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You can take your marksmanship to the next level with Caldwell's precision-engineered products. Whatever your shooting goals are—competitive or just for fun—Caldwell is here to help. The confidence to shoot when it matters most comes from high-quality products engineered to provide you with unrivaled precision. In addition, Caldwell Gear's precision-engineered solutions eliminate the factors that cause you to miss.


Many shooters have heard of Caldwell Shooting Supplies. They are well-known for the quality of their shooting rests and chronographs, among other things.


Several gun owners have been using Caldwell timepieces for many years. One of the most popular rifle rests on the market; the Lead Sled is available in four different models. You needn't feel like you're missing out on Caldwell's offerings if you are a pistol enthusiast.


Caldwell Gear offers various safety and shooting gears, from hearing protection and safety glasses to recoil shields and shooting gloves. Its target range gear products include ballistic precision chronograph kits, pistol loaders, mag chargers, brass catchers, and more. The product categories can be divided into four major sections:

  • Rests
  • Targets
  • Range Gears
  • Safety Gears


What are the most Popular Caldwell Gear and Accessories?

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  • Caldwell shooting rest
  • Caldwell shooting bags
  • Caldwell bipod
  • Caldwell targets
  • Caldwell Deadshot
  • Caldwell chronograph


Caldwell Gear Product Categories:


Caldwell Gear E-Max Pro Ear Muffs: Protect your hearing with the E-Max Pro electronic hearing protection from Caldwell. These high-quality ear muffs offer style, comfort, and durability for all-day use. With a 23dB noise reduction rating, E-Max Pro Ear Muffs are perfect for various environments. The low-profile design ensures they are comfortable to wear and won't get in the way of your work. Choose from a variety of colors to find your perfect match. High-quality stereo sound ensures that everything you want to hear is clear and easy to access. Loudness may be adjusted quickly and easily using push button controls. 


Caldwell Gear E-Max Power Cords: You can finally listen to your favorite songs without all the noise by using E-Max Power Cords. With a corded design that keeps them together, these earplugs have high-quality stereo sound. They are Bluetooth enabled, so you can listen to your favorite artists, even when shooting a target. Additionally, they come with a corded construction that holds them all together, making them certified with a noise reduction of 22dB.


Caldwell Wind Wizard II: The Caldwell Wind Wizard II is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to know the wind speed and temperature when practicing outdoors. With a 4.5" screen, this pocket-sized device displays wind speed in mph, ft/min, km/h, m/s, or knots. It also has a built-in thermometer that measures temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. In addition, the Wind Wizard II has an LED backlight that's perfect for night use. Shooters can better judge their shot placement in various wind circumstances if they are aware of the current wind speed. This wind meter is both small and lightweight, and it can measure wind and temperature in a variety of units. Even with gloves, it's easy to handle the device thanks to the rubber sleeve's non-slip surface.


Caldwell Accumax Bipod Pic Rail: The Accumax Bipod Pic Rail 9-13 Boxed with Hanging Tab is the perfect accessory for your rifle. The bipod is made of carbon fiber, which is lightweight and durable. The legs lock out forward, 90 degrees or backward, with springs, loaded. The twist locks for incremental length adjustment are easily adjustable to your desired height, and the tension lever secures the omnidirectional mount on your pic rail. This bipod also has an Omni-directional ball mount that allows for 360° panning, an adjustable lever lock handle, and, of course, twist-lock leg length changes.


Caldwell Tackdriver Bag: Caldwell Tackdriver Bag is the ultimate in shooting support. It reduces muzzle jump and felt recoil, self-tightens to your gun stock, and grips your bench. The Caldwell Tackdriver Bag is made from rubber and polyester with rubberized surfaces to grab your gun stock or bench.


Caldwell XLA Bipod: The Caldwell XLA is a quick-attach, lightweight bipod with a durable design. It is designed to fit on any rifle, and with its fixed height, it's perfect for shooting from the prone position. With an attachment point for a sling and a padded fore-end protector, the XLA is the perfect bipod for your next hunting trip. The Pic Rail XLA Fixed Bipods are made of lightweight aluminum, have spring-loaded legs, and can be adjusted in leg height for precise alignment. They also have soft rubber feet for improved stability. The cam over lever solidly locks the bipod to the pic rail and is foldable so that you may leave it on your rifle for convenient travel.


Caldwell Rock Competition Front Rest: Caldwell Rock Competition Front Rest is the ultimate rest for any rifle shooter, designed with simplicity and reliability in mind. With a weight of 15.5 lbs and a footprint of 15", it's easy to transport and set up. The ball-bearing rotational system allows for fine elevation adjustments, while the adjustable windage cradle features a sturdy bag tensioning system. Stainless components make this rest last through years of use. It also comes with a 3" lobe bag. Bench rest competitors, who place a great value on precision, will appreciate this high-end rest. This new rifle from Rock BR is available to everyone who desires the most outstanding performance possible from their firearm.


Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chrono: Precision G2 Chrono is the perfect shooting companion for any sportsman. It's an intelligent chronograph with Bluetooth, so you can wirelessly connect to your smartphone or tablet. The app tracks the velocity of your shots logs the data, and records your notes and weather conditions. It's super simple to export all your data via SMS or email. Precision G2 Chrono is accurate, durable, and easy to use.


Caldwell Range Plugs with Cord: Caldwell Range Plugs are a set of foam ear plugs with a retaining cord. The foam is soft and comfortable, while the cord makes it easy to keep track of the plugs. The cable also helps keep the earplugs in place when they are not in use. This product comes in bulk packaging, so they're perfect for large or small businesses that need to keep their employees safe on the job site.

Caldwell Cross Wind Pro: The Caldwell Cross Wind Pro is an essential tool for anyone in the outdoors. This weather station provides accurate wind speed readings, temperature, and more, so you can plan your day accordingly. It is also equipped with a rotating anemometer head for measuring wind gusts and a backlight for nighttime use.


Caldwell LK6 Framelock Knife: The LK6 Framelock Knife is an excellent EDC knife with a 3.5" blade and assisted opening. The blade is made from D2 tool steel, giving it an edge that will last for years. The handle is made from G10, giving it a durable grip.


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