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Found in 1869, Western Knives is based in Boulder, Colorado. The international company is known for making high-quality knives, axes and other small arms. The Western Knife Company is a leading brand which started manufacturing and designing Bowie knives and became popular worldwide. The company faced many ups and downs yet never compromised with the quality and material construction of the products. The company worked under many parent companies including Camillus Cutlery and Acme-United group due to low profits and finance issues. Western Knives offers a wide array of product range which includes some of the finely forged knife series including Western Knives Crosstrail series, Western Knives Blactrax series, Western Knives Kota series and Western Knives axes.


Affordable Knives with Assured High-Grade Quality

Western Knives produce quality products and ensure maximum quality to the users. The knives are highly appreciated and recommended by hunters, fishermen, hikers, campers and outdoor travelers because of their sturdy design and long performance life. The product catalog includes a wide array of knives and other tools including folding knives, tactical knives, fixed blade knives, and axes. The ultra-sharp blades and compact designs contributes a lot to the survival or hunting expedition. The knives are ideal to be used in both commercial and low-profile tasks, a detailed and wide range of cutlery knives are offered by Western Knives, sold across American restaurants and households.


Tough and Reliable Material Construction

The material construction of Western Knives is the major highlight as it is robust and provide additional strength to the overall structure. Use of the finest quality titanium and stainless steel is prominent in manufacturing these knives. Depending upon the model and type of folding knives, liner lock or frame lock assisted opening/closing technology which allows safe, secured, an easy and single-handed operation to the user. The sturdy handle construction using material like G-10, wood, and stag bone allows a comfortable and tight grip to the user with ease of drawing the tool. The products are available with durable sheaths and lanyard hole for safe storage and transportation of sharp cutting-edge and drop-point blade tools.


Expect Warranted Knives and Other Tools

Western Knives provide warranty against any defects in the material and manufacturing of the product. The company is liable to repair or replace any defected product if with the new item. Western Knives cannot repair some of the products due to unavailability of the parts and other related items. In such a situation, the company will replace the product with the closest matched item. As per the brand’s policies, if the item is misused or mishandled by the user, it will not be replaced or repaired. The knives and other tools should not be used as hammers, pry bars, screwdrivers or chisels.


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Knife Country offers an online platform to over 500 manufacturers to sell the best quality knives, backpacks, magnifiers, eating utensils, blowguns, pepper spray and much more. It is an American company, run by a small family with a vision to provide its customer with the finest hand-tools and small arms. The online megastore has the foremost motive to give its customers the maximum level of satisfaction by providing a huge range of products to choose from. Western Knives are among the top-sellers and manufacturers, offering the best knives with assured quality. To buy products from Western Knives and to inquire more about Knife Country, contact (800) 342- 9118 or  customercare@knifecountryusa.com.

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