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Luc Foin and Stéphane Lebeau founded Coriolis, 22 rue Charles Graindorge, F-93170 Bagnolet, France, and since 1995, have been dedicated to bringing forth quality assured and designer cutlery items and outdoor gear. The products are specifically categorized and sold under 3 different brands namely, Akinod, Baladéo, and Deejo. All the products are curated with the utmost care, using precision engineering techniques and state-of-the-art technology, with this the brands have managed to gain accolades from all over the world!


Akinod, a unique trademark that belongs to Coriolis, was born with a desire to re-imagine the lunch break and to make it much convenient for the users to have a meal anywhere and anytime. Akinod is a perfect solution to the traditional way of eating, it has given a new way to enjoy the meal while giving it a stylish touch too. It helps to rediscover the pleasure of having a simple meal with good ingredients anywhere. These are compact, designer yet so durable range of foldable cutlery that is surely the new essentials of the modern epicureans. 


Everything You Need to Know About Akinod

“It is not where you eat, but it is always about how you eat”, indeed this is what Akinod is all about! From straight magnetic cutlery to multifunctional cutlery, each piece is hand-crafted and curated precisely with quality materials that are optimized for use and offer durable performance for a longer duration. The use of both traditional, which includes high-performance stainless steel 2CR14/3CR13 stainless steel, wood, horn, and the modern material inclusive of plastics, resins, nylon, makes the designer outdoor cutlery much reliable and extremely useful when it comes to using them every day or using them for years to come. Apart from this, the designers help to develop new products, keeping up with the traditional methods and modern functionality that includes the weight, handling, size, comfort, grip along with aesthetics.     


Every product manufactured here is initially a simple sketch that takes its final form, when undergoes the production process. From the manufacturing process to the compilation of the preliminary design, till the final production of the finished product, the process is always carried under strict surveillance to ensure optimum quality. Strict quality control is done - from the production line to supply from the distributors, this helps to ensure that the collection reaches the customer perfectly.


Akinod Product Categories

Straight Magnetic Cutlery 12H34:

As unique as it sounds, straight magnetic cutlery includes premium-grade cutlery that is compact, elegant, and extremely durably manufactured to cater to the varied demands of the people. Akinod 12H34 cutlery, with stainless steel 2CR14, micro-serrated blades, polished mirror finish, makes a perfect option to pick and helps you accompany when you are having your nomadic meals when surrounded by the nature, or in the park sitting cross-legged on the floor, or while hiking up the hill or trekking by the riverside. You get the spoon, knife, and fork in once and that makes the assembly as well as the storage much easier. These three can be detached and thus can be used separately, added advantage, offering unsurpassed comfort. Available in a multitude of themes and shades to match individual preferences, select as per your preference, design, and material that is required. Akinod outdoor foldable cutlery includes themes with delicious summery shades, steel embellished with olive wood, ocean waves design, sunny spells of spring theme, and many more. The options are endless and so the benefits!


Multifunction Cutlery 13H25:

Another beautiful collection of cutleries that is sure to surpass your expectations, folding and multifunctional Akinod 13H25 cutlery makes a perfect and smart pick for having a perfect meal with utmost comfort and that too anywhere easily. Akinod 13H25 cutlery is undoubtedly your everyday companion, be it on lunch, on vacation, while going on a hike, trek, the functionality and uses are sure to ease up the task. The cutlery set in martensitic stainless steel 2CR14, has a spoon, knife with a micro-serrated blade, 5-pronged fork, and a 4-spiral corkscrew, can-opener, and bottle opener, making it a practical accessory for all nomadic meals. The provision of polymer, ebony, or olive wood handles, adds to the functionality and makes the usage much easier; the handles are wide yet compact enough to fit in the palm without causing much strain or stress. Akinod multifunction cutlery is available in different variety of themes that can be selected as per the preference. Rest assured of the quality, the cutlery is known for its robustness and functionality.


Folding Paring Knives 18H07:

Sleek, designer, classy and functional, the Folding Paring Knives 18H07 is another addition to the range of products that Akinod presents. This category includes the finest range of durably constructed Folding Paring Knives, that is sure to make different cutting and slicing tasks easier for you, while you are hiking, trekking, or on a family picnic. Peeling a fruit instantly, or preparing a salad on the go, slicing cold cuts or the cheese for lunch or snacks for friends is made easier with the Folding Paring Knives 18H07 having a precise, formidable edge. Not just this, these knives are extremely easy to store and use on the go. These knives are available with different handle designs that include unfinished olive wood, Blue Mosaic polymer handle, ebony, Coral wood, and many more; select as per your preferences, the handles are wide yet compact enough to fit in the palm easily, without causing any strain to the hands. These knives have a 3CR13 stainless steel blade, along with the polished mirror finish that adds to the durability of the knives and makes them work flawlessly for years to come. The folding blade knives are available in themes that include hibiscus, intense blue shade, artistically designed diagonal theme, arabesques, and many more modern designs.


Warranted Against Defects

Akinod offers the finest grade and durable range of cutlery and folding knives that are undoubtedly the best in the market. Akinod has always believed in bringing forth sleek quality products, designer, and completely functional too. These product ranges are made free of any kind of manufacturing defect, be it in terms of material or workmanship. This is to be noted that Akinod products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers that can harm the quality of the products. However, Akinod is not responsible to replace the products in case of normal wear and misuse. In case of any defect, the product will be inspected for the defects and then the further procedure will be done.


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