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The credit for introducing Bowie Knives at the most nominal prices goes to Western Knife Company. Western Knife, known as a prominent manufacturer of hunting knives, started operations in 1896. Based in Boulder, Colorado, the company faced some hardships. As a result, ownership of Western Knives was given to Outdoor Knife Specialist- Coleman. Camillus Cutlery Company re-purchased it from Coleman, which went into liquidation in February, 2007. Now, Western Knives and Camillus Cutlery are now owned and operated by the Acme-United group.


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Western Knife Brand holds a special point in the history of knives used during the World War II. They manufactured a wide assortment of military knives and became the favorite for field troops, airmen and sailors. These popular knives smoothly replaced the usage of materials like Iron, Steel and Plastic with Brass and Aluminum.


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