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Wild Steer Knives

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Edouard Buyer established The Wild Steer Company to develop, manufacture and sell knives along with  accessories under one roof in December 2004. The first model introduced — "The Wild Steer"– later became the most popular hunting model of its time. This particular knife, overtime, gained immense recognition in the realm of professional archery and camping sports.


Wildsteer Knife: Jack of All Trades

A Wildsteer Knife is capable enough to accomplish several tasks ranging from chiselling wood to chamfering, or cutting logs to preparing games. Because of a simple construction and easy-to-use handling, these Wildsteer knives are perfect when you are planning for camping or outdoors. Made out of a single price of forged stainless steel and soft leathery handles, a Wildsteer Knife is can effortlessly absorb as well as provide a large amount of energy.  Adding to its outstanding properties, the blade length of a wildsteer knife is generally 11.5 cm (4.5 inches).


Along with Knives, Wildsteer is known for providing wallets, backpacks, belts, leather sheaths, extractors, claws and diamond sharpeners.


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