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American Tomahawk is a US-based company that was founded by Peter LaGana (World War II Marine Corps veteran) in 1966. It is currently owned and operated by highly skilled outdoorsmen including John Hickman, Jeff Kirkham of Readyman, Ryan Johnson, and Richard Carmack of RMJ USA. American Tomahawk Company creates affordable and most reliable multi-tools to assist in various cutting, chopping, and smashing tasks, catering to the demands of campers, hikers, and survival enthusiasts.


Resolving All Your Doubts about American Tomahawk Products

American Tomahawk multi-tools, single-hand axes, and batons are among the most popular equipment for surviving in the wild. Tomahawk axes are popularly used by campers, outdoorsmen, Special Forces for building emergency shelters, bush crafting, chopping, and splitting firewood. What makes the American Tomahawk Company axes a popular choice for heavy-duty tasks and farm works. These single-hand axes are lightweight and compact, designed to be carried with relative ease. On average, American Tomahawk ranges up to 14inch in length. Tomahawks are considered a useful general-purpose tool and can also serve as a weapon for hand-to-hand combat and effective hunting, cutting, chopping. The modern tomahawk is used by the military as well as preppers, campers, mountaineers, adventurers, and bush crafters.


American Tomahawk Product Categories


American Tomahawk Models Tomahawk: 810669 Model 1 Tomahawk with an aggressive spike with a forward cutting edge, is ready to take on even the biggest chores. It is designed with a high mount that assists in food preparation and finer work as well. 810683 Model 1 Tomahawk OD Nylon is lightweight and small which makes it a fantastic choice for finer tasks and big chores like smashing and chopping. Equipped with a textured nylon handle,  810737 Model 1 Tomahawk offers a sure grip assisting in a range of chopping and smashing tasks. The Model 1 Tomahawk features a Sharpened spike end and drop-forged axe head which is capable of undertaking a range of field tasks and outdoor chores. Designed with a textured nylon handle and sharpened spike end, 810782 Model 1 Tomahawk is a great pick for those chopping, slicing, and cutting jobs. It features a drop-forged axe head made with top-grade steel that exhibits remarkable resistance against abrasive factors and general wear, offering durability.


American Tomahawk Models Tomahawk Hickory:  810690 Model 1 Tomahawk OD Hickory is Ideal for camping and big chores; it boasts a powder-coated steel axe head with a hickory handle. The single-handed axe incorporates a lanyard hole that can be equipped with a tether for enhancing grip when performing finer tasks. 810676 Model 1 Tomahawk Hickory is a wonderful choice for finer works, camping, food preparation, chopping, and smashing. The single-handed axe with a hickory handle is lightweight and strong enough to undertake large tasks.


American Tomahawk Coyote: Boasting a traditional design, the American Tomahawk 810713 Model 1 Tomahawk Coyote is small and lightweight that makes them ideal for use as a smashing, bushcraft, and chopping tool. These single-handed axes feature a long spike with a forward cutting edge that allows for food preparation and finer tasks. The American Tomahawk Model 1 comes with a Kydex belt sheath for worry-free carry.



American Tomahawk Baton: 810744 Trench Baton with an extremely tough nylon handle finds its inspiration from the WWII trench clubs. With a coat finish carbon steel head, it makes it a fantastic choice for use as a back scratcher, potato masher. It includes a lanyard hole with a durable cord for convenience maneuverability. Combining a 5.5in. grooved handle and sturdy maple construction, 810768 MP Baton is a great choice for various outdoorsy stabbing tasks. It features a clear lacquered finish that adds to the overall aesthetics all the while making it resistant to general wear. This baton with cord lanyard is easy to maneuver and feels comfortable in the hand.



Warranted Against Defects

American Tomahawk believes in providing the best quality products to the customers. The products are free of any manufacturing defect in terms of material and workmanship. The brand will replace or repair the new item in case of a workmanship or material defect. However, the brand is not responsible to replace the tools in case of normal wear and misuse. This is to be noted that Hickory handles products of American Tomahawk are not covered under warranty. The repair department will analyze the damage in such a situation and charge reasonable fees for the replacement or repairs.


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