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Cyclops Adventure Sports is one of the most trusted brands in the world of outdoor adventure gear. The brand was established in 2002 by Darryl, who invented the world’s very first motorsport mounted helmet light kit. Ever since the beginning, Cyclops has changed the riding experiences for outdoorsmen at night with its innovative range of products. Cyclops has emerged as a one-stop-destination for finding portable power and lighting items that allow adventure enthusiasts to combat hostile situations when they are out in dark.


Darryl made sure that he was devising a pioneering range of products that could provide the best outdoor lighting solutions to survivalists as well as general masses. It has been almost more than a decade that Cyclops has become one of the leaders in manufacturing durable, innovative LED vehicle and motorsports lights. At Cyclops, the requirements of the customers with their feedbacks are taken into consideration for inventing new products.


Lights Designed to Improve Night Vision

Cyclops Lights is one of the most preferred brands by racing professionals who have vouched for quality and performance of its products. The skilled team of workers at Cyclops pays attention to every detail that keeps them a step ahead in the competition. Darryl always focused on providing the best product, solution, and services to his customers and the brand still stands true to the same ideology.


Lighting solutions for the outdoors or camping requirements can be very challenging. Cyclops products have made sure that you get enough lighting despite harsh weather conditions. All the products in the inventory of Cyclops Lights are designed to stand the test of time. Some of the most popular products of this brand include a wide array of LED products, including LED bulbs, adventure light kits, auxiliary kits, and bike specific kits.


A Pioneering Range of LED Lights

Experience the difference in technology of LED night vision lights with the selected inventory of outdoor night flashlights.


Cyclops Flashlights: This range of LED lights includes an array of tactical flashlights, featuring rugged construction that makes them ideal to use during hostile situations. All the lights in this series are made with machined aluminum and plastic housing that makes these water and impact resistant. The impressive metal construction of these lights makes them durable enough to withstand any wear and tear. Some of these lights run on 300 lumens with 3-hour runtime on high while many of them run on 700 lumens too. All the lights in this series feature SOS strobe that helps the user to send SOS signals easily. Magnified beam distance covered by different light vary. Some of them have 160 meters beam and others can go up to 250 meters. Many lights in this series are equipped with an integrated glass breaker and nylon lanyard, making them more functional.


Cyclops Headlamps: The lights in this series are often used as Hat Clip Lights featuring an LED lights. Different models of lights in this series come with a different number of LED bulbs. The number of bulbs in these hat lights can vary from 4 to 8 LED bulbs. These lights come with a built-in 15-45-degree angle tilt, making night vision easier. The top mount design of these lights does not obstruct line of vision. Many lights in this category include white and green light modules which can be quickly changed using easy snap and lock system. Features like metal clips on the outer body make these lights highly functional. All the lights included in this series operate on AAA batteries, offering maximum efficiency. Many lights in this niche come with strap elastic adjustable headband that offers a perfect fit. Most of these lights can offer continuous illumination for up to 5 hours. You can select that headlight gear you like from a vast inventory of Cyclops.


Cyclops Spotlights: The lights included in this series are rechargeable handheld LED spotlights that cater to the needs of many adventure enthusiasts, campers and hunters. The rugged construction of these lights makes them water and impact resistant. The black rubber housing in some of the models makes them durable enough to stand the test of time. The lumen output for all the models vary; some of them can deliver up to 500-1400 lumens on high setting with up to 3-5 hours of run time. Some of these spotlights are equipped with red lens included. The integrated power meter makes it functional. Some of these lights come with an ergonomic grip with trigger pulse strip. You can recharge these lights anytime and get back on the track for a perfect far-sighted vision, no matter how poor the lighting conditions are.


Warranty Information


Different products in the inventory of Cyclops Lights have different warranty lifespans. Prior requesting for warranty exchange or repairs, the customers are asked to check all the connections and plugs. The warranty lights will be replaced by the brand without any expense with the same model only and no refunds will be issued after 30 days. Prior to returning an item for warranty or refund, you must call in or email for an RMA#. The customers are required to know their original order number or receipt from the vendor as the warranty is valid for the original purchase only. All warranty lights sent in will be tested, if found to be in good working order they will be returned to you at your expense.


The company does not warrant its products against damage to any component, vehicle, or person other than the product purchased. The warranty will be limited to the replacement of the item if the company determines any defects in material or workmanship of the product. Any parts repaired or replaced will be considered part of the original product and will not extend the term of the warranty.  


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