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Founded in 1910, Utica Cutlery Company was formed by a group of established Utica businessmen.  Utica Knives has been the foremost name in the manufacturing of pocketknives since then. The brand survived during the World War II, creating bayonets and important carbine parts as well.  Because of their unique designs and effective performance graph, Utica Cutlery Company gained the coveted title of Army-Navy E.


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Because of the addition of Stainless Flatware in the line, Utica ventured into the good books of various cutlery enthusiasts. They started a flatware program, which gained popularity during the mid-seventies.  The common cutlery selection of Utica Knives features a full-tang construction and three riveted handles. Here, you can also explore a whole range of individual cutlery knives for varied jobs ranging from hunting to law enforcement.   


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