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Tin signs are the old-time adverts for Hollywood classics to sports legends reproduced on cold, beautiful metal signs. The vintage tin signs are the epitome of American pop art and in true sense, the pure American classics. Reproductions of vintage tin signs are striking decor accents for any home or office. These signs have a sort of creative exquisiteness that adds character to any place they are displayed in.


There are many collectible tin signs available to choose from which honor the cultural landmarks. Knife Country’s massive Tin Signs assortment includes famous brand signs—Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Chevrolet automobiles; Celebrities and Cultural signs– Elvis Presley tins, Gone with the wind tins, Cartoon tins, The Hulk, Marilyn Monroe, Superman, Lucy, Spider-man tins and sports tins. The signs have a decoration potential that makes them a conversation piece, and an aesthetic investment for a living or work space.


These signs are designed to create smiles and as a reminiscence of old gold times. These signs make for perfect decorative pieces and gift items. Offering amusing pop art on sustainable tin metal, these collectible signs are like the longstanding furnishings that never go out of fashion and style.


The History

The history of advertising signs encompasses into ancient times. The illustrations of early advertising can still be seen today– as on the wall paintings of shops in Pompeii. The artworks in the ancient paintings show bakery goods and bakers distributing the produce. The trade tools were later hung outside blacksmiths’ and shoemakers’ shops. In 18th century, the painted wooden signs in different shapes were displayed to identify the name of the vendor and the goods. Brush strokes indicate Classic hand-painted signs along with brush strokes and streaking made true classic signs and this classic signage became a good indicator for business.


The original signs were made of ‘tin’ and were used to advertise everything from drinks to household appliances to key genres. But with the expanse of steel industry, the indoor/outdoor advertising signs were made in steel. The steel industry was flourishing at a great rate and it became a reasonable option for mass-produced signage. At the onset of World War II, the production of metal sign got banned since it was needed for the war effort. During the war and technology advancement, plastics and vinyl and other synthetic materials which were more durable replaced tin signs.


However, tin signs have returned as a prevalent choice today for collectors, aficionados looking for a retro look. Vintage styling and a touch of nostalgia have made tin signs desirable for present day decor.


Ideas on How to Incorporate Tin Signs into your Home Decor

Many vintage signs are rendered in bright, attention-grabbing hues providing a shot of color to an otherwise predominantly neutral room. A large vintage sign can stand on its own in the hall room and makes for a perfect conversation starter. Hanging a sign to express humor in a space is fun. Ordinary shelves lined with kitchen essentials can be made a lot more appealing by adding vintage tin signs. Whether the shelves in your living space are filled with your beloved books or small, decorative objects, a vintage tin sign adds a surprising element. A vintage sign can be a graphic accent for a gallery wall; your gallery wall becomes more noteworthy when it has text signs or graphics that go beyond just the framed pictures. These tin signs look amazing in the tabletops as well. When placed alongside potted plants and other framed artwork, the beauty of a vintage sign can’t be undermined.


Exploring the Hidden Gems in Vintage Tin Signs

Classic vintage signs allow customizing your home or wardrobe with one-of-a-kind items. Using vintage signs as decorations in your home can set you apart from peers. The fifties were the mod-century modern when new companies were foraying into the business world. This was the time when the most common way of selling products was through signage as not many people owned a television.  There were many different advertising signs made back then which were often used to advertise a business. Among the different signs, Tin Signs were the perfect way of outdoor advertising as they are resistant to extreme weather conditions. Knife Country houses an immense range of your quality collectible tin signs.


Vintage Car Signs: Classic cars are an unforgettable part of American history. Chevys, Fords and Pontiacs are often associated with muscle car racing or hot rodding. The signs and vintage advertisements depicting these make for highly collectible tin signs today. Old tin car signs will look great in your garage or workshop. These signs can even be put on the kitchen or office walls.


Vintage Beer/Beverage Commercials: Giant beverage brands like Budweiser, Coca-Cola, and Jack Daniels used tin signs to advertise their products in a retro look. The beer ad signs feature quirky, old-fashioned sayings or slogans on them. The classic beer signs make the perfect decor for a bar or restaurant. The tin beer signs can be a great addition to a home bar or garage to add a rustic feel. Like the old soda ads and the old coke advertisements, displaying a beverage tin sign is sure to make you feel a little nostalgic.


Superhero Tin Signs: These vintage signs are perfect for displaying in your room, garage or the room of your superhero-obsessed kid. A vintage super hero poster reminisces the excitement and anticipation that you felt every time you got your hands on a crisp DC/Marvel comic. when you heard that the newest Batman comic was soon to be released.


Pin-ups: The classic ‘50s than a pin-ups are usually displayed in men’s rooms as well as in diners and clubs. The original idea was displaying the posters in Pin-ups also played a part in the war, with many soldiers keeping pictures of pin-ups as decorations. Some pin-ups were used to decorate warplanes in WW2.


Celebrity Tin Signs: These signs keep alive the memory of your favorite old days starts. For Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn’s admirers and Elvis Presley lovers, these signs are a perfect way to pay homage to the greatest talents of the past. These signs look great in a bar, restaurant, living room.


Vintage tin signs are a fun way to add character to your home or workplace decorating. The retro tin signs can be used to decorate any room in your house, from your workshop to your bathroom or man cave. Not only these signs let you recall the good old days, but also allow for custom decorating for the best kind of retro feel.




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