numerous awards and accolades over the years, including recognition from the American Knife & Tool Institute and the International Blade Show.


Knife Country USA is proud to offer a wide range of Al Mar Knives to our customers. From classic designs to modern innovations, we have a knife for every need and preference. Our extensive selection, competitive pricing, and top-notch customer service make us the perfect shopping destination for all your Al Mar Knife needs.


Resolving Your Doubts on Al Mar Knives Products so You can Buy with Assurance

Al Mar Knives are designed using the ancient sword-making methods that result in remarkably strong knives which can perform well in the field, surpassing all expectations. Al Mar Knives are known to be produced in Japan. The brand largely caters to law enforcement personnel, military, police as well as knife enthusiast. Most of the Al Mar Knives feature a flat-ground blade which that boasts high strength and cannot be deformed easily. Some of the most recommended Al Mar Knives often include - Al Mar Falcon Knives, Al Mar SERE Knives, Al Mar Eagle Knives, Al Mar Fixed Blade Knives, Al Mar Hawk Knives, and Al Mar Stinger Keyring Knives. The brand inventory largely comprises tactical knives, survival knives, and EDC knives.  A majority of the knives feature satin finish D2 tool steel blades which are known for outstanding resistance against abrasive factors. The handle construction differs with each knife model, commonly G-10, jigged bone, mother of pearl, and titanium materials are used. Most of the knives feature pocket clips, which makes them easy to store and carry. From low-profile tasks, everyday chores to carrying out heavy-duty tasks and performing well in challenging situations, Al Mar Knives are a great choice for knife enthusiasts, hunters, survivalists, hobbyists, and outdoorsy people.


Explore Al Mar Knives Product Categories


Al Mar Folding Pocket Knives: The collection covers an assortment of folding knives featuring razor-sharp blades composed of AUS-8 stainless. These knives are designed to hold the edge better, offering reliable performance. The handle construction differs depending on the model. Choose from brushed stainless handles, G-10 handles, jigged bone handles and titanium handles. Some of Al Mar folding pocket knives feature talon blades which are suitable for cutting, slicing, and piercing, whilst others include drop point blades which are great for piecing and puncturing.


Al Mar Fixed Blade Knives: Comprise an array of compactly-sized fixed blade knives, designed for discreet carry. These knives are highly preferred by survival experts, law enforcement personnel, EDC users, and outdoorsy people due to their compact yet durable structure. Featuring a satin finish stainless blade that is resistant to corrosion, these knives can perform a range of tasks with precision. Al Mar fixed blade knives are also a great choice for carvers, sculpting artists, and travelers. Based on the model, these knives are paired with a polymer handle featuring a TPR overmold that feels great in the hand. These keyring knives are suitable for neck carry as well.


Al Mar Lockback Pocket Knives: The category largely caters to EDC users, trekkers, campers, and hikers. These lockback folding knives can be easily maneuvered and carried along. Equipped with AUS-8 stainless drop point blades, Al Mar lockback knives offer remarkable performance. These knives can be used for general cutting tasks such as slicing fruits, cutting ropes, skinning a game, or performing other field chores. Al Mar lockback pocket knives are available in different handle construction such as mother of pearl handle, jigged bone handle, cocobolo wood, to name a few, catering to the dynamic demands of knife users.


All You Need To Know About Al Mar Knives Product Series


Al Mar Knives Eagle Series: The series covers a range of folding pocket knives featuring a lockback mechanism that allows for smooth opening and closing of the blade. A majority of these knives come equipped with false edge AUS-8 stainless blades which are suitable for slicing, butchering, gutting as well as general cutting chores. Most of the knives feature stainless bolsters, thumb studs, and lanyard holes. Al Mar Eagle Series knives incorporate jigged bone handles that feel great in the hand, offering a non-slip grip.


Al Mar Knives Falcon Series: Combining style and functionality, Al Mar Falcon Series knives make for a great choice for hunters, hikers, campers, and fishermen. These knives are praised for their tough build and dependable performance. A majority of these knives sports ultra-sharp satin finish AUS-8 stainless talon blades that don't bend easily and boast exemplary resistance against rust. Idea; for EDC carry as well as outdoor adventures, these folding knives are available in different handle construction such as jigged bone and more. These knives come with a storage case that assists in safe carry.


Al Mar Knives Hawk Series: Consists of ergonomically designed folding knives, designed to serve the demands of hunters, campers, mountaineers, and adventure enthusiasts. These knives can assist the user in the most demanding situations, allowing smooth opening and closing of the blade. Their tough jigged bone handles provide a sure grip, allowing the user to maintain better control. The pointed talon blades can be used for detailed tasks such as carving, sculpting, piercing, puncturing, and more. Most of the Al Mar Hawk Series knives feature stainless bolsters that enhance the overall strength of the knives whilst adding to their minimalistic appeal. Based on the model, these pocket knives feature a lockback mechanism that allows for single-hand operation.


Al Mar Knives Osprey Series: The series covers a myriad of classic folding knives featuring easy-grip handles composed of brushed stainless, cocobolo wood, or mother of pearl material. A majority of these knives incorporate talon or drop point blades which are capable of carrying out a variety of tasks. These knives feature AUS-8 stainless blades that exhibit high resistance against abrasive factors, offering exemplary durability. Most Al Mar Osprey knives come with a leather pouch that helps in extending the life span of the knife, protecting them from normal wear and scuffs. These folding knives feature a keyring hole for safe carry.


Al Mar Knives SERE 2000 Series: These knives are counted among the most iconic blades by the brand which were designed in collaboration with Colonel Nick Rowe for US Army School – SERE. These knives are field-tested for exemplary performance, known for their design and construction efficacy. A majority of these knives feature satin finish 8Cr13MoV stainless blades that offer precise cutting performance and textured FRN handles that can endure high compression and offers a non-slip grip. Most of the Al Mar SERE 2000 knives feature linerlock assisted opening mechanism that allows secure opening and closure of the blade.


Al Mar Stinger Keyring Knife Series: Comprises a collection of keyring knives, suitable for trekkers, travelers, hikers, campers, survival experts as well as EDC users. These knives are praised for their amazingly tough-built and compact size. Equipped with satin finish D2 tool steel blades, these knives can perform a range of cutting tasks and can withstand tough outdoor conditions. Based on the model, these fixed blade knives are available in polymer handles featuring TPR over mold that offer a sure grip.


Warranted Against Defects

Al Mar Knives believes in providing the best quality products to the customers. The products are free of any manufacturing defect in terms of material and workmanship. The brand will replace or repair the new item in case of a defect. However, the brand is not responsible to replace the tools in case of normal wear and misuse. This is to be noted that Al Mar Knives products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. The repair department will analyze the damage in such a situation and charge reasonable fees for the repairs.


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Knife Country USA is your one-stop destination for all the cutlery and utility knives needs. A family-run business based in the USA, Knife Country homes an array of survival gear products and kitchenware. Look for products from the leading brands in the USA including Al Mar Knives, one of our best-selling brands. We offer high-end keyring knives, outdoor lifestyle products, tactical knives, folding pocket knives, hunting knives, and more. Our customer services include a convenient shopping experience backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

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