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Founded in 1960 by Maserin Fervido, the company distinguished itself as a reference company in the artisan tradition that led Maniago - “city of knives” to excel in the quality of products. What keeps Maniago prestige intact in the world is “Maserin knives” premium quality. Their products are known for quality, efficiency, and guarantee, all thanks to the experience acquired in over 60 years of activity. A wide range of products is offered to fulfill every type of need: hunting, high-tech, military, miniatures, collection, sport-utility, and more. Maserin Knives are crafted completely by the company. All the processing phases take place within the company such as the development path of items, from design to production, and carrying out accurate quality control of the finished product. They aim to put professionalism and competence at the customer’s service for providing cutting tools of the finest quality possible.


Due to the exceptional quality of the Maserin Knives, a lot of international brands also appreciate them. This knife manufacturing company supplies its knives to companies like Browning USA, Remington USA, Beretta Italy, military departments, and chefs. This Italian Knife-making brand also provides customized solutions on request. Moreover, the kind of knives that are always crafted at their workshops are outdoor knives, hunting knives, kitchen knives, military knives, and sport knives. The guiding value of Maserin is the pursuit of perfection, through excellence and the continuation of a long tradition of craftsmanship made in Italy. Explore the wide collection of knives of this classic brand for a tool you can always rely on!


More About Classic Maserin Knives

Coltellerie Maserin maintains the prestige of Maniago Knives by utilizing modern techniques like CAD/CAM and 3D Design, CNC machines, Laser Cutting, and numeric controlled machines. The technical staff dedicates time to check and supervise the production of knives. To keep the tradition alive, all their knives are created with expert craftsmanship in Maniago, Italy. By dedicating time to research, new solutions and new materials are discovered by the company that helps them in providing the finest knives. The tools are further created using modern top-notch materials and combine with old-fashioned craftsmanship for interesting prices.


Sheaths or pouches are also provided with knives to ensure the knife is safe for harsh environments and is easy to carry. Maserin Knives are popular for Italian-made pocket folding knives, and stylish mushroom knives. Two of their popular knife categories are Maserin Favri Line and Maserin Temperini Line. The Favri Line includes elegant knives available in EDC folder form and operates on a solid Lockback mechanism for easier opening and closure. Maserin Temperini Line is a gentleman’s knife. Classic in appearance, this temperini knife features a single blade and can be availed in various handle styles to suit your specific cutlery requirement.


A Look at Maserin Knives Product Categories

Maserin Fixed Blade Knives: Fixed Blade Knives by Maserin are exceptionally well designed and the best for performing under the toughest conditions. Fixed Blade Knives featured here are more durable than you can imagine. Some are sculpted with different kinds of stainless steel; G-10 handles along with the ring pommel add to the functionality of knives. Fixed Blade Knives here are milled with the best water and corrosion-resistant materials. It Features cocobolo and rich grain wood handles, extended tang, a stonewash finish, glass breaker end, and attention to detail. The knives are available in different colored handles. Feel assured about the quality of Maserin Fixed Blade Knives—these knives will surpass your expectations in every sense!


Maserin Folding Pocket Knives: The Folding Pocket Knife Series offers an array of Hunting, High-Tech, Classic, Outdoor, and Collectible knives. The knives are described as slim, elegant, and classy folding knives. These folding pocket knives boast stainless-steel construction which makes the knives robust and durable. Suitable for everyday carry, you can use these knives for sports, outdoor, survival, hunting, and knife collection. Explore the series for knives with unique locking mechanisms- Framelock, Linerlock, and Lockback. The knives in the series are appreciated for their distinctive designs. Mushroom Folding Pocket Knives, for instance, boast a hawkbill blade and curved stag handles with attachment clip and natural bristle brush. Explore the series for practical and versatile designs including Bascula Grande Folder Knife, Atti Linerlock Folding Pocket Knife, Miniature Stainless Folding Pocket Knife, Mingon Damascus Folding Knife, Rescue Linerlock Folding Knife, AM1 Tech Framelock Folding Knife, Bulldog Titanium Tanto Point Linerlock Folding Pocket Knife, Police G-10 Framelock Folding Pocket Knife, and AMK3 M390 Drop Point Linerlock Folding Pocket Knife.


Maserin Multi-Tools: Maserin Multi-Tools by Maserin Knives exemplifies how Maserin has evolved into a trusted European brand by never compromising its quality standards and commitment to deliver the best every time. Maserin Multi-Tools are constructed with the finest materials with carbon steel that has much longer durability, easily withstanding humid and wet conditions. These multi-tools deserve a place in backpacks of adventure trippers, campers, hikers, bikers, gaming enthusiasts, anglers, and the outdoorsy community. The use of cutting-edge technology, heat treatment methods, and varied hardening processes make Maserin Multi-Tools the best, ready to perform a wide range of functions. The widening range of Multi-Tools is impressive, including two hex wrenches, nail pullers, and pry bars along with other products known to have high scratch resistance.


Browse Through Maserin Knife Series

Maserin AM-2 Knife Series: Maserin Am-2 Knife Series is the right blend of traditional knife-making methods fused with innovative technology. Knives featured in this series are fabricated from the most durable materials like the N690 Stainless. Some have the best handles in the business like Carbon Fiber Handles. You can expect these models to have flawless edge-retention properties and the handles provide excellent grip in wet and humid conditions too. The standard edges with a satin finish are easy to manage and maintain. Maserin offers a vast array of blades with smart add-ons like nylon belt pouches that protect when carrying a knife. This ‘everyday carry pocket knife’ is manufactured in Italy for buyers across the world!


Maserin AM-3 Knife Series: AM3 Knife Series by Maserin has made its presence felt in the sphere of privately owned, artistically crafted cutting knives. The knives on display have the perfect fusion of traditional knife-making methods and modern technology. Knives featured in the AM3 Knife Series work with the simple liner lock mechanism and are extremely durable. Expect high-performance AM3 Knives fabricated using the most durable materials like Bohler M390 stainless that has excellent corrosion and wear resistance. The AM3 series is decked with G-10 handles that provide exceptional grip in most situations. Some of the knives feature a satin finish, extended tang with a lanyard hole that helps to protect the knife.


Maserin Artiglio Knife Series: “Artiglio” is a full-size tactical flipper knife with a quick and smooth opening. The D2 steel is used in the construction of blades for strength and durability. The Maserin Artiglio Knife was designed by Giacomo Toncelli. It features a steel clip, which makes it easier to be carried in handling tactical situations. The handle is available in different options such as G10 black/dark grey/ green/light grey.


Maserin BAC Combat Tomahawk Series: Crafted for use in challenging conditions, the BAC Combat Tomahawks are ideal for tactical use. The hawks deliver outstanding performance with multiple cutting edges, a spiked poll, and a striking point on the end of the handle. The blade is built with high-grade D2 steel for strength and longevity. These are available in G10 black and G10 gray options. The Kydex sheath keeps the hawk safe and allows for easy carry.


Maserin Badger Hunter Knife Series: Designed by Alessandro Zanin, “Badger” is a fixed blade tactical knife. It features sculptured curves for maximum contact and control, aggressive, powerful, agile, and quick to change hands. The Maserin Badger Hunter Knife is a specialized tool for use in extreme conditions. Made from D2 HRC 58 Steel, the blade is highly durable and has a stonewashed finish. The lines on the blade distinguish it. This hunting knife easily cuts through the air. The handle is available in G10 black/gray/green color options. With the Kydex sheath, the user can easily carry this hunter knife.


Maserin Boar Hunter Knife Series: Maserin Boar Hunter Knife Series has some of the best hunting and gaming knives, each primed to perform in the toughest environments, like those associated with forests or the jungle. The Boar Hunter Knife Series is about serious knives, particularly those that have been associated with the toughest hunting scenarios. The knives featured here are fabricated using AISI 440C stainless steel that has longer durability than most gaming knives. The use of G-10 handles ensures better grip in typically difficult hunting situations. The Boar Hunter Series comes with impressive features like a glass breaker pommel, stainless finger guard, and Black leather belt sheaths. Expect knives with lanyard holes, some full-tang knives, and some with handles in bright shades like orange.


Maserin Champagne Saber Knife Series: Champagne Saber Knife Series includes some beautiful options like knives with tassels. Unlike other knives, Champagne Saber Knives are made out of one solid piece of material that offers more structural integrity. The knives, while training, help in smooth actions owing to the excellent wood handle with stainless guard. The knives are provided in a leather belt sheath to provide extra security during carry-on. Expect tassels in bright, passionate shades and full tang construction while the use of premium wood like olive wood in handles adds more exclusivity. Some of these knives are delivered in their wooden box. These are premium knives and can get the job of opening champagne done rather beautifully. These are perhaps the best tools, the grandest of them all to make champagne moments more memorable!


Maserin Croz Knife Series: Maserin Croz Knife Series stays true to the art of knife-making from Italy. The Italian mastery of knives is visible—the specialty of the Croz Knife Series. The knives featured here are exceptionally durable. Some knives here are sculpted with durable materials like partially serrated Bohler N690 stainless steel. Expect the blades to have an excellent edge-holding property and a perfect satin finish. Unlike the usual knives, Croz Knife Series has flawlessly sculpted models with G-10 handles that offer sturdy grip in the most demanding situations. These knives have other features like black nylon belt sheaths.


Maserin EDC Knife Series: The EDC Knives by Maserin are slim and slender two-hand opening knives. This everyday carry knife features a slip joint (non-locking) mechanism. While the micarta handles allow for a comfortable grip. With a lanyard hole on the handle, the EDC Knife can be tied to a backpack with a string. The blades are durable and reliable all thanks to the D2 tool steel that is used in the construction.


Maserin Ghost Knife Series: “Ghost” was designed with the collaboration between Maserin and designer Alessandro Zanin. These robust Ghost Knives are perfect for CQB/CQC. The flipper knives feature N690 stonewashed upswept combo blades with G10 handles. The handle is available in color options like black, gray, blue, and green. The Maserin Ghost Knife features a lanyard hole, extended tang, and a pocket clip.


Maserin Mignon Knife Series: Mignon Knife Series by Maserin has been specifically designed to perform under the toughest conditions. Mignon Knives featured here are durable and are made using traditional Italian knife-making methods fused with cutting-edge technology. The knives are decked up with multiple layers of high carbon steel, Damascus stag, which is an outstanding knife material for the handles and offers excellent durability. Apart from this the series offer mother of pearl handled knives with a standard edge and nickel silver bolsters. This Mignon Knife Series is offered in a premium gift box.


Maserin Minature Knife Series: Maserin Minature Knife Series by Maserin is an everyday carry pocket knife’ series. The Minature Series is the epitome of fine Italian mastery. The fusion of traditional knife-making methods with the latest technology results in producing excellent knives that deliver reliable performance. The knives in the Minature series surpass the expectations of every knife-lover, be it just for collection or for regular use. The Miniature Series features a much thicker Wharncliffe and stainless blade with a flawless mirror finish. Different colored synthetic, plastic, and wood handle with nickel silver bolsters impart a classic look to the knives. The keyring along with the lanyard hole is an added feature that helps in easy access of the knife in any situation.


Maserin Mushroom Knife Series: Mushroom Knife Series by Maserin beautifully highlights the Italian mastery. The fusion of traditional Italian knife-making methods with state-of-the-art technology has made the Mushroom Knife Series stand apart in the crowd. The knives in this series have a perfectly finished tanto pointed Hawkbill blade, which is a defining feature. The ability of these knives to drive through any material is phenomenal. The use of straight rosewood handles and curved stag handles provides excellent grip and allows easy operation in any situation. These knives are featured with tweezers, a natural bristle brush, and an attachment clip to add to the performance and durability. The Maserin Mushroom Knives are etched with a Maserin logo.


Maserin Neck Knife Series: Maserin Neck Knife Series by Maserin is primarily designed to cater to the varying demands of knife lovers across the globe. The Neck Knife Series features knives that are a fine example of Italian mastery. Precisely manufactured by the regional knife makers; these knives are a combination of traditional methods fused with the latest technology. The use of fine materials like Bohler N690 stainless steel underlines the excellent edge-holding properties of the knives. Many of the knives have a spear point blade and a tanto blade with a fine black finish. Maserin Neck Knives are decked up with fiberglass laminate G-10 handles and finger rings for excellent grip in most demanding situations. The black Kydex sheath provides extra protection to the knives.


Maserin Reactor Knife Series: The Maserin Reactor is a tough knife that was specifically designed to commemorate a military operation. It is a medium-sized tactical folding knife with a great character. The stonewash-finish D2 tool steel blade with extended tang delivers optimal performance throughout its lifetime. A firm grip on the knife is ensured with G10 handles along with titanium back handles. This made in Italy knife features a lanyard hole and a pocket clip for easy carry.


Maserin Sommelier Saber Series: Handcrafted in Maniago, Italy, Sommelier Saber is a mirror-finish full tang blade with a fine Bubinga wood handle. The knives from this series are mid-sized and are provided with a wood presential box. The Maserin Sommelier Saber handle is secured with stainless steel rivets and an end-to-end tang. Constructed with 420 stainless steel, the blade is sharp, reliable, and durable.


Maserin Sport Knife Series: Maserin Sport is a manual opening medium-sized utility knife. This knife design was developed with the intentions of an EDC. Thus, D2 tool steel blades are ideal for everyday carry and use. It also features G10 handles with a pocket clip for allowing the user to easily carry it inside the pocket. The titanium handles ensure a firm grip, which increases its performance and comfort when in use. With the lanyard hole, a string can be attached to the knife to tie it on the bag.

The Maserin Knives Limited Lifetime Warranty

Every Maserin Knives product is guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. Maserin Knives will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any Maserin Knives product that is defective. Maserin Knives will return the original item without a replacement. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of parts. In these situations, Maserin Knives will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair.

Defects and repairs not covered under warranty:

Maserin Knives does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. Products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. If your knife or other item was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee.

Contact Knife Country USA for more information about your warranty. If you have a warranty issue or questions about the condition of your Maserin Knives product, please contact us and we will advise you on how best to proceed with submitting your warranty claim to the manufacturer.

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