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Rescue Tape

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Often electrical or duct tapes creates a sticky mess. Rescue Tape may offer a great solution. We, at Knife Country USA stock a wide range of self-amalgamating tape. With us, choosing & buying a tape of your choice will become effortless!


Say Hello to Rescue Tape & Goodbye to Sticky/Gummy Tapes!

The advent of self-fusing silicone repair product in the mass market has showed the door to the conventional sticky and gummy tapes. First developed for the U.S. Military, the tapes are made in USA with state-of-the-art technology. Extensive research and development along with lot of field trials are undertaken before the tapes went for mass production.  This easy-to-use and versatile emergency repair product has infinite uses.


The All-Conquering Tape

The self-fusing tape has incredible tensile strength of 950 PSI. It has the ability to insulate 8,000 Volts per layer and can withstand heat up to 500¢ª F. It remains flexible in temperatures as low as - 85¢ª F. It also has the ability to resist fuels, oils, solvents, acids, salt water and even UV rays. These amazing tapes create permanent watertight and airtight seal in seconds.


Multiple Applications

You can use it for multiple purposes like electrical insulation, wiring harnesses, emergency hose repair, sealing connections, emergency o-rings, pipe and plumbing repair, tool handles and grips, corrosion protection, marking lines and chain, rigging applications, waterproofing, whipping rope ends, and many more.


These silicone tapes meet and significantly exceed specifications of the U.S. military (MIL-SPEC) for silicone tape. It comes in a range of color like Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Blue and few others. Get these multipurpose tapes and forget the gummy and sticky days of the conventional duct tape.


Get the Best Deals: Authentic & Reasonable

Knife Country USA, with its wide range of rescue tapes, is here to help you select the best product. Browse through our online mega-store and get your desired product at the best price. With us, authenticity is a promise!

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