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AccuSharp Sharpeners

AccuSharp Knife & Tool Sharpener



AccuSharp Knife and Tool Sharpener is a United States based company incorporated in 1984. The company is indulged in manufacturing of finest-quality knives and tool sharpeners. The company is an extension of Fortune Product Inc. dedicated to providing the sharpest possible edge to the knives, tools and other equipment. AccuSharp sharpeners provide a safe and comfortable grip to the users as they are manufactured using the supreme quality material.


The company ensures excellent quality sharpeners to knife-collectors, craftsmen, cooks, and gardeners. AccuSharp knife sharpeners can smoothly and easily sharp almost every heavy-duty and low-profile knives, machetes, cleavers, and axes. The company assures durable, reliable and highly functional tools and accessories at incomparable prices. The brief product line of the brand includes precision kits, knives, and sharpening rods.


Expect Best-Designed Knives and Tool Sharpeners

AccuSharp works effectively to manufacture durable, distinctive looking and innovative products.  The company assures that all the sharpeners and other tools are corrosion free and can be easily cleaned with water and soap or in the dishwasher. Most of these sharpening tools feature long ergonomically designed handles that offer assured security and safety to the users. Some of these tools also have a full-length finger guard that protects your finger from while sharpening the knives and other tools.


Knife Sharpeners That Anyone Can Use

AccuSharp products are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology in China and the United States. The material construction is the highlight of the company as it uses high-quality fiber/ material. The sharpeners feature different material handles such as tungsten carbide, yellow composition fiber, and rubber.  One of the bestselling sharpeners is the Diamond pocket stone knife sharpener as they are robust and offers great longevity.


Digging Deeper into the Wide Range of AccuSharp Product Range  

The company produces durable and highly functional tools and products that can be used in commercial as well as low-profile kitchen use. The product line includes a variety of product series that are as follows:


AccuSharp 4-in1 Knife Sharpeners: The series offers high-quality sharpeners that feature tungsten carbide sharpening blades. Most of these sharpeners have retractable diamond-tapered rod works effectively to sharp deep serrated blades with grooved edges. These sharpeners are available in different color composition housings like orange and black.


AccuSharp Acrylic Display Stands: The graphical display stands are manufactured in the United States. These display stands come with high-definition pictures, instructions on how to use the sharpeners and literature about the sharpeners.


AccuSharp Arkansas Whetstone: The series offers high-grade knife sharpening kits that include fine and medium grit natural whetstones and a bottle of honing oil. The Arkansas sharpeners combine longevity and cutting-edge performance to deliver the best to the users. These items are carefully placed in a wooden base to offer easy and safe storage and transportation.


AccuSharp Diamond Sharpeners: This series is one of the bestselling series of AccuSharp Knife and Tool Sharpener. The high-grade diamond sharpeners feature coarse diamond and ceramic rods that perfectly sharp, finish and polish any blade easily. Most of these sharpeners have rubberized handles that offer strong and comfortable grip to the users.


AccuSharp Garden Sharpeners: These Garden Sharpeners are made from Tungsten carbide to give excellent sharpness and edge to the garden tools and accessories. These sharpeners can easily wash and clean using dishwashers or water. Rubberized handles provide safety to the fingers while performing the job.


AccuSharp Precision Kits: The kit includes three or five stones along with angle guides, different stone options such as fine, medium, coarse alumina-oxide, and ceramic stones. This heavy-duty sharpening tool can sharp any type of knives by adjusting the knife clamp into different angles.


AccuSharp Pro Knife Series: The range offers reversible tungsten carbide sharpeners with black composition housing on the handles. The professional grade sharpeners are brushed with aluminum housing to offer a safe and comfortable grip to the users.


AccuSharp Pull Through Sharpeners: It offers a variety of pull through sharpeners with diamond-honed tungsten carbide blades. The Pull-Through Sharpeners are available with ceramic rods that are perfect for sharpening and honing any type of knife blade. 


AccuSharp Sharpeners Asian-Style Series: These utility knife sharpeners are highly functional and perfect for sharpening and finishing professional kitchen knives. The commercial grade knives feature both ceramic rod and coarse diamond rod to sharpen the knives effectively.


AccuSharp Sharpeners Fillet : These fillet knife sharpeners are rust-proof and dishwasher safe. The tungsten carbide rods are specifically designed to sharpen fillet knives without using any oil or stones. The extended safety guards protect the fingers during the job.


AccuSharp Sharpeners Honing Oil: AccuSharp offers to hone oil for smooth and easy sharpening experience. The oil protects the stones from clogging and offers a traditional natural stone knife and tool sharpening.  


AccuSharp Sharpeners Sharp-N-Easy Series:  The two-staged sharpeners feature pre-angled fine and coarse ceramic rods to achieve a perfect edge.  These sharpeners are available in different colors including orange and blue with rubberized handles.


AccuSharp Sharpeners: The collection offers broadhead sharpener and spear sharp scissors for effectively sharp knives and other tools. The lightweight broadhead sharpener comes along with a wrench to fix the light-duty screws and works with 2, 3, 4 and 5 blade broadheads.


AccuSharp Sharpeners Tri-Stone Series: These Tri-stone knife sharpeners are perfect to sharp restaurant knives/kitchen knives with its three stone surface that includes coarse diamond, fine ceramic and medium alumina stones. The users can rotate the stones as per the requirements.

AccuSharp Sharpeners Tungsten Carbide Series
: Tungsten Carbide is a reliable and heavy-duty material that offers a sturdy construction to the knife sharpeners. These sharpeners are available in different patterns (like camo design) and colors (orange and yellow) to give them a unique and enhanced look. 


AccuSharp Sharpening Rods & Steels: This diamond-coated sharpening rods are highly functional and perform the sharpening job effectively. Most of these knife sharpeners are designed to sharpen butcher knives and to provide an accurate, sharp edge. The steel coated or rubberized handles offer a tight and comfortable grip to the users.


Limited Lifetime Warranty Information

AccuSharp Knife & Tool Sharpener provides warranty against any material and manufacturing defect of the product. In situations where a product or it's part is not available, the company will replace the product with an in-stock closely matching item. As per the company’s warranty policies, misused or mishandled items will not be replaced or repaired. The hand-tools and knives should not be used as hammers, pry bars, chisel or screwdrivers.


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