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Established in 1998, Pro-Tech Knives, LLC is a recognized knife manufacturing firm that has been committed to offer knives that are perfect blend of finest materials and commitment to craftsmanship. The knives are built with the most high-tech manufacturing processes that include CNC Machining, Wire EDM, Laser Cutting. The components are assembled, and hand fit by dedicated craftsmen in the manufacturing unit itself.


Based in Santa Fe Springs, California, Pro-Tech Knives is famous for automatic knives. Found by Dave Wattenberg, the manufacturer fabricates over 12,000 knives per year. Some of its most famous knife models include Godfather, Godson, and the Runt J4. Pro Tech has collaborated with some of the most famous knifemakers like Ernest Emerson, Walter Brend, and Allen Elishewitz to create some of the most iconic knives.


Premium Materials and Top-Quality Designs

Pro Tech offers the best designs, function and value for money in the market. The knives exhibit the state of art and technology in a unique combination. The knives are mostly fabricated using Solid Aluminum Bars which are lightweight and yet strong and durable. They are mostly CNC machined knives that can be customized with Mastodon Toot inlays and Damascus blade versions.


The American Knife Manufacturer builds some of the finest knives in the world. These knives are made using aluminum, billets of hand forged Damascus, sheets of steel and titanium. The raw material is carefully machined, ground, deburred, finished, assembled, sharpened, inspected, and packaged at the Pro-Tech Facility.


The knife manufacturer usually caters to the needs of the outdoor enthusiast, sportsperson, hunters, campers, and knife collectors. It is for this reason it constantly created knives that offer maximum functionality and effective performance. The American-knife manufacturer keeps introducing new knife models regularly, meeting the requirements of military and law enforcement personnel.


Pro-Tech Knives: Product Series at a Glance

Pro Tech Fixed Blade Knives: The fixed blade knife series includes an immersive range of knives with unique designs. The series features knives with black Cerakote-finished steel blade. The front of the blades bears the Pro-tech logo. The knives feature 3D CNC machined handles that are individually hand contoured and finished for a functional custom knife type grip.

Pro Tech Folding Pocket Knives: The folding pocket knives in the series are reputed for their distinctive locking mechanism and tactical functionality. These knives feature stainless-steel blade and black anodized aluminum handle. The extended tang construction helps in maximum performance.

Pro Tech Framelock Pocket Knives: This range constitutes knives with 3-inch razor sharp blade. What makes these knives so special is their slim design which makes it easier for the user to carry them. The razor-sharp blades are made from high-performance Sandvik 14C28N stainless. The blades are modified drop-points, which make these knives good slicing tools.

Pro Tech Knives Rockeye Series: The series is the result of a successful collaboration between Les George and Pro-Tech Knives. The knife assortment includes knives that offer quick action and excellent gripping. Their construction features anodized aluminum handles embedded with knurled pattern and a generous and classic George finger groove. The blade is crafted using 154CM stainless-steel and has DLC black finish and standard edge.

Pro Tech Knives Spindrift Series: The Spindrift is an original blade with contoured handles that add to the top-notch look and offer superior grip to the knife. The series is the vision of a gifted knife crafter Allen Elishewitz and exhibits the thought and creativity that is put in the knives.

Pro Tech Knives Tr-3 Series: The Tactical Response 3 is one of the most popular knife series that is specially used by law enforcement and military. The knives feature distinctive handles that are designed with a distinctive taper to the end. The knives in the series are available in varied handles and blade-finishes. The handles have single finger coil that assists firm grip under the extreme situations.

Pro Tech Knives TR-4 Tactical Response: This is a range of automatic knives that are solid and feel great in hand. These knives have razor-sharp blades and a lock up like rock. The Tactical Response 4 incorporates sliding safety on the handle’s front. The knives feature 154-CM blade that offers maximum edge retention. TR-4 has a pocket clip on the anodized aluminum handle with black-finish, which makes it easy to carry the knives.

Pro Tech Knives TR-5 Button Lock Knife: The TR-5 Button Lock knives are the latest addition to the Tactical Response folding knives family. Smaller version of TR-4, these knives are the first spring-assisted knives that has the same power and speed of auto-opening knives. The knives come with a Titanium Assist mechanism that is activated when the user begins to push the blade-mounted thumb stud forward.     



Pro Tech Knives products are free from any manufacturing defects. The owner warranties against the products it offers. However, in case of a manufacturing defect, the product is open to repair or replacement with a new one. But the warranty policy stands nullified in case the knives are misused or worn out. It is to be noted that the products cannot be used as hammers, chisels, hammers, pry bars, and screw drivers. In case of misuse, the manufacturer will charge reasonable fees to repair the product.


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