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Acta Non Verba Knives


Acta Non Verba is a Latin term which translates to "Actions, not words", or "Deeds not words" indicating that words come easy, however, it's the actions that are harder, and what matters the most. The brand is substantiated by actions alone, offering a vast collection of functional knives for everyday use as well as special outdoor tasks. Acta Non Verba Knives is a Czech firm, renowned for designing and developing tactical knives using top-tier materials to serve the demands of hunters, outdoorsmen, and campers.


Resolving all Your Doubts

Acta Non Verba Knives offers a vast catalog for real-life users and knife enthusiasts. The brand inventory comprises a myriad of pocket knife models including Acta Non Verba Z050, Acta Non Verba Knives Z400, Acta Non Verba Knives Z200, and Acta Non Verba M311 Spelter Tactical Knives. ANV Knives offers a choice of high-end hunting knives, pocket knives, daggers, survival knives which are accompanied by finest-grade sheaths for easy portability. The brand is committed to providing products that don't just look like a pretty sharp blade but excel in the tasks they are made for. Acta Non Verba Knives are made in the Czech Republic by skilled artisans, using superior grade blade and handle materials such as titanium, micarta, Sleipner tool steel, stonewash finish Bohler N690 stainless, and more.


Acta Non Verba M200001 M200 HT Tactical Knife : These tactical knives are equipped with DLC coated Bohler N690 stainless blade that boasts high edge retention. Acta Non Verba M200 knives feature a sculpted G10 handle that offers a positive grip, making these knives a great outdoor companion. These knives come with a Kydex belt sheath that assists in safe and fuss-free portability.


Acta Non Verba M311004 M311 Spelter Tactical Knife: These knives sport a clean, sharp drop point blade made with DLC coated Elmax steel for remarkable durability. Acta Non Verba M311 Spelter Tactical knives extended tang and lanyard hole. These knives are equipped with comfortable to hold sculpted micarta handles for a positive and performance grip.


Acta Non Verba P100 Fixed Blade Knives: P100001 P100 fixed blades boast a one-piece design, made up of stonewash finish Bohler N690 stainless for excellent durability. These knives come in Kydex belt sheath for safe carry. Featuring a paracord wrapped handle and DLC coated Bohler N690 stainless blade construction, Acta Non Verba P100015 P100 fixed blades are ready to undertake a range of outdoor chores.


Acta Non Verba P200 Fixed Blade: P200006 P200 fixed blades knives feature a strong G-10 handle with full extended tang. Ideal for outdoor adventures, the drop point blade knives come with a nicely finished Kydex sheath. Acta Non Verba P200007 P200 fixed blades are a fantastic choice for hunting, food preparation, woodworking. These knives feature a stonewash finish Bohler N690 stainless blade, lanyard hole, and extended tang.


Acta Non Verba P300 Fixed Blade: P300014 P300 fixed blades are specifically designed for a host of outdoor tasks. The sturdy G10 handle, stonewash finish Bohler N690 stainless blade and extended full tang, makes these knives highly functional and ideal companion for hikers, campers and mountaineers. P300015 P300 fixed blade flaunt a clean drop-point blade that assists in finer tasks as well as hunting. These knives incorporate lanyard holes with a cord which assists in gaining a sure grip when performing complex tasks.


Acta Non Verba P400 Fixed Blade: P400001 P400 fixed blades feature satin finish Sleipner tool steel blade and black G10 handle. These knives come in Kydex belt sheath with clean, well-sewn edges that allow for safe carry. P400006 P400 fixed knives sports satin finish Sleipner tool steel tanto blade which is capable of undertaking a range of finer and larger tasks. Ideal for stabbing, chopping, and slicing jobs, these knives are widely used by campers, hunters, and outdoorsmen.


Acta Non Verba P500006 P500 Fixed Blade: These knives sport a distinctive tracker-style blade manufactured from Sleipner steel and coated with black DLC. These fixed blade knives are a great tool for outdoor adventures, ideal for chopping, carving, and stabbing jobs. Acta Non Verba P500 knives come with a leather belt sheath which can be set up for vertical carry


Acta Non Verba Z050001 Z050 Folder : These knives boast a slim and lightweight design, an excellent choice for everyday carry. Acta Non Verba Z050001 Z050 Folder knives sport a unique handle configuration with a tapering form that offers a positive grip, enhancing cutting and slicing capabilities. The knives with black titanium handles are equipped with a pocket clip that minimizes scratches and general wear.


Acta Non Verba Z100 Knives: Z100003 Z100 Framelock combines stonewash finish Bohler N690 stainless blade and black titanium handle, making them an excellent companion for everyday pocket carry and outdoor adventures. The model Z100008 Z100 Linerlock features a flipper blade in drop point design, made up of stonewash finish Bohler N690 stainless for excellent edge retention. These knives feature a lightly textured G-10 handle for effortless use. Acta Non Verba Z100009 Z100 Framelock knives are highly functional, designed with titanium handles, extended tang, pocket clip, and lanyard hole.


Acta Non Verba Z200006 Z200 Linerlock: A great addition to any knife collection, these drop point blades can excel in a range of tasks. Acta Non Verba Z200 Linerlock knives feature reversible deep-pocket carry clip for safe portability. These knives incorporate a durable G-10 handle and stonewash finish Bohler N690 stainless blade that maximizes cutting and chopping capabilities.


Acta Non Verba Z300 Linerlock: Available in a choice of frame lock and liner lock, Acta Non Verba Z300 knives are great for cutting, slicing, and chopping tasks. Z300017 Z300 Framelock sports stonewash finish Sleipner tool steel blade and a finger grooved titanium handle. Z300010 Z300 Linerlock features G10 handle with pocket clip and stonewash finish Sleipner tool steel blade.


Acta Non Verba Z400004 Z400 Linerlock : Featuring stonewash finish Sleipner tool steel spear point blade and Black G10 handle, these knives sport a dominating design that makes them an amazing choice for collectors and knife enthusiasts. These pocket knives are designed with a pocket clip for safe and discreet everyday carry.


Warranted Against Defects

Acta Non Verba Knives believes in providing the best quality products to the customers. The products are free of any manufacturing defect in terms of material and workmanship. The brand will replace or repair the new item in case of a defect. However, the brand is not responsible to replace the tools in case of normal wear and misuse. The repair department will analyze the damage in such a situation and charge reasonable fees for the repairs.


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Knife Country USA is a one-stop destination for a vast variety of knives, survival kits, and blades by well-known labels such as Acta Non Verba Knives. The online platform offers a huge collection of products designed to meet the varying demands of adventure enthusiasts, real-life knife users, globetrotters, mountaineers, and hikers from across the globe. Acta Non Verba Knives offers top-tier functional knives, tried and tested by an expert under various situations to ensure you get only the best. The brand is driven by the motto of delivering superior quality products that speak louder in terms of actions, helping you excel in a range of tasks. In case of any query, connect with us through call (800) 342-9118 or send us an e-mail anytime. We would be happy to handle your knife-related doubts and offer you the best options possible.

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