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Armaduras specializes in astounding replicas of medieval swords and decorative arms. This Toledo, Spanish brand produces a great variety of fantasy and historical designs inspired by prominent figures such as El Cid, King Arthur, Carlos V, and Charlemagne. These ornamental swords are ideal for collectors to wear or display in a home or office. The brand offers not only decorative weapons but also high-quality medieval dredgers and clothing which make fine sword blades and beautiful accessories for you while dressing in medieval fashion. With a team of diligent employees, Aramduras crafts detailed sword letter openers, decorative armor, sword wall plaques, and medieval knight replicas. You can add a product from this brand to turn your space into a medieval landscape.


A great selection from this Spanish brand is available on Knife Country USA. Apart from the decorative items, you can browse through the finest quality knives, multi-tools, and survival gears on Knife Country. Moreover, with a commitment towards excellence, Armaduras has gained admirers from across the globe, which makes it one of our best-selling brands. It also stands apart from its contemporaries with blades boasting polished stainless steel construction. The fine finishing and excellent, precise design of the replicas make them look strong yet elegant. Their zeal to make a quality product further draws professionals’ attention to the manufacturing process from the primary design sketch compilation to the production of the products. With this approach, this brand delivers the finished products.


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Armadura products are manufactured by experienced professionals in the US and Spain. Only quality products come out of the workshop with rigorous quality controls. Information cards are included to provide details on the products. These cards are printed in both English and Spanish to ensure that this information can be understood by all clients. Moreover, the swords are handcrafted and span the medieval ages of nobles, kings, and knights. In addition to the decorative weapons, the company also actively craft high-grade medieval daggers and knives that make companion blades to swords and accessories in their own right while dressing in medieval fashions. With eye-catching decorative swords and blades, Armadura Medievals is loved as a brand by all the collectors. While their lightweight paracords are considered as one of the best general-purpose utility cords.


Exploring the Armaduras Well-Curated Product Catalog

Armaduras Barbarian Swords: A Barbarian Sword is loved by the mighty warriors from across the globe. The blade of this sword is unsharpened and double-edged. The crossguard of the sword is centered on the head of a ferocious beast. Wings take the place of the crossguard's arms. The crossguard is adorned with a couple of small serpents. Their tails wrap around the silver-colored hilt and terminate on the pommel. You can display this sword in your home or use it as a centerpiece in a collection. Armaduras Barbarian Swords are further made in Spain. Moreover, the serpentine detailing makes it an amazing display piece for homes and offices.


Armaduras Carlos V Swords: Explore this series for decorative swords that are designed in the name of Holy Roman Emperor - Emperor Charles V. He was also known to be the king of Aragon and Castile as Charles I. The blade of Armaduras Carlos V Sword is fabricated in stainless steel with a bronzed finished hilt. In addition, the aged brass finishes metal alloy handle along with superior finish and excellent design makes it every collector’s favorite. These swords handle offer a wire-wrapped grip. The visual aesthetics are further enhanced with blade etching.


Armaduras Mini Sword Letter Openers: The Toledo-made El Cid Letter Openers are miniature versions that come in a variety of finishes. Each of the letter openers from the series is carded with their story told in English and Spanish in the informational card. Aramduras El Cid Letter Openers boast a silver finish metal alloy handle and a metal alloy, unsharpened blade. The styles available range from the mystical Excalibur sword to that of Robin Hood. The Robin Hood Letter Opener and Claymore Letter Openers are available in brass and silver finish as well. All of the letter openers from this collection are precision made in Spain.


Armaduras Wallace Letter Openers: The Wallace Letter Openers are available in aged brass and pewter hilt finish. These mini sword letter openers are excellent decorating items featuring rich vibrant colors and heavy embossing. The metal alloy construction contributes to the extended lifespan of the letter openers. These decorative items’ reproduced from authentic, vintage advertising. The standard measurement is 12.5’’ x 16’’ approximately for each of them. Aramduras Wallace Letter Openers feature nostalgic embossed tin signs and are further made proudly in the United States.


Armaduras Ivanhoe Swords: The Ivanhoe Sword, inspired by the world of Richard the Lionheart and the Third Crusade, is an excellent addition to any sword collection. This sword is made of carbon steel and has an unsharpened, double-edged blade. Near the hilt, an ornate floral engraving adorns the blade. The hilt is built around a cruciform crossguard. The crossguard has a shield shape in the center. Intricate detailing can also be found on the matching pommel. A wrapped grip is located between the brass-colored crossguard and the mushroom-shaped pommel. The grip is wrapped in black wire. This decorative sword would look great on display in any home or office. In addition, the Ivanhoe Swords are also available with scabbards.


Armaduras Lancelot Swords: If you're a fan of Arthurian legend or the medieval era, you'll want to check out the Lancelot Sword with Scabbard. It's an excellent addition to any collection. Armaduras Lancelot Sword is made of carbon steel and has an unsharpened, double-edged blade. Near the hilt, an ornate floral engraving adorns the blade. The hilt is built around a cruciform crossguard. In the center of the crossguard, two birds are facing each other. Each crossguard arm is capped by a beast's head. Each side of the pommel has intricate engraving and a cutout. A wrapped grip is located between the brass-colored crossguard and pommel. The grip is wrapped in black wire. The swords come with matching black scabbards. The scabbard is made of black leather. Each of the swords from the collection has a brass-colored fitting with the word LANCELOT and a depiction of a knight on a horse. Display this decorative sword as a centerpiece in your home or office. It also has a brass-colored fitting that reads LANCELOT and depicts a knight on a horse. Make this decorative sword a centerpiece in your home or office.


Armaduras Charlemagne Swords: Charlemagne, the great emperor, was a significant figure in the Early Middle Ages. The Charlemagne Swords are decorative swords that pay homage to that mighty warrior. These swords are made of carbon steel and have an unsharpened, double-edged blade. Near the hilt, an ornate black engraving adorns the blade. It features several images, including a lion and a fleur-de-lis. The hilt is built around a cruciform crossguard. The crossguard's center is a scrolled rectangle. Each crossguard arm is capped by a beast's head. Intricate detailing can also be found on the matching pommel. A wrapped grip is located between the brass-colored crossguard and the mushroom-shaped pommel. The grip is wrapped in black wire.


Armaduras Single Hand Highland Sword: The Single Hand Highland Sword, based on the two-handed Wallace sword, is an excellent addition to any sword collection. The blade is made of high-grade stainless steel. Nickel-plated brass is used for the fittings. Any medieval sword collector should own a single-hand highland sword. The stainless steel blade and nickel-plated brass fittings. Hence, these words are perfect for any medieval sword collector.


Armaduras Color-Changing Paracords: The color-changing paracords are made available in different colors by Armaduras. You will be amazed as the pearlescent cord shifts and melds into each color right before your eyes. The paracords from this series are used for utility functions and to fashion knotted or braided bracelets, belts, lanyards, and other decorative items. These paracords are further proudly made in the United States of America only.

Armaduras Shields: Look through different styles of medieval era shields from this collection. These shields boast professional-grade wood construction and brass finish metal accents for enhancing their look. Each of the shields has a unique design. They are equipped with chain hangers and brackets that allow for one or two swords to be attached at the back of the shields. The fine finishing and eye-catching design make Aramduras Shields great home decor items. Some of the popular shield designs by Aramduras are The Knights of Jerusalem, Charles V Shield, and Templar Shield.


Armaduras Dragon Katana: The Dragon Katana’s along with snakeskin handles make for an excellent decorative piece. The samurai swords feature 440c stainless steel blades that are fully tempered and edged. Armaduras Dragon Katana is intended for use as collectibles and decorator pieces. The eye-catching coloring and detailing enhances the look of each dragon katana. The Akai Ryu Katana has a red marbled scabbard and a red simulated snakeskin handle. The handle is embellished with a stylized dragon head. There is Red faux snakeskin handle with metal tsuba in the shape of a snake. All of such kinds of swords are prepared in Spain.


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