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Welcome to the Knife Country USA range of Powertac Flashlights, the ideal illumination tools for every adventure, task, and challenge. Powertac is a trusted name in the world of tactical lighting solutions, providing superior quality, robust durability, and innovative design.


Each Powertac flashlight is designed to provide reliable, powerful light, essential for outdoor enthusiasts, professionals, and everyday users alike. These flashlights are crafted with cutting-edge technology, high-grade materials, and a focus on functional design, delivering performance you can trust when it matters most.


Our collection at Knife Country USA offers a comprehensive range of Powertac flashlights. From compact everyday carry options to powerful tactical lights, we have the right illumination tool for your needs. Whether you're heading into the wilderness, preparing for a power outage, or need a reliable tool for professional tasks, you'll find the perfect flashlight in our Powertac collection.

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