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Art Gladius is globally renowned for its state-of-the-art quality manufacturing unit that produces historical swords in Spain. The Toledo-based brand has expertise in crafting premium-quality swords for decoration purposes. They have the finest collection of decorative swords reminiscent of medieval times and beyond to lend an artistic and historical appeal to your homes, farmhouses, and accent walls. These decorative swords are ideal for professional settings and can be gifted to loved ones interested in the historical collection.



All You Need to Know About the Art Gladius Weapon Collection

Based in Spain, Art Gladius' manufacturing unit sits at the heart of Toledo, which is widely reputed for producing the finest swords in the Continent. Being at the global center for sword production, Art Gladius ensures a premium-quality collection for decorative purposes. Note that these swords are not used for fighting and are only designed to add life to your boring walls. Their historical weapon collectibles draw inspiration from historic figurines like King Arthur, Robin Hood, Christopher Columbus, and more.



Explore the Extensive Collection of Decorative Swords

Art Gladius is famous for its creativity, innovation, and premium-quality production. Utilizing an eye for historic significance, they curated an exhaustive collection of swords that blend well with every setting. Explore everything they have to offer at Knife Country USA:


Army Sword: Made in Spain, the knight's army used premium-quality Army Swords to slash the enemies and help protect their territory. These decorative army swords are designed with a mirror-finish carbon steel blade to add an authentic touch. Equipped with a black finger-grooved synthetic handle, it brings an eye-pleasing finish. It also features blade etching, a mirror finish stainless D-guard, and a metal scabbard.


Barbarian Sword: Meant for genuinely harming and slashing enemies in a battle, the gold-finish Barbarian sword comes with a stainless blade for durable and long-lasting performance. Crafted with premium materials, this sword features a sculpted metal dragon-shaped handle without any scabbard for a vintage touch.


Charles V Sword: Inspired by one of the most powerful rules in Europe, Art Gladius dedicated a sword to Charles V to recall his greatness and courage. The Charles V Swords is crafted from a satin finish stainless steel blade that will steal the show. It features a metal alloy handle and guard featuring an elegant design that will take your home décor up a notch.


Colada Cid Sword: The Colada Cid sword, won in combat by the Count of Barcelona, was handed to the Cantar de Mio Cid. Carrying a historical significance, this sword is designed with a twisted metal guard that looks similar to the original design. This decorative sword is crafted from a satin finish stainless blade with a metal alloy handle for longevity.


Crusader Sword: During the Crusades, a religious war in the medieval period, the Crusader Sword was used as a one-hand weapon to combat. This decorative medieval sword is designed with a satin finish stainless blade for a timeless look. The sword blade features a wire-wrapped handle with an antique finish metal guard and pommel for an eye-catching appeal.


Dagger: Cherishing the significance of historical battles, Art Gladius offers a variety of Daggers made with premium-grade materials that will add a unique charm to your home and office spaces. Their collection includes an Arab Dagger designed with a satin finish curved blade. The stainless blade is followed by an antique bronze alloy handle and gold metal scabbard for an aesthetically-pleasing look. This collection also includes satin finish unsharpened stainless daggers, Tutankamon Dagger and Viking Dagger. While one features an Ancient Egypt handle with scabbard work, the other is adorned with a metal alloy handle and guard.


Excalibur Sword: Representing the noblest aspects of the Arthurian legend, the Excalibur sword rose to recognition in the later romance tradition. It was believed that it prevented the wearer from bleeding to death. This decorative Excalibur sword is meticulously crafted with a stainless blade without any scabbard. It features a black leather-wrapped handle, an antique finish metal guard, and a pommel for an aesthetically pleasing finish.


Gladiator Sword: The Gladiator sword, which the Romans frequently employed, was used to sever the enemy's shields and torpedo their formations before close combat began. This sword is crafted from an unsharpened stainless blade with a blade etching for an eye-pleasing look. Meticulously made in Spain, a white wood and metal handle with an antique finish metal guard and pommel completes the look. It does not include a scabbard.


Katana Sword: Designed to allow the user to draw the sword easily and perform quickly in close combat, Katana swords rose to popularity in Japan. With expertise in crafting historical weapons, Art Gladius offers a variety of decorative Katana swords for your homes, restaurants, offices, and more. Supplied with a wooden scabbard, the decorative sword features a stainless blade. While the Katana Silver Engraved Sword features a silver finish metal handle with raised artwork, the Katana Crane Tsuba Sword has a black cord-wrapped handle and metal tsuba with crane artwork. One of their katana swords also incorporates a carved wooden handle with metal tsuba.


Musketeer Sword: The Decorative Musketeer Sword exhibits a distinctive style that was probably carried for dueling purposes only. Its unique design replicates the exceptional styling of 17th-century Italian rapiers, also known as sharply pointed swords. The decorative musketeer sword is designed with a stainless blade for durable and lasting uses. It features a black and red leather-wrapped handle with an antique finish metal basket guard and pommel. This design is meant to elevate any space you install it in.


Tizona Cid Sword: Made in Spain, Tizona is one of the swords used by Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar to fight against the Moors. Carrying out historical significance and value, the decorative Tizona Cid sword is designed with a length of 40.5 inches. This long decorative sword stands out for its satin finish stainless blade. The cord-wrapped handle with brass guard and pommel adds a vintage yet timeless finish to the design.


Wakizashi Sword: Thoughtfully crafted in Spain with a 30.25-long design, the Wakizashi Crane Tsuba was worn along with a sharp Katana. The Wakizashi sword was a backup tool for close-quarters combat and beheading the opponent. The decorative Wakizashi Crane Stuba Sword is designed with a stainless blade. Featuring a black cord-wrapped handle, this decorative sword is reminiscent of the originality of the design. It also features a metal tsuba with crane artwork and is supplied with a black wood scabbard for convenient storage and maintenance.



Warranty Information

Dedicated to immortalizing the traditions, craftsmanship, and skills, Art Gladius keeps Toledo's uniqueness alive with its premium-quality decorative swords. The brand is utterly devoted to designing and manufacturing high-quality decorative swords and daggers for accentuating the walls in your home, office, living area, restaurants, and more. Their products are crafted to perfection using durable materials and ergonomic production procedures; hence they are entirely free from any manufacturing defects. The company assures to repair or replace the product that has been found with any quality or design defects. Their experts will examine the damaged or defective product; if any manufacturing defect is found, further action will be taken accordingly. Please note that the manufacturer of these decorative swords and daggers does not warrant against everyday wear and tear. Their collection of daggers and swords is only meant for decorative purposes and not for combat practice and uses. Use them for the intended purpose only.



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Knife Country USA is a home-grown brand that offers an extensive collection of katana, daggers, wakizashi, and other ergonomic swords for decorative purposes. With over 20 years of online presence and experience, we are committed to delivering exceptional services and products. Explore our ever-expanding product inventory featuring a premium collection of decorative swords and daggers with variant historical significance. You can keep them around safely and add life to your accent walls at homes and offices. Featuring various models from Art Gladius, we ensure to bring you exactly what you need to take your home or professional space décor up a notch. Feel free to contact our customer services for a highly convenient shopping experience. Backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, connect with us by calling (800) 342-9118 or send us an e-mail anytime. We would be happy to handle your purchase-related doubts and help you find the best options.


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