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Linder Knives

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Linder Knives

For most knife historians, Carl Wilhelm Linder was the founder of Linder Knives. However, some questions remain, as this information is yet to attain absolute clarity. The Solingen City Archive seconds about Carl being the owner of Linder Knives. Located in Bech (Germany), Linder Knives was merely a small workshop. In 1903, after the demise of Carl Wilhelm Linder, this workshop was moved to Weyerstr. Nr. 63. Following a series of changes, Linder Knives still continues to grow by leaps and bound. 


Know Your Brand: Linder Knives


Linder occupies a position of prominence in terms of historical significance of premium knives and contemporary cutlery designs. The survival of this brand, especially during the two World Wars (1918 - 1948) has probably lent great relevance to this brand as a provider of survival gears like flashlights, compass and scissors. Besides knives, lots of knifing accessories like sharpeners, sheaths, pouches, etc., completes the catalogue of Linda Knives.


Linder Bowie Knives: The series includes fixed blade combat knives that are recognized for its vintage appearance. Popular among the knife enthusiasts and collectors, these knives are available in stainless steel blade. The knives are best survival gear and provide a strong grip for cutting and combating. The Bowie knives are perfect for hunting, hiking, camping, and trekking.


Linder Fixed Blade Knives:  These Linder knives are worthy to be used for digging, cutting, and many more tasks; many of these knives are manufactured using 420 stainless steel blades. The strength of these blades is commendable and withstands high compression and pressure. The handles come in a variety of material and offer functionality that is superior and provides optimum protection to excessive wear and tear.


Linder Machetes: The machetes in this series have broad blades that are used in combat like a short sword or axe. It is used for agricultural purposes and to cut through rainforest undergrowth in many tropical and subtropical countries. The use of full tang blade offers the user more leverage for making a tough cut and added durability. The machetes have curved blade design and feature a nylon easy-open sheath with three press buttons for easy carrying and storage.


Linder Knives Classic Series: This series features knives that are manufactured using carbon steel. The blades have the ability to withstand high compression and survive even after the roughest uses. Classic knives have one-piece round design genuine stag or brown wood handles offering a secure and firm grip. The polish finishing of the knives blade complements the knife and looks classic.


Linder Knives Compact Series: The Compact series consists of lightweight hunter knives with stainless blades and stag handles. These knives are perfect for outdoor activities and have safety features such as stainless guard and pommel and leather belt sheath.


Linder Knives Crocodile Hunter Series: This collection offers high-quality and durable fixed blade knives that are also such an attractive knife they are often used as a collectible. The handles on these knives come in one-piece round design genuine stag with stainless guard and aluminum pommel for an easy grip. The knives come with C60 carbon steel blade construction that ensures durability. These knives are available with a leather sheath that can be attached to the belt for ease of draw to the operator.


Linder Knives Dagger Series: The series offers modern and sharp twin edged knives perfect for thrusting and stabbing jobs. These Daggers are manufactured in Germany and have 440 stainless blades. The Daggers have white perlex or round design genuine stag handles which provides safety and easy grip to the user. For safe storage and carry, the Daggers are available with belt sheath.


Linder Knives Forester Series: This series is specially designed to cater hunters as these knives offer sharpness, strength, and durability. The blades have 440 stainless steel construction with integral finger guard. These authentic knives are great for cutting and piercing objects and works equally well as a self-defense tool in confrontational situations.


Linder Knives Forstnicker Series: The series includes the high-performance knives that are designed using superior quality 420 stainless steel. The full tang Forstnicker is ideal for hunting and camping as it has durable blades that are corrosion resistant. The genuine stag handles of the knives are comfortable enough to be used for a long duration.


Linder Knives Goucho Series: These knives feature satin finish 420 stainless steel blades and wood and bone, rosewood and rubber wood, rosewood and bone handles. The knives lightweight construction makes it easy to transport and accompany leather belt sheaths for convenient carry.


Linder Knives Herold Series: The Leather Strops by Herold Solingen generally have pre-sharpening surface on reverse side, and fine sharpening surface on front side. These strops have a long life and they always serve the purpose. The honing surface is made of a special Russian cowhide, well-known for its hard-wearing surface and elasticity—making for ideal conditions for sharpening your blades.


Linder Knives Hunter Series: The series covers a wide range of lightweight hunting fixed blade knives. The Hunter is perfect for field dressing and with their full tang 440 stainless steel construction you can be certain about the knife’s resilience. The knives are compact and can easily fit in the hand. These knives are designed to handle tough and precise skinning tasks.


Linder Knives Jagdnicker Series: The knives of this product series signify a sense of adventure and are suitable for outdoor adventurers, hikers and explorers. The fixed blade knives are manufactured to cater the demands of hunters, fishing pros and collectors. The knives have unique genuine stag handles. The blades are constructed using 440A stainless steel which is corrosion-resistant and denotes strength. These knives are perfect for cutting, skinning, and carving related tasks.


Linder Knives Mark Series: The Mark Knife Series includes high-performance knives with excellent means for field work. These knives are constructed with 440C stainless steel blade and genuine stag round design handles with stainless finger guard and pommel with lanyard hole. These well-built knives offer many uses for outdoorsman as well as an alluring collector item.


Linder Knives Oktoberfest Series: Oktoberfest series includes fixed blade knives are designed for multiple purposes. The knives are ideal for hunting, survival, combat, and more. The fixed blades are manufactured using stainless steel blades and unique stag handles with standing elk hand carved into it.


Linder Knives Pathfinder Series: Pathfinder Knife Series features the premium quality knives that are meant to be used by the hunters, trekkers, and survival experts. These knives have drop-forged 440A stainless full tang construction. The checkered black metal handles with polished metal finger guard and bolster pommel offers excellent hold without much straining the hands. 


Linder Knives Powderit Series: This series includes premium grade knives designed and manufactured for the hunting, or everyday carry purposes. These knives are made using high-quality Bohler M390 stainless material with satin finish coating. The blades are resistant to rust, survive in toughest situations.


Linder Knives Rambler Series: This series of knives is equipped with 440A stainless steel blade, featuring a standard edge, ensuring strength for heavy-duty tasks. The handles are made from black or camo coated metal with black checkered plastic inserts, providing firm grip to prevent accidental injuries. These knives are intended to meet the requirements of a knife collector.


Linder Knives Razolution Series: The series includes razors made of high-grade carbon steel in the traditional way. Razolution offers traditional shaving with newly designed razors. The carbon steel is forged and tempered, ensuring a long-lasting optimal service. These straight razors are sharpened to a certain level after cleaning and oiling and come in a variety of fun and vibrant handle styles. These razors are right for the modern men.


Linder Knives Rehwappen Series: The knives in this series are manufactured using premium-grade C67 carbon steel edge that is complemented by satin finish. The blades are sturdy enough to withstand extreme compression. Even after repeated use, the knives perform commendably well, while the penetrating ability is flawless. These knives feature wood handles along with a brass guard and full tang construction. This Rehwappen Knife collection is ideal for superior cutting performance.


Linder Knives Scout Series: These heavy-duty professional tools offer strong edges and optimum performance. The knives are designed to give maximum control of the blade for complicated work. Fixed blade construction with a full tang blade makes it easy for the tough cut.


Linder Knives Strop Paste: Linder manufactures Stagenpaste and Tubenpaste–paste for razor strops that help in keeping it in perfect condition, for a longer time. Razor Pastes are best for strop leather care. These pastes ensure that the strop always remains flexible and smooth. This series of strop paste comes in both solid and paste variety.


Linder Knives Super Edge 3 Series: The collection includes vac and ice tempered stainless steel blade knives for everyday use. These knives have a sturdy construction with rigid sharp-edged blades. Super Edge 3 knives feature an open top leather belt sheath and lanyard hole which offers the easy operation and carry to the user. The knives are available in the handle material textured Kraton rubber.


Linder Knives Traveller Series: The Traveller Knife is a collection of the perfectly sharpened blades that are sturdy enough to survive the multiple roughest uses and strokes in the most demanding situations. The knives are designed to offer commendable performance in the heavy-duty tasks while on a trek or hike. The blades are accompanied by the ergonomically designed stag handles that offer exceptional strength and secure grip for most of the demanding situations. The perfect designing of the knives imparts a classic look.


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