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Expert Craftsmanship Meets Durability: Angelo B Axes at Knife Country USA


Discover the exquisite blend of Italian craftsmanship and rugged durability with Angelo B Axes, now proudly featured at Knife Country USA. Our selection of Angelo B Axes embodies the spirit of traditional smithing combined with modern functionality, designed for both seasoned woodsmen and discerning collectors.


Italian Craftsmanship in Every Swing

Angelo B's legacy of axe-making is rooted in the picturesque landscapes of Italy, where every axe is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and high-quality materials. These axes aren't just tools; they are heritage pieces, forged to deliver unparalleled performance and to endure the test of time.


A Range of Axes for Every Task

At the heart of our collection is the Angelo B Carpenter's Axe (ANG110610BLK), a 14.25" masterpiece featuring a 6" C45 steel axe head and a 4.25" cutting edge. This axe, with its hickory handle, is an exemplary companion for precision woodwork and carving.

Elevate your chopping experience with our selection of German Style Axes. Whether you opt for the 500-gram, 600-gram, 800-gram, or the robust 1000-gram head axe, each offers a balanced swing for effective cutting and splitting.


Billhooks & Machetes: Beyond the Ordinary

Venture beyond the ordinary with the Angelo B Lucca Billhook, available with and without a sheath. These billhooks, crafted from Manganese spring steel with a stacked leather handle, are ideal for agricultural use and vegetation management.

The Angelo B Machete, a versatile tool for your outdoor adventures, comes with a full-tang construction and a leather sheath for safety and convenience. For those who prefer to customize their carry options, we offer a version without the sheath as well.


Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Each axe, billhook, and machete from Angelo B is bulk packed and ships directly to you, ensuring that you receive a product untouched by time and unblemished by compromise. The use of C45 steel and Manganese spring steel in these tools guarantees that your investment is not only in a superior cutting instrument but in a lineage of Italian blacksmithing.


When you choose an Angelo B axe or cutting tool from Knife Country USA, you're not just buying a piece of steel and wood; you're acquiring a piece of artisanal history, designed to be by your side for a lifetime of chopping, cutting, and crafting. Explore our collection and experience the Italian difference in every chop.


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