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Down Under Knives is a knife manufacturing company with a massive full-time experience in the art of making knives. The founders of the brand have been producing quality knives, working with materials like leather and metal, and evaluating hundreds of designs, sketches and prototypes for both business and pleasure for the better part of their lives. The company started with a vision to create the ultimate Bowie- a knife that had been made years ago but was not quite materialized. The manufacturer produces the best-in-quality products that cater to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts like hunters, fishermen, campers, hikers, and sportsperson.


Down Under Knives: A Name Driven by Innovation

Down Under Knives began manufacturing knives with a mission to convert the less knowledgeable public into knife enthusiasts. What makes the knives so special is their patent blade structure and exceptional grip making it strong and functional. The Outback was one of the first knives produced by the Down Under Knives. The knives feature a design that is both fresh and possibly familiar to many knife enthusiasts. The knives have patterned blades. What sets the knife-manufacturing brand apart from the competition is its constant efforts to improve and innovate something new.


Here is an overview of the unique knives offered by the brand:


THE OUTBACK: The knife features a forged, dual heat-treated 440C stainless-steel blade honed to a razor-sharp edge. The back retains some spring to it while the edge has been made hard enough to withstand hundreds or thousands of cuts with no perceptible dulling.


OUTBACK ECLIPSE: These are some of the most famous fixed blade knives. They adopt their design from the classic OUTBACK knives and are constructed using 1095 carbon steel and compare dressed all black. The handles are leather wrapped and dyed through in deep black. They come complete with genuine leather sheath with sharpening spike.


THE WALKABOUT:  The Walkabout knives pack all the strength and balance of the OUTBACK knives. The fixed blade is perfect for everyday carry and feature 440C heat-treated stainless-steel blade. The genuine leather handle has solid brass guard and pommel.


THE MISTRESS: The Mistress is the first curved back design with more mass behind the arc of the blade, right where it is unprecedented for cutting and slashing power. The knives have coffin handle and a massive S-style hand guard machined from a monolithic block of solid brass.


THE TOOTHPICK: These knives are designed to be used for combating with the heft to get stuff done. The knives feature 440C heat treated stainless-steel and genuine leather wrapped handle with solid brass guard and pommel.


Exploring ‘Down Under Knives’ for its Unique Knife Series


Down Under Bushmate Series: The series includes knives manufactured using 440C heat-treated stainless-steel. Specially designed for hunters, these knives have tapered back that offer smooth gliding properties and control in different situations. They feature leather-wrapped handle that ensures secure grip and a strong hold. The knives of this series feature classic decorative braiding, antique finish, and embossed BM logo. 


Down Under Death Adder Series Knives: The knives under this series are designed to deliver perfect power and chopping ability. They offer a devastating strike within a short span of time. The knives are constructed using full tang 440C stainless-steel and uniquely contoured solid ebony grip. These knives are perfect for martial artists and hunters who aim to finish their prey within the blink of an eye.


Down Under Fixed Blade Knives: The series includes knives constructed using 440C stainless-steel blade. The knives are recognized for their unique blade designs- wide bellied blade, bowie style hollow ground blade, and modern kukri style blade. They have contoured brown, black, and ebony leather wrapped handle with solid brass guard and pommel.


Down Under Kookaburra Series: The Kookaburra Knife Series includes sharp blade knives that can withstand repeated impacts and can maintain sharp edges that are perfect for hunting or chopping. The knives are light and compact which makes them easy to throw at the prey. They have a slight touch of Outback Bowie profile.


Down Under Mark II Series Knives: The Outback Mark II Knife series is specifically curated for outdoor enthusiasts who are set for a great hunting expedition. The knives under this series feature forged, dual heat treated 440C stainless blade that is honed to give a razor-sharp edge. The back features spring retention and the edge is made hard enough to withstand hundreds or thousands of cuts with no perceptible dulling. The knives have genuine ebony, leather and brass handles with ultra-strong tang. 


Down Under Razorback Series: The Razorback Knife Series includes a wide range of steel knives that are designed using traditional materials. The knives usually feature downward curve in the back that allows the user to peel and crack bones with ease. The knives are designed in a manner that avoids accidental piercing. The rear portion features a razor-sharp whittling edge that is ideal for removing small sticks and twigs whole hunting.


Down Under Red Rock Raptor Series Knives: The knives of this series are recognized for their great chopping ability. The knife designs draw their inspiration from the legendary kukri knives that helps in getting exemplary speed and power that is necessary to chop the hardest objects in one go. The angle and width of the knives provide a natural stabbing point. The knives feature 100% leather handguards that offer secure hold while hunting and chopping.


Down Under Knives offers products that are free from any manufacturing defects. The manufacturer warranties against any defects and ensures repair or replacement in case of any. However, the warranty stands nullified in case the product is subjected to misuse or has undergone normal wear and tear. In case the knife is used as a hammer, chisel, or a pry bar, the manufacturer will charge reasonable fees for the repair.


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