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R. Murphy Knives

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Murphy "Stay Sharp" knives represent the cherishing experience of nearly 162 years. Incepted in 1850, R Murphy Knife Company has been fabricating knives with sharp and properly honed blades. These blades are tempered on machine grounds and polished to bring out the best knife for you. This SBA certified cutlery brand is one of the leading names to look for customized knives (size, shapes, etc.,), without breaking your banks.


R. Murphy Knives: Know Your Brand

R Murphy has been one of those few names, who have achieved equilibrium for offering unique knife designs meeting client’s varied requirements. This catalogue of offerings includes Boating & Sporting Knives, Clam & Scallop Knives, Government Procurement Knives, Carving & Whittling Knives, and many more. A lot of experimentation can be experienced in the array of cooking knives Chef's Select, Chef's Stainless and Kitchen Tools.  Even, if you want to relish your seafood, then Murphy’s Oyster, Crab & Shrimp Knives can make your cooking experience much better! 


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Here, at Knife Country USA, we make every possible effort to get you the best knife deal from reputed brands, namely R. Murphy Knives. These R. Murphy Knives are offered in ample variations to suit your cutlery requirements. For more details, please feel free to browse through our collection.

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