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Stealth Cam

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The Stealth Cam has rightly revolutionized the concept of wildlife surveillance (trail) with such updated cameras. Overtime, Stealth Cam got several accolades and is often accredited as the “Best of the Best” as a designer for hunting activities. Stealth Cam was recently featured on History Channel’s Modern Marvels show in 2007. 

In a frame of three years, Stealth Cam came with TRIAD™ Technology. Performing various functions, Stealth Cam lets you select from three different digital scouting formats, as and when required. Ruling out other competitors, Stealth Cam can shoot high resolution pictures with complete details– in day as well as night. In addition, the Burst Mode feature lets you experience various exposure settings on pressing a trigger. Stealth Cam helps you to record video with unmatched audio quality. 


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