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Enzo Knives, with the name Brisa of Finland, was incepted in 1996 in Jakobstad. This small enterprise had expertise in making knives and other goods such as steels, blades, woods, horn, leather, etc. Tracing the design and structure, it surfaces that EnZo Knives were quite similar to Nordic Knives. Overtime, Enzo Knives grew popular for designing different types of blades, fixed, and folders.


Know Your Brand: Enzo Knives Usage

EnZo knives are crafted to meet the varying and ever-growing needs of professional hunters, outdoorsmen, campers, collectors, and survivalists. Rugged in appearance, Enzo Knives are light in weight and boast of the perfect blade geometry. This is why Enzo Knives are considered a benchmark in this niche. They can take upon various activities, ranging from cutting logs to opening a tin can!


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We are an established online brand, focused on survival and outdoor utilities and accessories, including Survival Gears. To ensure you get the best deals, we procure our increasing range of EnZo Knives like the:

  • EnZo Trapper O1
  • EnZo Camper 125
  • Enzo Satin Finish
  • Enzo 2 5/8" Satin Finish CPMS30V Stainless Blade with Carbon Fiber Handles
  • Enzo Birk 75 Curly Birch
  • Model PK70 Slip Joint Folder Knife

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