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El Mar Inc. is the manufacturer of Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper Tweezer that is exclusively made in the U.S.A. The company has gain accolades from all over the world owing to the finest range of Silver Gripper. The tweezers with multi-functionality allows unlimited practical uses. The areas and industries where the company efficiently caters to, includes First Aid & Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, National, State, and Local Government Agencies, Nursery & Garden and Wholesale and Retail suppliers of Medical and many more.


Uniquely Precision Manufactured Tool

The Sliver Grippers are manufactured using 100% high-quality American steel. The patented design of the tweezer is unique in both shape and functionality. This tool is used efficiently from First Aid to Cross Stitch. From the local hardware stores to renowned showrooms, you can find the tweezers everywhere. Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper cab be used in numerous applications. This tweezer for manual use is listed with the FDA as a surgical instrument. Even the re-closeable tube and clip holder packings are inimitable and differentiate from other tools. It is the primary component in pocket sized First Aid kits used for insect removal, treatment of minor skin injuries caused by penetration of foreign substances such as glass shards, wood splinters, and metal slivers.


Uncle Bill's Tweezer Tools for Use in Different Fields  

Don’t go by the size, the countless uses of the tweezers won’t make you feel regret of buying this. Sliver Gripper tool is perfectly flexible enough to use and has the vast potential for different applications. From untangling fishing tackle fly-tying lines, clearing jams in paper shredders, use it according to convenience anywhere. Our client base includes the pharmacies, first aid and medical suppliers, outdoor lifestyles suppliers, cabinetmakers, woodworkers, cutlery and knife suppliers, military and law enforcement suppliers, veterinary offices.



El Mar Inc. manufactured Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper Tweezer is warranted to be free of any kind of defects in terms of material and quality. The company will replace or repair with a new item any El Mar tool only after consulting the concerned department of the company. The replacement depends on the availability of the original part. The products offered by the company are not to be used as hammers, pry bars that affect the performance or the quality of the tweezers.


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