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Charlie’s Wheel of Fortune is a former name for "Slicing Edge Sharpening System”. Charlie’s Wheel is one of the most trusted and reliable sharpening tools manufacturing companies. The company works hard to manufacture sturdy and reliable tools that provide a smooth and sharp edge to different knives and sharp tools including axes, daggers, swords, and machetes. The makers at Charlie’s Wheel ensure that each product features quality construction and is extremely safe to use. Charlie’s Wheel offers an exclusive and ergonomically designed range of knife polishing tools, sharpening tools, and edge reconstruction kits. The brand highly caters to outdoor enthusiasts, knife collectors, hunters, chef’s and bush crafters.


Charlie’s Wheel – a Trusted Name in the Industry

Charlie’s Wheel uses state-of-the-art technology and traditional blade grinding and honing techniques to manufacture the sharpening tools. The tools effortlessly fix any blunt or dull products with their sharp edges and high-performing structure. Using the newly-developed technologies, it has helped evolve simple sharpening tools into something leagues more convenient than what it were a decade ago. Most of these sharpening tools and kits contain two-wheel kit in which one wheel is a type of grinding wheel and the other wheel is a hard buffing wheel. The sharpening/ polishing kit includes grease that helps to keep the device cool during excessive use.


Offer Products that Features a Quality Construction

The company understands the importance of high-performing tactical tools and accessories, thus it ensures the finest quality material is used to manufacture each product. Charlie’s Wheel products are manufactured with great dedication and hard work in the United States. Charlie's Wheel Polishing Wheel Sharpening System is one of the best-selling products of the company that can sharpen and polish over 300 knives. The company uses professional and industry grade blades to offer razor-sharp, burr-free edge to your cutlery, fixed blade knives, mini daggers, and machetes. These polishing, sharpening and reconditioning tools are easy and safe to use and are compatible with different types of blades.


Provides a Reliable Range of Products

Charlie’s Wheel is popular and recognized around the globe for manufacturing practically designed products with high-performance life. The exclusive inventory of the Slicing Edge Sharpening System includes a variety of products that caters largely to knife collectors, hunters, travelers, fishermen, and restaurant owners.


Charlie's Wheel Polishing Wheel Sharpening System: This includes a wide range Polishing Wheel Sharpening System designed to easily fit in any ½ in. shaft bench grinder. These polishing wheels feature professional quality blades that offer a razor sharp, burr-free edge to most knives, mini daggers and machetes. These wheels are manufactured in the United States and can sharpen over 300 knives.

Charlie's Wheel 2 Slicing Edge Reconditioning Kit: The Slicing Edge Reconditioning Kit comprises of extra grease, compound, and grit along with CW-1 Charlie's Wheel Slicing Edge Sharpening System. These reconditioning kits are manufactured in the United States and are compatible with most knives, mini daggers, and machetes.

Warranty Policies

Charlie’s Wheel of Fortune products are warranted to be free of defects in designing, materials, and workmanship for a lifetime. In any case of defects, Charlie’s Wheel assures to repair or replace the defective product with a new item. Only a few products in the inventory cannot be replaced due to the limited availability or unavailability of the original parts. In such cases, the company assures its customers to replace it with the closely matched alternative. Charlie’s Wheel products are not meant to be used as or with hammers, chisels, pry bars or screwdrivers. If any product has been damaged because of its misuse detected by the repair department, then the customer will be charged a reasonable fee for its repair.


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