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Down Under Knives

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Down Under Knives is not just a knifing brand, but also a shared passion for some dreamers! The team of artists of Down Under Knives always ensure that every single knife is tough and unique in design. The first outcome of such ideas and ardours team efforts is The Outback™. It is a standard that can turn the lesser knowledgeable public into knife enthusiasts. The patent blade structure and its overwhelming grip make it functional and lend a strong persona!


Exploring Offerings from Down Under Knives:

1. The Mistress™

The Mistress™ is one of its kinds knife with a unique silhouette. With the first curved back design, matchless cutting speed and slashing power, this knife is a must-have for every collector.

2. The Bushmate™

The Bushmate™ is a knife type, which lets you experience finesse and control at the same moment. With a non-shifting grip and tapered back, this Glider Knife is worth every single penny spent.

3. The Toothhpick™

Having an antique black-brown scabbard with classic floral pattern, The Toothhpick™ is certainly the best combo of performance and aesthetics. With its gorgeous appearance and astounding functionality, this knife type can easily become you favourite!

4. The Bush Dagger™

The Bush Dagger™ has been declared as one of the fastest in the history of push daggers. Serving as the ultimate backup, this knife makes it to most of the modern hunting kits.

5. The Kookaburra™

The Kookaburra™ is an important throwing knife. You can use it as a tool and weapon. Ideal for hunting, it is also categorized as a Utility Knife.

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