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Otis Cleaning Systems

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In the world of gun aficionados, gun cleaning is definitely a scared art. To ensure the hassle-free functioning of your gun, Otis is the name to look upon. The Otis Gun Cleaning system follows a unique Breech-to-Muzzle® methodology. Keeping the fact that pushing of muzzle back gums the trigger and lowers its efficiency.  Founded in the year 1985, Otis Technology has recently opened the R&D Center for Excellence for evolvement of the product line. 


Two Types of Premium Offerings:


1. Otis Premium Bore Cleanser

Otis Premium Bore Cleanser is a user-friendly cleaning solution for guns and pistols. It easily seeps through the gun components, lubricate and then, leave a coating al over. This coating ensures proper functioning of the gun and its wooden or plastic components. 


2. O12 Cleaners

USDA BioPreferred® O12 Cleaners is another gun cleaning solution used by professional shooters, gun keepers and museum owners. This solution works magically on all types of metal surfaces. With no harsh smell, this gun cleaner is environment-friendly too! 


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