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Welcome to the world of Piranha Knives, a premium selection available at Knife Country USA. Piranha Knives is celebrated in the cutlery world for its commitment to crafting high-quality, reliable knives that blend functionality with striking design. Each Piranha knife is a testament to the brand's dedication to precision and consistency.


Piranha Knives are crafted using top-grade materials, ensuring their durability, longevity, and performance. Their blades are made from high-quality steel known for edge retention and resistance to wear and tear, while the handles are designed for comfort, offering a secure grip for effortless handling.


At Knife Country USA, we offer an extensive range of Piranha Knives, each chosen for its unique design, quality, and functionality. From compact everyday carry knives to robust utility blades, our collection of Piranha products has something to cater to everyone's preferences and needs. Explore our selection of Piranha Knives and discover a blade that will become an integral part of your collection.


Piranha Knives Aims for Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Piranha Knives strive to design and manufacture knives that excel in performance and have the ability to solve every purpose any knife user may need to fulfill. The brand keeps customer service and satisfaction at the top of its list, gradually growing and ascending the ladder in the industry. Using excellent quality materials and premium finishes such as mirror-polished blades, Piranha combines cutting-edge technology with quality to craft economical, yet highly functional and long-lasting knives. The knives are hand-crafted and assembled to perfection, aiming for 100% Customer satisfaction. Each and every everyday use knife by Piranha Knives come with a rock-solid, lifetime warranty which is unique in the industry – becoming a testament to their willingness to stand by their high-quality knives.



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Templar Knives offers an exceptional collection of products that includes a variety for every knife enthusiast and professional knife user. The diverse range of knife series under the umbrella of Piranha Knives is most commonly known for its unique style, heavy-duty construction, and rugged handles.


Piranha Auto Predator Knife Series: Designed for everyday use and versatile applications, the premium knives in the Piranha Auto Predator Knife Series are often carried by professional knife users and personal knife enthusiasts. The unique feature that sets these knives apart from others, is their automatic button lock, along with a thumb pull for easy opening and closing in case of emergencies or for single-handed use. These knives are suitable for hiking, camping, hunting, and even some culinary activities, promising excellent performance and premium results every time. Most of the knives in the collection feature high-grade stainless-steel blades with a black finish with a razor-sharp, slender structure. Textured aluminum handles offer the finest grip for safe use. The hand-conforming handles are available in color options of blue, red, and green. The folding knives are equipped with a pocket clip that allows users to keep the knives close and ready at hand when required.   


Piranha Auto X Knife Series: This Piranha Auto X Knife Series collection encircles premium folding knives that are extremely durable and perfect for everyday use. The knives in the range are an ideal, lightweight option for cutting, slicing, and chopping tasks. With an automatic opening lock button, the knives are easy to use and convenient for sudden action if required. The 154CM stainless blade is mirror-finished to offer smoother and more dependable results to ensure unbeatable strength and reliability. The handles of the premium lightweight Piranha knives are fashioned with cross pattern-milled, aluminum material, featuring a pocket clip for easy access. Most of the knives in the line also come with lanyard holes for maximum user convenience.


Piranha Auto Bodyguard Knife Series: Perfect for every outdoor adventurer, knife enthusiast, or professional, the Piranha Auto Bodyguard Knife Series is a popular collection of folding knives by the brand. With pocket clips for easy access and various color options to pick from, most of these knives feature a sculpted aluminum handle. The folding knives have Premium textured, hand-conforming handles which add to the tool’s precision, while the line comes standard with stonewash finish CPM S30V stainless blades for excellent performance. Choose from different colors to match your style and collection!  


Piranha Auto Pocket Knife Series: These exceptional Piranha knives are the perfect heavy-duty folding knives for you to carry on adventures, or for professional requirements. The design makes the knives in this collection ideal for tough cutting and slicing effortlessly, with excellent results every time. With an automatic-opening system, the premium Piranha Auto Pocket Knives in this collection offer dependable action, while 154CM stainless blades ensure precision with every cut for the smoothest operation at budgeted price points. A high-quality, satin finish adds to the performance, style, and life of the Piranha Auto Pocket Knife blades. Anodized aluminum handles give these Piranha knives a unique look and feel, textured for the ultimate grip. Each handle is carefully designed to conform to your hand, letting your fingers sit snugly on the handle. The exceptional quality of the knife allows the finest performance for every cutting task while hiking, camping, hunting, caravanning, and much more, with pocket clips to help you keep the knife close on every trip! The knives are available in a range of colors for your collection.


Piranha Auto Fingerling Knife Series: The Auto Fingerling Knife Series by Piranha Knives features automatic folding knives from the premium Piranha Knife Brand. These knives are known for their hand-conforming handle design, made with premium quality anodized aluminum material that has been textured. This helps create and maintain an excellent grip while the knives are in use. The knives in the fingerling auto button lock knife collection have the finest stainless-steel blades, polished with a satin finish to ensure exceptional cutting techniques. The folding knife features pocket clips for easy carrying, helping users keep the knife close and near whenever required, especially in emergency tactile situations. Ideal for all sorts of outdoor adventures, the Piranha Auto Fingerling Knife Series includes knives that are often used by professional knife collectors, hikers, hunters, campers, and other knife enthusiasts. A wide variety of color options makes the knives an attractive option.


Warranty Information

The Piranha Knife Company offers a lifetime limited warranty. Every Piranha Knives product comes under a lifetime warranty and Piranha Knives will replace or repair any products with manufacturing and workmanship defects. The customers need to apply for a complaint. As per brand policies, some of the products may not be repaired due to the unavailability or limited availability of parts. The knife products by Piranha Knives should not be used as hammers, pry bars, chisels, and screwdrivers, as this will damage them and most likely invalidate their warranty due to physical defects that the manufacturer is not responsible for. Further information is available upon contacting the company.


Knife Country USA Offers Premium Knives by Piranha Knives

Knife Country USA is listed as one of the most reliable names when it comes to providing quality assured and high-performance knives and other tactical accessories to its large customer base. The platform has successfully positioned itself as one of the leading names in the international tool and knife market, serving the finest range of gear products for hunters, hikers, adventure seekers, and backpackers. Bringing forth a huge inventory of products in collaboration with more than 500 manufacturers from across the globe, Knife Country USA is home to a huge inventory of products in different lifestyle categories. This exhaustive inventory includes everyday knives, backpacks, night vision products, handcuffs, hammocks, tactical, pepper spray, flashlights, and knife-making kits. Piranha Knives, in association with Knife Country, offers premium knives and accessories that are widely used for tactical purposes or everyday tasks. A huge variety of unique knives, designed with advanced mechanisms is available by Piranha. The brand offers exclusive designs made with the finest materials and designed to perfection.  


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