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EnZo Knives are known in the marketplace for its expertise in manufacturing heavy-duty, practically designed knives and tools. The company was incorporated in 1996 in Jakobstad, Finland. Earlier the company run under the name of Brisa of Finland and grew popular for manufacturing different blades, knives, fire starters, and Ferro rods. The company operates with the aim of providing products at competitive prices while maintaining the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.


The brand largely caters to outdoorsmen, knife collectors, survivalists, professional hunters, campers and outdoor travelers. EnZo Knives are rugged in appearance, light in weight and highly functional considering their perfectly designed structure. The company uses advanced technology and traditional knife making practices to ensure manufacturing of quality products.


Expect Great Ergonomic Designs

EnZo Knives offer great cutting performance with their tested designs, versatility and rugged durability. The company manufactures hard-handled knives that performs both commercial, heavy-duty tasks as well as low-profile jobs easily and quickly. The folding knife series offered by the company features greatly functional, everyday knives with liner lock or lock back locking mechanism to offer single-hand and ease of operation to the user. Similarly, fixed blade knives are available with pocket clip, thumb ridge, and lanyards to offer convenience and comfort to the customers.


Manufactured Using Premium Quality Material 

Every EnZo product is manufactured with great precision and dedication in Finland to assure quality and long performance life. The material used in manufacturing the drop, clip, tanto blade includes high carbon steel, Sandvik Steel, stainless steel and cobalt vanadium steel. The handle construction is the major highlight of the company as it is done using robust material such as G-10, curly birch, canvas micarta, and carbon fiber. The sheaths and lanyards offered along with these products are also made from the finest quality material like leather, deer antlers and nylon.


Expect Hard-Handled, Practically Designed Product Catalog

EnZo Knives products are manufactured to meet the growing demands and needs of professional hunters, outdoorsmen, campers, collectors, and survivalists. The tools and accessories are produced to perform a variety of commercial/heavy duty as well as low-profile tasks.


EnZo Fixed Blade Knives: The series offers practically designed fixed blade knives that are perfect to perform a variety of tasks. Most of these knives feature Sandvik 12C27 stainless made drop point blades with exceptional cutting and chopping qualities. The series provides sturdy handles made from different material like canvas micarta, curly birch, and Elmax. These fixed blade knives are available with brown leather belt sheath for safe storage and easy accessibility to draw the knives in emergency situations.


EnZo Linerlock Pocket Knives: The Linerlock pocket knives have compact designs, durable construction, and a sturdy structure. Linerlock mechanism offers an easy opening/closing of knives with single hand operation. These folding knives effectively perform both commercials as well as low-profile, household tasks easily with their drop/clip-point blades and sturdy handle construction. Most of these folding knives feature high-quality carbon fiber handle that offers a comfortable and tight grip to the operator.


EnZo Lockback Pocket Knives: This series feature sleek and slim, lockback spine mechanism, pocket knives with sharp drop-point blades made from cobalt vanadium steel blade with dual thumb studs and nail nick. The lockback knives have contoured micarta handles with reversible pocket clip, lanyard hole, and integrated finger guard. The EDC knives are available with a nylon belt sheath and a snap closure that helps prevent the knives from daily abuse.


EnZo Folding Knives: The series feature ergonomically designed pocket, folding knives in different shapes and blade types. Most of these knives feature a drop-point blade with liner lock or lockback locking system. The folding knife series offers great durability and features knives which are greatly functional. The handle construction is the major highlight of these knives as they are made using material like carbon fiber, G-10, and micarta.


Enzo Traditional Pocket Knives:  The traditional pocket knives work great as utility knives because of their sturdy construction. Most of these knives feature stainless steel drop/clip point blade with pocket clip. These traditional knives have a folding mechanism which is designed to fold and store the blade within the handle. The handle material includes carbon fiber, black G-10, and canvas micarta.


EnZo Bobtail 80 Series Knives: The Bobtail Knives feature fixed blades made from the finest quality stainless Swedish Sandvik steel.  The sharp edge knives have a scandi grind edge with high-grade brass rivets. The handle construction is done using materials like curly birch, Bison Yute micarta, and Mustard Yute micarta. Most of these knives are available with dark brown leather and reindeer antler lanyard for easy carrier and storage.  


EnZo Nessmuk 125 Series Knives: Nessmuk Knives are hard handled and designed to withstand everyday abuse and extreme weather conditions. The curved tanto blade knives are made from the finest quality 80crv2 carbon steel. Most of the handles are manufactured using curly birch material to offer a comfortable and tight grip to the user.


EnZo Birk 75 Series Knives: Enzo Birk 75 Series Knives include a wide range of pocket knives with liner lock and side-spring lock mechanism. The easy locking mechanism offers a single hand operation to the user without repositioning the knife repeatedly. These knives are available with a pocket clip that ensures easy carry during the outdoor expedition. To provide stronghold and maximum comfort, these knives are available in micarta and carbon fiber handle material.


EnZo Fire Starters - Ferro Rods: The series offers water-resistant fire starters to light instant fire in rugged and risky terrains. These tested and well-researched fire starters and Ferro rods are ideal for burning fire for cooking, lighting woods and signaling for help while stuck in difficult, life-threatening situations.  Some of these tools are available in water-resistant cases for easy and safe storage.


EnZo Necker 70 Series Knives: The range offers extremely lightweight and durable fixed blade knives with long/extended handles. The series offers drop point blades ideal for cutting, piercing and chopping jobs. These fixed blade knives are usually longer in length and work faster in comparison to other knives under tactical situations. Every knife in this series is available with a high-grade leather sheath which keeps the knives safe in extreme conditions.


EnZo Piili 85 Series Knives: It consists of folding knives with liner lock locking system. The liner lock knives offer a single-hand operation to the user without repositioning the knife in the hand. With their minimalistic design, these knives perform every task easily and quickly. These folding knives adjust easily into the pockets and are exceptionally easy to use for tactical applications. 


EnZo Trapper Knives: The series offers reliable and highly durable trapper folding knives manufactured in Finland. Most of these knives feature high-grade stainless drop point blade. The handle construction is the major highlight of the collection. The slip-proof handles are manufactured from carbon fiber, curly birch, canvas micarta, and black G-10.


Warranty Policy of EnZo Knives

EnZo Knives offers a limited lifetime warranty on its products. Every knife or cutting tool manufactured by the company is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. EnZo Knives will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any product that is defective. Some of the products cannot be repaired due to the limited availability of parts. In such a case, the brand will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair. EnZo Knives does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. The products are intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers.


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